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vtrimm Says:

I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled?

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Ben Says:

I live in Southern NH. I can't find a pharmacy anywhere around here that can get Adderall in any dose from Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals. My psychiatrist was apparently completely unaware of this situation when he wrote the prescription earlier today, 10/18/2011. I run out in 4 days but am on a very low dose (5mg twice a day) so I may be able to wean off of it safely by cutting back to 5mg once a day, then nothing.

I wonder how many people taking higher doses are goint to have major problems with withdrawal. I consider this situation to be gross irresponsibility on the parts of both the manufacturers, Teva and Barr, and on the physicians who continue to prescribe it. These physicians should be aware that such a shortage exists and should adjust their prescriptions accordingly. If they don't, they're incompetent and should not be practicing. I hope that the patients who have serious problems withdrawing sue the makers and the doctors involved. With so many people depending on Adderall, some kind of class-action suit is in order.

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ars Says:

Re: Jon (# 596) Expand Referenced Message

Just my 2 cents worth. I have been on C-II stimulants for a continuous 23 years!

I also have had some occasional amphetamine/dextroamphetamine/methamphetamine/phenmetrazine/and methylphenidate prescriptions, since the year "1969".

I also attend some occasional Chadd, and, Attention Deficit Disorder Association, (ADDA) national conferences since the year 1995. (for data information) from professional think tank, M.D's and many credentialed professionals in the field of treating those with ADD, ADHD, Narcolepsy, and Refractory Depression.

It is common knowledge, for those with long time experience, that, the mfgrs such as "Aurobindo" is among the very highest on the complaint list of just...well...ineffectiveness. Also grouped with this mfg is, in the past 8 to 10 years is, for the mfg called Ranbaxy, and, "Wilshire Pharmaceuticals Inc of Atlanta, GA" to also be very high on the patient consumer complaint list for consistent poor performance, or "bioavailability". (by the thousands of consumers, from many sources including discussion forums, especially from info received from practicing MD's in the present and the past active with a speciality medical practice treating target specific patients with the DX of those already mentioned in this response.

In the "controversial" or questionable category, field, in the past 5 years, or less, have been such, former stellar mfg firms, as "Teva a/k/a as Barr Labs Division, of Sellersville PA, and, of, Core Pharma." the majority of the complaints of all mfg mentioned are for either, Adderall Instant Release by far, and by even some cases of Dextroamphetamine I/R, both generic formulations, and even some of the ER formulations of either Adderall or Dexedrine, in generic versions.

The price increases have in word have been"obscene" especially for any brand name, as well as some of the generics (only in the past 10 years)!!!

To summarize, this is only my opinion and my opinion only, that, I have seen the USA DEA "interfere" (by various means including the US media) cause a serious disruption, in the availability of stimulants in the mid 1970's, as, the "diet pill" stigma was attached, to curtail many, the majority of stimulants manufacturers, lost continuous business till, the majority of very high quality ethical pharma meds were eliminated by the early 1980's even for those with ADHD and Narcolepsy.

The stimulants made a "comeback" in the 1990's, and by 1999, a huge rise in very high quality stimulants was available from at least from around 1994 for about 15+ years in a row, such as up to around 2009/2010!!

IMHO it has all gone downhill the past 7 years in a row. Examples are: the stimulant shortages, especially of Adderall, and Dextroamphetamine (pure), in late 2011, and most of 2012. Now, it is more interference, from the FDA/DEA on
manipulating the quotas each calendar year starting perhaps this year 2017, and, allegedly next year (2018)!

I feel very sorry, for all those afflicted, for those who missed out on the former, excellent, quality of "dozens" of former mfg choices of stimulants, no longer made for the USA market, such as, was once available in the mid 1960's, and
the early 1970's, and even later the...

