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bwad Says:

Does anyone drink beer or other alcohol while taking this? I start on it tonight, increasing every 5 days to 900 mg total a day. I'm curious as to how much alcohol can be tolerated and if there are any reasons to avoid it completely. I like my Budweiser. Thanks for any input.

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Kim Says:

Thanks I am also a recovering alcoholic , and I hate aa, so I will be looking into this!

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David Says:
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Hi reading about gabapentin it says it seems ok but at 900 mg I'd be very careful to limit alcohol at only a couple pints incase

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Tasha Says:

I've been taking gamapentin for about six months now, up to 700mg per day. Now I don't drink that often, but I have found that any more than two or three drinks and I'm sick and vomiting for hours. And if I don't take it because I want to have a drink, I get really bad headaches. I also found that I felt more intoxicated after only one drink. The gamapentin helps my pain so I'd rather take it then not, but I can still enjoy a glass of wine with diner every once and awhile.

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Gary Says:

I have been on 900mg a day for 9 months, and when I drink beer, I have swelling side affects. I am thinking of cutting out alcohol til I have surgery to correct the problem of neck/nerve pain. I really feel different while drinking and the next day seems worst than before.

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Tiki Says:

Thanks Matt, glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys beer thirty!!

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Scared by gabapentin Says:
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I am 30 yrs old and was just put on gabapentin about 2-3 months ago- being on 900 mg for about 6 weeks now. I always drank, and at times pretty heavily, since I was 19 yrs old ( even while on other mecications like anti depressants, etc) and never noticed any side effects. Last weekend, I went to my girlfriend's and had just 4 glasses of wine ( which normally this is fine for me) and I ended up feeling so drunk, like I was out doing shots all night - and I ended up throwing up.. And felt so horrible. I actually had to have my boyfriend pick me up and told him that I thought I needed to go to the hospital!! ( I think I only ever felt that way 2 other times my whole life- and trust me- those nights involved numerous shots and beers all night) this gabapentin stuff if wicked when mixed with alcohol- I wanted to post to caution people. Like I said I had 4 glasses of wine over a 2 hr period, one moment I was fine, and then next moment, I felt like I drank 3 bottles.. It was so scary!! Be careful!! It seems like at first when u drink on this you feel ok, but it seems like an hour or so later, whatever u drink intensifies and more than triples.. I used to be a party girl, and this is the first time I've been scared to drink... Don't drink on this!! Or if u do.. Be very careful n start out literally with one or two drinks- then stop and sit a few hours to make sure it doesn't intensify!! I hope this post helped.. And I'm glad I ended up ok and not in the hospital over 4 lousey glasses of wine .

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Patsy Teague Says:
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That head pressure and dizziness will stop as you adjust to the drug! This is an awesome drug relieves RLS and shingles in me! It will cause nausea while drinking alcohol for me especially if have not eaten! I drink wine and do fine on it.

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scotty Says:

How does alchohol and gabapentin 300mg work

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Scotty Says:

I'm on Gabapentin 9oo m/g Hasent helped an old back injury i'v had for a few yrs. is there any thing for an old injury such as that,No Coors or Budweiser Please

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Cornelia Says:
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Oh boy I just took
ibuprofen 800 gabapentin and I'm drinking alcohol I don't even realize what I'm going to feel like later

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Jenny Says:

I used to be able to drink all night. Then my gabapentin dose increased to 900 mg three times a day, and I now black out halfway through my 2nd drink! I hate it. My IQ also goes down to nothing if I drink while on the Gabapentin.

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paul Says:
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I just started taking gabapentin and just upped my dose to 1200 a day. Waiting to see the outcome. That's mgs by the way, i,m also taking naproxen 500mg, twice a day, cocodamol 30/500 four times a day, 30mg lansoprazole. This is because i have scoliosis. I,m hoping they work cos sometimes the pain is horrible. I drink about 3 cans of cider a night. Is this safe

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Jess Says:

I'm taking 300mg of gabapentin 3 times a day and after asking the doctor if it was okay to drink on it I have drunk and I was fine however I did get drunk slightly quicker than usual and get very emotional on the multiple occasions that I have drunk

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DrFumancu Says:
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definitely talk to your doctor first I'm sure you know but you just can't stop taking it.

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racqueline Says:
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Hi I've been using gabapentin for 5yrs i take an excessive dose every day after a leg amputation.
I have always drank alcohol (spirits & beer)
I'm not an alcoholic lol
I've never had any problems mixing them with alcohol, i think it can cancel out the power of them a little. I think everyone taking gabapentin should be aware that these tablets like many can effect people differently . Best advice is to just have a very small amount of alcohol, find out your tolerance, never a good idea to drink too much while on medication, but its a social thing and being in pain is hard enough to deal with without being isolated from social situations.
Just be careful, go steady but live!!!!

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MeanOldVeteran Says:
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Yes.. No more than a twelve oz beer if you must. All kinds of crazy stuff can happen with this and alcohol. Today after work I did my usual Friday three IPA's. I weigh 280 lbs and can handle my liquor so no big deal usually.
I've been on a schedule increaseing my dose every four days. I'm now at 1200mg a day, and my alcohol tolerance took a severe decline. I was vomiting followed by diarrhea, and more vomiting. My wife is disgusted and sleeping on the couch. I felt like I drank a half a bottle of hard liquor. I thought I was going to OD and die.

I'm gonna stop all alcohol as long as I'm taking Gabapentin.

