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My mother is suffering from tubercolosis in waist. She has been advised to take AKT 4 and R Cine 150. Ever since she started taking the dose she is experiencing itches and rashes in the whole body. This increases to an extent where she is scared of taking the medicine. Please sugggest whether it is a side effect of the medicine or something else.

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Actually, there's a good chance that it may be an allergic reaction to one of the active ingredients.

Learn more drug allergy details here.

It can be a fairly common occurrence with some antibiotics.

What does the rash look like? How long does it last?

She may need to revisit her doctor to determine what's causing it, so they can have her try something else.

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Hi, Stop the Medication for a week and Skip the Capsule (rifampicin which is the Tablet which causes Itching and hence rashes) and your mother should be alright.

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Hi, Stop the Medication for a week and Skip the Capsule (rifampicin which is the Tablet which causes Itching and hence rashes also which turns the clour of urine to Orange) and your mother should be alright.

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hei joseph what nonsence u r saying...dnt stop the course of akt..it will cause sevr effects..

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Do not stop akt

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Hi, one of my genitalia is small in size and one is normal. After all diagnostics, the doctor found tb was positive so doctor suggest me to take akt 4. After taking akt 4 my full body has itching. Is there any solution for it?

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Is your mother OK now??
I am facing TB from last 1 year.
Inside my neck around blood vessel
and at 3-4 places in spine(backbone).
My hand and legs had stopped working.

I am eating akt4 for last 10months.
Now one doctors says to stop akt4 and change the medicine and increase the dosage as my body weight has increased.

While another doctor says
To switch to akt3
Because one medicine in akt4 should not be taken more than 3 months.

Now I don't understand
What to do..
Because these medicine damages eye sight,
So I am afraid of making any changes.

Please suggest and share your knowledge

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i am taking AKT 4 tablet in 3 months, then another doctor says switch to akt3.So,now i am taking,i have already eye sight problem what i am doing?

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Eye sight is not fix.
You can also confirm with the doctor

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I was hair fall 8 months ago. after that i used sitha oil in just 2 months after no problem. now i have same problem i am facing. what will I do?

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will we use sitha oil and tablets.

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what i think you can go to tambaram tb hospital.

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Where is the hospital located? Tb is not normal. Once it's in the lungs it's in the spine and inside the neck.

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It is true.Hospital address
TB hospital,
Thenampet &Tambaram Sanatorium

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I've been taking akt4 for the past month and before that I never noticed any kind of side effects, but after 3 weeks I have developed a skin irritation and it's itching too much. Plz tell me if it's normal or if it's dangerous. Otherwise I've not seen any kind of side effect. Thank you.

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I found cervical lymphadenitis and prescribed forecox tab.but after one week I feel skin itching rashes.
Is side effect and how long?

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Re: Astha (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Hello. How r u now? My mother is also facing the same problem now. She's been getting irritation for the past 3 weeks. What do you suggest we do? Please advise.

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