After How Many Days Will I Get My Periods Back After Stopping Regestrone

VIdya Says:

My periods are due on the 28th of December. Doctor has advised me to take Regestrone tablets twice a day since the 24th of December. I want my periods to restart on the 1st of Jan 2013. On what date should I stop taking the tablets?

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Verwon Says:

Usually, it will be about 2 days or so, after stopping the hormone tablets.

There's really no way to give you a precise time frame, because every woman's body is different and can react differently to them.

Learn more Regestrone details here.

How are you doing with them?

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soumya07 Says:

On 13th jan 2014 i gt my period lst period.. n den on 5th feb i hd an unprotected intercourse with my bf.. den my nxt period gt late by 12 days so i took 2tablets of regestrone tablet for 5 days.. n completed my medicine course on 2rd march.. bt its 6th march i hv nt gt my period yet.. plz tell me wat r d side effect of regestrone i am facing some.. n till wen will i gt my period after stoppng the pill..

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sheena Says:

Was on tab registron for 4 days, twice daily, during which had unprotected intercourse. Its been 5days that I had discontinued with the medicine but haven't got my menses yet. Are there chances of pregnancy? Please reply

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vennela Says:

I dint get my periods for months and I'm worried and bought 9 t.regestrone tablets for 3 days. On 2nd day i took only 2 tablets. What wil be the consequences of this delay in taking 1 tablet? And if we have to be very conscious in the matter of time while taking these tablets?

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anukriti Says:

For what the susten sr 300 tablet is eaxctly used

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Rana Says:

pill is missing one day,what to do

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bhavya swaminathan Says:

hello mam i have taken five tablet for regestrone and three overal and three tablet sustain

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priyanka Says:

my periods is due on 28aug and i want to postponed till 30aug. i am using regestrone tablet from 25aug once a day. It will work or i have to take twice a day to postponed?

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Soumi Nath Says:

I had regular cycle of period till now. I am 33 and married . No baby yet and not at all pregnant . Preg test is negative. My period got delayed by 20 days this month. I have started taken regestrone for last two days twice day for 5 days.. what could be the reason of delaying period . I have no body or health issue like weakness pain crump heavy bleeding and all. It was normal. But i had gone through severe tension and stress for last 2 months .. what could be the reason of my delaying period

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Hunny Says:

My due date was 14 Oct &I took registrone from 14 Oct to 18oct to postpone my periods. Now I saw spotting on 21 Oct but it's not bleeding properly. I m a married woman 26 yrs. M I pregnant??

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Amrita Says:

My age is 46 last 8 months I had no periods, which med.u suggest to take my period back primolut N or hormone therapy what to do?

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rohini Says:

Mera naam rohini h or meri age 25 years h or mje last period 11 oct ko hua tha or next month 10 nov Se 12 nov tak maine regestrone tab li thi jisse mera period abi tk ni hua maine pregnancy test kiya to usme ek line dark or ek light aayi h confarm ni ho rha ki i m pregnant or not pls suggest kijiye.

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Kani Says:

Hi I'm using regestrone 5MG tablets for heavy bleeding bleeding after periods from jan10th 2017, I'm taking tablets as prescribed by gynecologist.... Nw im spotting lightly like some clots.. Nd I'm newly married... Is it all ok with my uterus?

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Shreya Says:

Hi...this is my first day of periods need to stop my bleeding for 5 days.. so which tablet should I take?

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Simran Says:

Hi. My last period date was dec 15th, but hum jan. 15th ko period nhi hua fir doctor ka hum regestrone tablet liya but avi tak period nhi hua kyu.

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Diya Says:


I am a pcos patient but my cycle was quite regular from last year and suddenly i missed my period and took deviry 10 mg for three days. It's used to regulate my period whenever i feel the need, but this time I had no period at all. I began to wonder if i was pregnant? And i went for hpts but it was negative. Then i thought pcos is to be blamed and i should wait more. Then i came thru some material online where women stated that hpts can come out negative but one can still be pregnant... Ohhh, then this time while assuming i was pregnant all the early pregnancy symptoms began to circulate in me... I was frightened... I opted for USG and Tvs and again it was negative... Then i came across another forum of desperate women suggesting that USG may not be able to detect it... I mean seriously, i was being so dumb my gynecologist prescribed me primulot-N (two tablets for 5 days) and i kept my fingers crossed. My periods finally came after 3 days of stopping the medicine. So this post is for all those for who miss their period and who take pregnancy as a nightmare. At this time just have patience. A missed period doesn't always mean pregnancy... and when any medical test is negative it surely is most of the time. Don't pay heed to negative statements... Keep yourself calm and in peace.

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swati Says:

I eat regestrone tablet for 10days before period but I stopped this tablet and period will not come After 7dsys.

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sumi Says:

Iam 18 my period is miss in 2 month doctor suggest regestrone 5mg in twice a day in 28 june in days iam stopping the tablet in 2 july then period not come how many days period start when stopping this regestrone what can I do

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KaashPyuan Sea Says:

Does Regestrone cause leg pain? During the time when I was taking Regestrone for 20 days I felt excessive pain in my legs. I had no change of routine during that period. So the suspect is, I think, Regestrone. What do you think?

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Lucky Says:

I have not got my periods for 2 months. I have had pregnancy test but it is negative. My doctor has advised me to take regestrone tablet daily, 2 tablets for 3 days. After stopping how days it will take to get my periods?

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David Says:

To those of you who may be dealing with an absent menstrual cycle, my understanding is that it may take up to any number of months for hormones to level out after being on Regestrone (Norethisterone); which is a female hormone that is said to act as a replacement for your own hormones.

Reports suggest that Regestrone can be used to normalize the menstrual cycle. However, if you take Regestrone long enough, I question whether our bodies can forget how to produce their own reproductive hormones that generate a menstrual cycle and aid in other normal bodily functions?

If you have any questions about how and when to take Regestrone for a specific desired outcome with regards to your period timing, I would recommend consulting with your doctor (or gynecologist) for more information.

Hope this helps!

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Namita Says:

I have not had my period in two months, so my doctor suggested I take regestrone 5mg twice a day for 5 days. I have now completed my course as of Tuesday but still I have not gotten my period. When I will get my period..? Plz tell.

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Ritsvi Says:

I took regestrone tablets for 5days i stopped the tablets on 4th feb

How many days wil it take to get my periods ?

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Anjum Says:

I am 22 ..i didnt hd my period since two mnth my gynae told me to hv tab regesterone 2*5 days ... I cmpleted my course on wed night bt tody it seems 5 days hs passd i didnt had my period me plzz when cn i expect it

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Shubhi Says:

Hi I want to postpone my periods for 4 days, should I start one tablet of regestrone per day. Any side effects of tablet and how much time i get my periods after stopping tablet

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