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I have been taking akt-4 for the past month but now I am having pain in my knee joints and wrist joints. Is it also one of the side effects of the medicine?

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I am also under the course of AKT compound drugs.I am taking around 5 months..first 4 months I have not get any pain..but now i am getting pain and swelling on knee..

Please let me know if you get any updates.

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My father has taken AKT4 for 1 month but he still complains of pain in his knee. Is it a side effect? If yes, what should we do?

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I am also under the course of AKT-4 compound drugs. I am taking around 2 months..during the first month I did not feel any pain..but now I am getting pain and swelling on my knee.

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Knee pain or joint pains are one the side effects of taking AKT-4. So, just don't worry.

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I have been taking akt4 for one month but i am weak. When i open my eyes i have a vision problem and when i am walking i am falling down. Please, what should i do??

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Hi fellows..im on AKT-4 medication for 2 months starting from April 6th 2012..i had similar problems of all joint pains after arnd a month of taking the medicine..i consulted my doctor and a rheumatologist and was told to take a Uric acid blood test and my test showed Uric acid level high..so Doctor told its bcos of this Uric Acid the joints are painful..i was told the PZA(Pyrazinamide) causes Increase in Uric Acid levels in the body...its better if u all consult ur doctors regarding the problem.

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Hi. keep the worry aside. It is very common to have symptoms like this. Please ensure that u take your medicine regularly without missing a single dose. Have patience. You will be alright and will be fit in a week. Seek blessings. Bye.

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hi Dr! my father has gone for arthroscope treatment on knee later we found that he got affected by staphylococcus. after we took vancomycin injection in IV for 2 weeks and linozolid tablet for 1 month.still pain is on the knee & fuel also getting collect. now he guess on tb but none of test is proved that he had tb but dr asked us to take AKT 4 kit, are we on right path???

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Is your mother OK now?? I am facing TB as of last year. Inside my neck around blood vessels and at 3-4 places in my spine (backbone). My hand and legs have stopped working.

I've been taking akt4 for the last 10 months. Now one doctor says to stop akt4 and change the medicine and increase the dosage as my body weight has increased; while another doctor says to switch to akt3, because one medicine in akt4 should not be taken for more than 3 months.

Now I don't understand what to do, because this medicine damages eyesight, so I am afraid of making any changes.

Please suggest and share your knowledge.

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