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Hydrocort Pill given to me for insufficient a.m. cortisol level and adrenalin low

My doctor gave me 20 mg white, scored pill with writing on one side around the pill and 25. I cann't see the words. He took blood tests and said my a.m. cortisol was very low and my adrenalin was insufficient. I don't understand what he is talking about. He gave this perscription for Hydrocort 20 mg 1 pill day, 1/2 pill p.m..I don't know if this is serious or what it even is. I don't like my doctor because he gets mad if I ask questions, but twice he gave me the wrong medication, and they had to do emergency surgery right away, or wi would have lost my foot. Another surgeon did it and told me he opened my foot and stood back, that is how the infection inside just exploded all over everything. That wasn't the first mistake my doctor made. I go to him for arthritis. Pl...

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adrenalin fatigue

i was diagnosed by homeopathic md as having th said dx what tx do you recommend? ## Hi Judith, I located a natural remedy site that offers suggestions as to what supplements, herbs, etc, that might help with the adrenal fatigue. You can follow the link below to check it out: Hopefully you'll find something on there that works for you without having to get a prescription medication!

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