Alcohol And Eliquis

John Says:

Drinking on Eliquis can cause bleeding, is drinking five or six drinks in one night worse than drinking one drink, every night?

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sandi Says:

can you have an occasional drink while on eliquis?

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David Says:

@John and Sandi,

According to drug interaction reports from two different webpages, including, there are no drug interactions listed between Alcohol and Eliquis (apixaban).

That said, if you are concerned about any potential discrepancies, I would encourage you to contact your doctor first in order to make the most informed decision about having alcohol. However in my opinion, using proper judgement for moderation and responsible consumption are always important factors whether you're drinking alcohol by itself or with any meds.

I hope this helps!

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kim lawson Says:

Eliquis a blood thinner is a "NARROW THERAPUTIC INDEX DRUG". Meaning the morbidity and mortality is more likely. Also, "NARROW THERAPUTIC INDEX DRUGS"ALWAYS HAVE THE IIMPORTANT "BLACK BOX" INDICATING A MEASURE

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ZSmith Says:

I understand that the blood thinner property of Eliquis is lower and safer than other competitors....... But, is there still a risk of taking it with 1 or 2 other medications (like Celebrex or Piracetam, etc. which also have a limited blood thinner property).... because the combination might cause a bleeding possibility? Would this be OK or am I being over cautious? I,ve never experienced any bleeding problems. My doctor didn't think Celebrex would be a factor.

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Mitchie Says:

I have been on blood thinners for years - first warfarin, then rivaroxaban, and now apixaban. With all drugs, I have been told by my GP, hematologist and pharmacist not to take any other drugs that have blood thinning properties (including herbal ones, like St John's Wort) without checking with them first. Your doctor would have weighed up the benefits versus the risks when prescribing them, but never hurts to ask for another opinion. Good luck

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Zack Says:

Can you drink 1 or 2 drinks on eliquis?
I was just started for a PE

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Brian Says:

Brian 29th Dec 2016
Am taking Eliquis for Afib. Noted that many of the 'side effects', I have already,partly genetic,partly age83. Bruising,Excess need to urinate(prostrate), sensitive to light,(Macular degeneration) etc. So, to keep me from clotting is important as I have a pro-thrombin gene!
So, more of the same. Well, good luck to me.

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Mike Says:

I recently had a margarita with my meal while on Eliquis 5mg 2x daily and experienced bloody sputum with no other symptoms. I am an RN, am a strict social drinker and have been on Eliquis for 3 years with this being my first bleeding episode after alcohol. I drink beer or wine almost exclusively.

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Toni Says:

So do u drink a lot socially... how many drinks. I have just started Apixaban

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Maureen Says:

My husband takes eliquis, and about 3 x a week drinks about 10 oz of alcohol. Should I ask the doctor to change his exactly? He won't give up his martinis.

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dana Says:

can i drink about 6 beers once a month while on eliquis ?

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Katie Says:

Just started taking Eliquis as I had an allergic reaction to xeralto- I have tried to enjoy a nice glass of wine when going out to dinner with friends but around midnight I end up getting a raging headache- I also had to quit taking a HRT after 20years- without any problems but now that I have a DVT I can no longer take hormone replacement pill- so it could be that or my body getting use to Eliquis- anyway as much as I love to have a glass of wine or beer on occasion- it’s definitely not worth the raging headaches I have later on when going to sleep.My question is this- will I get to drink after my body adjusts or is that it for me-no more alcohol?

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John Says:

I have read different answer about red wine and Eliquos I only drink it maybe 3x a week, one glass ,is that ok?

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Mary Says:

Just drank 3 glasses of wine. Can i take my 8:00 eloquis

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Pat Says:

Can you drink a shot of whiskey each day if you are taking Eliquis 5mg twice per day?

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