Alcohol And Suboxone

BellaB Says:

Hi everyone! My friend is on suboxone and once in a while she has a couple. (2) glasses of wine. Is this going to harm her? I know you're not supposed to drink alcohol while on suboxone and I told her that. But, she has been doing it for awhile. She takes her suboxone in the early morning and has wine in the afternoon. Besides, wouldn't alcohol come up in lab work? Then again, she won't drink wine a week before her Dr. Appt. What do you people think about this?

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jolter Says:

Bella, I asked my sub dr. one time about this. He said if I was to have a glass of wine with supper or a beer after work, it's not gonna mess me up. If your friend's an alcoholic that would be another matter. You're really not suppose to drink when taking suboxone. It says so in the warning. It says the same thing if you ever read the warning that comes with most opiates. Don't over indulge.

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Ty Says:

I was at my brothers wedding and had 3 shots of tequila. Am currently on a suboxone program. What will happen now?

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VerFree Says:

The reason you are warned not to mix them is due to the fact that both Alcohol, and Suboxone can caus depression of the central nervous system, which could result in lowered heart rate, lowered breath rate, extreme dizziness, extreme drowsiness, and loss of consciousness, the effects are worsened if the amounts of either substance are increased.

Ref: Suboxone and Alcohol Information

Some people may do okay, if they aren't drinking a lot, but they should still only indulge if their doctor approves, and they also have to be certain that they will not be driving, or operating any heavy machinery while under the influence.

The FDA warns that Suboxone carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

Ref: Suboxone Information

As to the lab work, alcohol will only come up if it is specifically being checked for, a check for it is not traditionally included in all lab work.

However, if she won't drink a week before her appointment, that leads me to suspect that her doctor doesn't want her drinking, while she is taking it.

Has she been showing any aberrant behavior or dangerous impulses while drinking? Or are you just concerned due to the possible risks?

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