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My daughter has stage 4 renal cell carcinoma, the cancer has metastasized to her lungs, lymph nodes and vena cava vein. She has tried both Votrient and Sutent but the cancer has continued to grow. She has seen 3 different surgeons who all agree that surgery is not a option as the risk would far outweigh any benefits. She just started the drug Afinitor and I was wondering if anyone has had positive results with this medication. Know it's not realistic to only look at good postings but she could really use a little positive reinforcement about now. So far she hasn't experienced any severe side effects but if or when they kick in I know she could handle them a lot better if she had a some hope. Any postings would be truly appreciated. ## Has she looked over the manufacturer's w...

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I took afinitor on a clinical trial for breast cancer and had amazing results in just three weeks. Unfortunately, I was taken off the trial due to extreme side effects. My insurance won't cover this medicine for breast cancer. Does anyone know where I can get this drug at a reasonable price? ## Unfortunately, no, I have no information on that. Most cancer medications are incredibly expensive and there is very little assistance available for them. In addition, you would need a doctor's prescription and this medication hasn't been approved for treating breast cancer, yet. It is still undergoing clinical trials. What treatments are you currently using? ## Afinitor is not YET approved for breast cancer but as I see it there is nothing to lose in some situations...the other thing...

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Can anyone share their experience with taking afinitor, mainly the side effects, especially if you are taking it for neuroendocrine tumors? ## I don't have any personal experience with taking Afinitor (Everolimus), but I thought you might be interested in viewing more side effect related information. You can view this as well as many general details by clicking on the link below: For other detailed information on Everolimus, you can click here: I hope this information helps!

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