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Kyumanist Says:

For the self confessed alike... I'm an alike too. I no longer get cravings because I no longer drink daily. I do binge and gabapentin has helped keep that to one day. My demon is vodka, that I'll squirrel. Wine I can drink at a somewhat normal pace and naltrexone helped. However I must eat first or puke like crazy and if it's PMS time, nal plus drinking then equals migraine next day. It wasn't helping that much and the side effects are worse for women. Gabapentin helped me be less grumpy from withdrawal, happier, less thought of stopping for vodka. I do get serious nasal congestion, stumbling and fogginess on a whole 600. And dizziness. 300 helps me be 120 percent instead of just kinda grumpy sober.

As for baclofen as B4A, wasn't crazy about the ridiculously high dosage. It's supposedly not addictive so I've used it intermittently with valium for anxiety. Look into it now, it's been largely criticized and shown to be addictive but not as bad as benzos

I'm atheist or for the faint of heart humanist, so two hurdles in AA for me. Trying to fool myself into having a higher power, turning my will over to something like Santa to me. It's hereditary, it's a chemical dependence. I'll take science thanks. I've had success stopping daily, no cravings since. I still drink so the "one drink and its the downward spiral" isn't true. It's true I don't stop til drunk in one session and don't know that could change.

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somewhere over the rainbow Says:
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Hey all,
I wanted to know what peoples reactions were to gabapentin and alcohol as well. I take 900 mg each dose, 3 or 4 x daily,it depends on my activity level for about 1 1/2 yrs. My cocktail is my gaba and 24mg acetaminophen with codeine each dose, my doctor doesn't like me taking more than 72mg of the codeine daily, but once again it depends on what has to get done. I have the stupidest knee injury, I am perfect except for this relentless horrifying nerve pain from my knee, that has about 4 different pain threads( my own description).
I was on the 100 mg fentanol patch for 5 yrs and jumped cold turkey from the fentanol to gaba and codeine. Three days of he'll, but overall not too bad.

I can't walk a bumpy or hilly road ,climb stairs, swim, dance, stand for a lengthy time. and no libido, and honestly, it exhausts me days afterwards. My life has been turned upside down, and I am the most intensely boring person now. And I can't drink. I have tried a few times, it's very scary, extreme dizziness and I get a headache that feels like a medieval wired cage that gets turned tighter. My head feels like the weight of a bowling ball, I have to lie my head down horizontal, I dont feel drunk, just pain that feels better once I lie my head down, I can carry on a very lucid conversation, but my head is pinned down, and there I'm stuck. So since I can't read anymore, ( I'm told my eyesight has rapidly decreased because of my age, I'm 42. But I'm not convinced that's all it is.) It's not just the vision it's deeper than that, I can't describe it. It also took me 4 yrs to listen to music, I couldn't withstand the vibrations.

Now, I think there is a huge difference between drinking liquor and beer, my guy drinks beer and once in a while I get him to give me a half glass of beer that turns into a few, and I really enjoy it. I am literally too afraid to try wine. I think if u do want to enjoy a drink, turn your wine into a spritzer, only 1 oz of liquor with a lot of mix and ice, these two are both way stronger than beer, so I'm getting the feeling the alcohol content is extrmely relevant.. I am a cannabis supporter, and really enjoy my joint or two a day. I am extremely thin naturally and my teeth were wrecked from lack of dental care and fentanol dry mouth, so it prompts me to eat and the world doesn't seem so harsh. But that wired cage inside my head happened today, and bowling ball syndrome too. Now I've been taking lyrica for the last two days, I ran out my Dr is three towns away, and a friend had leftover lyrica, she stopped beacause of weight gain, so that would be a plus for me.maybe it's just the lyrica, but I have noticed over the last few months a few niggling differences. And today whammo.
Now cigarettes, well for someone who rarely smoked before, I seem to do just fine with them.

I apologize for not sticking to point of topic, and I now it's a really old post, but maybe if somebody reads this, it might be helpful in some way. I'll tell u tho, I've had issues with this weird headache whenever I'm running late or low on meds, my friends have said the headache is from the codeine withdrawal, possibly, but its a really weird headache, and I've gone thru withdrawals a few times in my life and this is different, it's not the body it's the brain. Anyway, my pain my life and my depression has been stabalized, thanks to the gaba, and if drinking is the cost, I'm glad to pay it.

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B Says:
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I take .25 klonopin a day, am prescribed 1 300mg twice a day and two at bedtime gabapentin (but only take 1-2 at bedtime)because I have been afraid of it making me too sleepy during the day and I am scared of medications high doses scare me and the doctors in my town suck. I am also prescribed .1mg of clonodine once a day and three at night. Again I only take 2-3 pills at bedtime because I am afraid of high doses and day time drowsiness that's stronger than what I already have. And lastly I am prescribed 20mg paxil once a day. I had a lot of bad reactions to it so have tapered myself back down to 10mg and have been trying to contact my doctor. I drink a few times a week. Usually wine or blue moon but will have fun mixed drinks when I go to the bar. I am 21 year old female with extreme anxiety and feel as though I am on wayyyy too much medication for my age. I am always achey and sore my nerves are shot and my back kills from scholiocis. Even my hips hurt sometimes ?! I get scared and freak myself out often when drinking because I was so unsure about how dangerous they all are to mix especially all 4 together. I have not noticed any violence or diference in the way I act when drinking. Still a happy friendly drunk . I just notice I get drunk a lot faster.. Anyone else take more than this one medication and drink ? ~B

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B Says:
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Also, I notice more affects from drinking on my meds the day after... Hang overs feel like withdrawal and death... twitching, dizziness, restlessness, shaking, pure misery. Anyone else notice this ?

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