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no more Alka Seltzer PM?

is there anything on the market that use the same ingredents? i have been takin this for years now and they stoped it, to bad it was good. thanks charlie ## I have taken alka seltzer pm and Its better than any other pm product. Cant find anything like it ## I have found that taking CHILDREN'S STRENGTH Benadryl or generic form....just one teaspoon for me, has a wonderful "sweet dreams" effect....without the hangover feeling that full strength Benadryl leaves me with. Start first night with one teaspoon could always "sip" a little more if necessary....but take it slow...all of a sudden it hits you.....for me, it has worked wonders.....especially as far as "the next day" effect....So many of my meds i have been prescribed, have horrible hangover effe...

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