Allergic Reaction To Belly Bar Put On Ararax

Carol Says:

Allergic reaction to belly bar came out in angry red rash that's itches like crazy I have it all over including my face and around my eyes emergency dr put me on 25mg of Ararax not working so I took another 25mg 6hrs later really want this to go asap due to going on holiday Friday morning to The Gambia please help me

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Ksk1452 Says:


I believe your referring to atarax 25mg. Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine sometimes used as a sedative or to potenate some older opiate type meds.It is used to relieve the itchiness of your condition but will do nothing for addressing the underlying issue that has caused this condition. I'd highly recommend being reevaluated for this condition ASAP. If afraid Nothing you can take will help immediately

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Verwon Says:

Having a navel piercing myself, I had to agree with the other poster, if the bar that caused the allergic reaction is still in, nothing is going to stop this allergic reaction. Such reactions are frequently caused by being allergic to Nickel, which I am and it is used in some lower quality jewelry, as reported by the NIH.

Have you ever been diagnosed as having a nickel allergy?

I think the best thing to do would be to remove your current bar and replace it with some more pure, such as gold, sterling silver, or titanium.

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