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Tablet For Jaundice

Please tell me the name of a tablet which was made for treating jaundice? ## I've been suffering from Jaundice for many months. l'm not getting enough rest due to my studying and my health is becoming weaker day by day. My exam is also coming up. So what medicine should I take now to help me recover from Jaundice? ## I've been suffering from a disorder called jaundice for the past month. I took medicine for treatment but it's not helping. Please advise. ## Total biliruben _1.89,direcct_0.5,indirect_1.39,sgot_30.7,sgpt_37.4,alkeline__117. 6, ggt_35,protein total_8.3,albumin_4.8, globulin_3.5, albumin/globulin_3 ratio_1.37, HBsAg_0.08, Haemoglobin_13.2,w.b.c_10500, neutrophils _66%, eosinophils _02%, Basophil_00%,monocytes_01%,lymphocytes _31% Doctor prescribed udliv300. P...

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albumin trace in urine

what is the medicine for albumin trace in urine.......... ## In most cases, when such proteins are showing up in urine, the first line of treatment is an ACE inhibitor. I am not sure what country you are in, so I don't know which ones are available for you and most of them require a prescription. Has your doctor suggested a treatment? Learn more: ## Please tel me what is medicine of this type disease Albumin trace and Creat - 1.66 ## I am a controlled diabetic,hypertension patient from thelastt 24 years. So far there is no any problem of Urine Albemine. Now I am waiting a result for the Urine Albumin for which I have given the sample today.Suppose the result is positive (Albumin is present) what is the treatment for this ## My son, a 10 yr old recently detected traces of albumin in ...

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evion 400 liver

I have a cirrhotic liver with fibrosis 8.5kpa...Doctor have advised one Evion 400 every day...I am also taking Tenofovir...My HBVDNA is neg,my Lft report is-albumin-4.05,Sgpt-43,Sgot-39,direct bilirubin-0.33.....How Evion 400 is helpful for me? ## Hello, Subhankar! How are you? To be honest, I'm not sure. Did you ask your doctor? Evion is a vitamin E supplement, so he may just have prescribed it to support your health. The only known side effect listed by the FDA is nausea due to its potency. ## Hi,is 8.5kpa fibrosis in liver suggests that the liver is cirrhotic??what is the minimum range for the liver to be cirrhotic in fibroscan??

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Albumin in urine for 6 months now ++

Taking Telzy 40 two times a day; Too much weakness in body; seems mascular parts of body are being greatly affected; swelling on feet, ankles and legs; also eyes; short of breath; while walking lot of breathlessness; weight is surprisingly constant at 70 kgs; 69 years of age; for last one month whole body aches; right shoulder and hand can not be stretched like left hand; used to be very active but not any more; no fresh feeling in morning; all the time feel like lying down and doing nothing

Trabeculated Urinary bladder

I am 38 yrs old. I use Telsar 20 & Mactor F. Walls of My Urinary Bladder are trabeculated. Though My Prostate is normal in shape & ecopattern is also nomal. Urine R/E report tells me that my Albumin is F traced & Occult blood is traced too. What medicine do you suggest me? Or may I take glevo 500 & urinac 0.4 mg?

cyclopam tablet used in urinary tract infections

My father is suffering from stomach pain & there is the presence of blood in urine. He has gone through U/A's that report albumin is present & 12-14 rbcs are seen. Doctor advised him this tablet & also orox-oz and orireb-dsr tablet... Please tell me whether these tablets are advised in this condition...? What is the role of these tablets in this condition?

suffering from CLD. PHTN

In the month of may my meld was 12 now 8 CTP C class now A HB 10.9 PLTLTS 1.05 lac creatinine .86 Albumin 3.3 Bill. 1.12 will I stop taking dytor and ciplar or will I go for fibroscan and then make the decision; or any side effect of dytor? I have umbilical hernia. what should I do? any other examination? CEA 19.9 Is OK. Afp is OK. echo is OK. varices 2nd grade 2 column no as cites till now blood transfusion is in month of April. spleen enlarged Hb1ac 5.2 Thyroid normal. what will I do sir. I am bit confused. is this a good sign CLD due to alcoholism. liquor is not taken more than a year. cld diagnose last year. tell me sir

is nefrosave used to treat high microalbumin in urine ?

