Adderall Xr 30mg With Only White Beads

RickyTak Says:

I have blue capsules that say adderall xr 30 mg on them but they have only white beads. Is this generic or brand? And how are these different from the orange 30 mg adderall xr with the white and orange beads?

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David Says:


When you switch between different manufacturers, the only noticeable thing I'm aware of that actually changes are the inactive ingredients (binders/fillers), so that could be one reason why the beads are different colors - different dyes?

As to whether or not it's a generic or brand that you have, my research shows that the orange 30mg pill marked with "Adderall XR" is indeed a brand name and not generic.

The blue capsule on the other hand is also reported to be brand name Adderall XR... however, I'm seeing conflicting information from Shire Pharmaceuticals (the manufacturer) that depicts the 5mg capsule as the one that fits your description and not 30mgs at:

In either case, you can always trust a licensed pharmacy that they're real as long as you got them legitimately via a doctor's prescription. However if you weren't prescribed these blue one's I'd be hard pressed to think they were real since counterfeits are becoming ever so prevalent these days and the 5mg vs 30mg depiction is quite a misprint from the image linked above.

I hope this helps! Does anyone else have more information to add?

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BostonHolly Says:

Counterfeits are being found at CVS or Walgreens ?

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Jim49 Says:

I pulled apart 2 15 milligram adderall capsules from the same bottle some of the insides were very white like salt or tiny beads but some of the others look kind of yellow or a mustard color with either little green or black specks .it kind of look like spices from the kitchen.and what I was wondering could someone have gotten into my capsules and empty them out and put something else in them? THey even taste like a pepper,maybe that's just my imagination but two different capsules look totally different on the inside

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J Says:

sounds weird, cant remember exact colors of the top of my head, but if they dont taste sweet there is something sketchy goin on, especially since it is easy for some one to skim them on you

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Cindy Says:

I never open my Adderall to even know what the beads look like and I think my boyfriend might have switched them with something I don’t know their not working as well now so could I please see what the beads look like

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