Akt 3 & Akt 4 Side Effects


hi all
kindly let me know side effects of Akt 3 & akt 4 medi
after takeing the drugs. i have stop takeing Akt 3 & akt 4
6 month back but still i have full body joints pian , back pian & weekness please help me

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Verwon Says:

These kits contains antibiotics that are most commonly used to treat Tuberculosis infections, the ingredients are Rifampicin, Isoniazid and Ethambutol.

Have you consulted your doctor? It is very important you do so, to make sure that you are no longer infected with TB.

These are not normal side effects to these medications and, even if they were caused by them, they should not be lingering over 6 months, after you've stopped taking them.




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jagroop rana Says:

dear sir my wife akt3 use kar rahi ha magar us key body may cut $ kujaly bahut hoti ha key medicin kani chey ya nahi

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Krishna G Setty Says:

My son who is on AKT-3 since past 3months had developed muscle pain & skin rashes, for which a other doctor suggested 'UbiCar-tablets' the contents of which are 'Ubidecarenone-30mg & L-Camiline-500mg' and also 'B-Long Tablets' each 1 tablet a day. Is it okay to take these medicines ?! Kindly advise.

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Chumki Says:

Hi, I am going through infertility treatment. Recently I have done histerolaproscopy where I was detected with right tubal block and chronic endometriosis. My left tube is patent. My doc advised me akt 3 for 6 months though I have never been infected with TB. Is it right to take . is akt 3 right or akt 4. Morever the doc didn't ask us to stop trying along with the treatment. Is it right . please advise

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Mishel Says:

Actually i m using akt 4 drugs ..suddenly i found that i was not able to see near things clearly bt far away thing was clear ....is this side effects or something else ..i will be vomiting if i eat these tablets ...

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