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NDC code for HCPCS J7192

Can you please provide me with the correct NDC for this drug? It's HCPCS code is J7192. ## After some research I found a PDF from Anthem listing a number of "Antihemophilic Factor and Clotting Factor" drugs. Further down it lists the HCPCS code J7192 next to a drug called Advate. The HCPCS code may also refer to something more general "Factor viii (antihemophilic factor, human)" but that could open up an even larger list of NDCs. In the mean time, you can pull a list of NDC codes for Advate at: /NDC/Advate/ Is this what you are looking for?

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hemophilia kids getting fevers from advate??

Has Anyone Noticed Any erratic Fevers From Advate Medication After Administrating It. MY step son Has Been In The Hospital For Several days Because He Keeps Getting these Fevers Out Of Nowhere. The DoctorS Have Run All Types Of Test And There's No Sign Of Infection In His Blood And They're Not Sure What's Wrong. These Fevers Came On around the SamE time His Dosage Of Factor 8 Advate Medication Was Increased. Has this Happened To Anyone Else? any Help Would Be Appreciate it. ## A fever is actually one of the possible listed side effects of this medication and is listed under the less serious ones that aren't a cause for concern. How high is it going? How long do they last?

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