I want to know as my doctor prescribed nefrosave for high microalbumin in urine ? ## I have ++ trace albumin my urine shall it would be useful of taking nafrosave tab to get rid of microalbumin outflow in my urine ## Nefrosave is just a nutritional supplement that contains N-Acetylcysteine and Taurine, so it's not actually proven to help with anything. Studies have been done to check this combination for treating microalbumin, but no significant difference was found between those taking it and those that just took placebos. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Doctor has prescribed me to take Nefrosave Tablets twice daily for high microalbumin in urine. I would like to know whether it is safe for use. Also let me know the normal range of microalbuminurea.

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Analgesic in the hip joint ## iam having pain in hip joints ankle with slight swelling the doctor has priscribed mecofol can you please give me the complete details about it ## I am suffering from gout disease since 1989, recently I got swelling and pain on my left hand wrist and on fingers as well, I am sending you My blood and urine report to get advice to cure this. Haemoglobin :- 10.8 WBC Count :- 9500 Polymorphs :- 73% Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate:- After one hour 22mm After two hours 42mm Platelet Count Result:- 175000 Creatinine :- 1.42 Serum Uric Acid :- 9.6 mg/dl. Urine Analysis Colour :- Dak Yellow Transparency :- Hazy Albumin :- Nil Sugar :- Nil Pus cells :- 4 to 5/hpf. Red Blood cells :- 65 to 70/ hpf. Epithelial cells :- Occasional/hpf. ## i had a spine operation last yea...

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Urine albumin

My Urine RE shows that Albumin . Can I take Neeri Syrup? (my age 40) ## Hi, Raihan! Since Neeri Syrup is an Ayurvedic product, it's not actually been proven to help with anything. Many of these are far more questionable than most herbal supplements available, because their ingredients aren't clearly identified and even ones that are can still be pretty obscure. What did your doctor advise you to do about ?

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Tazloc Tablet

i have been using tazloc h for the past 4 months. While urinating after a morning walk, I found blood in urine. first consultued urologist and taking CT scan found that small stones are there. The unine with blood was tested and Albumin was found as ++. Doctor advised to reduce salt in my food, and i changed to a vegetarian. Now again today i found blood in urine, after a walk ## Want to know the usage of tazloc CT

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My wife is been sick since childhood with chronic anemia and deficit iron absorption when her period comes was for more than 10 days with a lot of hemorrhage and drop her to the hospital to stopped now since she is been taking Immunocal her condition has been improve a lot and is in the Physician Desk Reference (PDR) is been scientific prove to work on u immune system by increasing u gluthatione ## Methods of oral cystine delivery: Immunocal® is a specially prepared whey protein isolate which contains the thermolabile proteins serum albumin, alpha lactalbumin and lactoferrin. It is a patented form of bio-active, un-denatured whey protein isolate, and is described as a 'cystine delivery vehicle' and 'Glutathione precursor' by the Physicians' Desk Reference ...

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how ramistar 5 will help

Iam Diabetic patient for last 31 years & it is under control, my BP is always 140/70 & I was earlier advice enam 2.5 how ever I was advice urine microalbumin test & result was urine albumin 10, Urine creatinine 50, Ratio 30-300 I am therefore advice Ramistar 5 why?& how it will help me. ## name of the medicine that may cause breathing shortness?

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spireva-side effects ## My wife is suffering from high blood pressure and causes albumin discharge in urine +++ . She is treating drugs; Lasap H, Myload 10, Q pill 10, recently methylprednisolone inj. 1gm 3dose for 3days for 2nd times @ period of 2months differ and giving cortilone25. 1st times inj. didinot improve now running 2time. Pls, advise me any solution for this chronic.

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My daughter(4yrs.old,14kg wt.)is suffering with abdomen pain and high fever(Enteric fever?) USG report says she has mild hepatomegaly with hypoechoic echotexture and prominent radicals(?infectious hepatitis) and enlarged mesenteric nodes(largest 11.3cm). Her urine report says presence of pus cells(leucocytes):10-12/HPF,Microorganism:occasional,Albumin:++.All others reports are normal.She is taking XONEXP(H.S.) inj twice daily with metronidazole inj.for 5days.Is not it overdosed?