"rebirth" of the recognition of Adults with ADHD, and Refractory Depression, or Treatment Resistant Depression, and Narcolepsy, in the mid 1990's until around the year 2010!!! (with no product shortages ever for me, in those years, for me in brand or generic, high quality stimulants, or "hassles" with various chain pharmacies, in the USA). The complaints I read of, on this forum, make me very sad, because both the quality and the "stigma" appears to have returned to legit patients, especially adult patients, such as I saw, over 40 years ago with "the diet pill stigma" that nearly eliminated all high quality stimulants for those with legitimate needs for stimulants, thanks to, a few rotten apples who abused the "diet pills" and "college kids" who also abused the 'stimulants" in my generation, especially from 1965 to 1972, and later in July of 1973, eliminating many stimulants, and the effects were felt for a solid nearly 20 years for those of us with the need for bona fide use of stimulants!! The future looks bearable but quite grim for those "old enough" to compare to the past, in both "quality control" and "friendly pharmacists' it seems now long gone, in the USA.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: John (# 637) Expand Referenced Message

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.....I have been an advocate and patient of C-II Adderall instant release from 1997 until 2014. ADHD combined type. (me) I have been on a C-II stimulant since June 28, 1994. Currently taking generic dextroamphetamine 10 mg x 2 tabs daily. The topic of this thread is about mixed amphetamines salts, once patented as Adderall 1993 to 2001 by Richwood Pharma of Kentucky then by Shire Richwood, due to merger, until, the generic was made available around the year 2006/2007 by Barr Labs, once in 7 different dose sizes of I/R tabs. Then, came ShireUS, for a little while with their brand name Adderall XR only.

Another merger/buyout by Teva of Israel, in December of 2008. (for the generic version of Brand name Adderall, still available as "brand" (Duramed Div of Teva) then also by Barr Labs division of Teva of Sellersville PA USA. Now the bad news:

I will try to not write a book but my source I will release. The "Adderall shortages and price gouging and product shortages, (severe in late 2011, thru 2012) have returned...for some time now, but, the "quality has been all over the place" NOT GOOD. Why?

Teva of Israel worldwide headquarters expects to lay off 14,000 employees worldwide, and "job cuts" in USA, by Teva, estimated as high as 2,000 more employees from press release's beginning back to Nov 17 2017, [source: fiercepharma]. Teva's CEO and President of NorthAmerica Generics (two people) have resigned, will leave during 1st quarter of 2018. Fitch (int'l credit rating agency) has downgraded TEVA to Junk status rating, due to Feb 08, 2017 release of Teva losing 17.6 BILLION US dollars,
operating loss for calendar year 2017. "it will get worse before it gets better".

Kroger (a Fortune 500 US food chain) is suing TEVA, MYLAN, ENDO, in generic drugs price fixing litigation, to artificially inflate prices. Also TEVA has been thru merger madness, bought Allergan Pharma for 40.5 BILLION, and, they grew way too fast! Dec 2016. (Allergan Generics unit technically).

CSO Tom Hayden also departs TEVA. Next source BLOOMBERG states the majority of USA states of US are in civil litigation, (started out with Connecticut, Dec 2016, but, now over 100 USA cities and counties, including the majority of all USA individual state Attorney Generals are in a multi pharmaceutical legal case to sue TEVA, + MYLAN + SANDOZ on 15 drugs "suspicious of price hikes" and the Dept of Justice Washington DC is watching closely if they will make a Federal case as well again Big Pharma!

I have read this excellent harm reduction forum for "years" and especially the past 12 months of posters from post #140 to #151, and, the frustration is very real about the alleged quality of generic Adderall either Instant release or especially 30 mg XR generic to any size of generic XR the bioavailability + the bioequivalence (the latter is indeed enforced by FDA 80 to 120% rule...but, I gave up on Adderall Instant Release by ANY MFG including CORE Pharma, TEVA, Wilshire, the list goes on.... due to inconsistency in my medications, "not working as each tablet should". "The only constant about life is change" I do not like that!

I switched to generic DextroStat, which we all know ShireUS and Teva no longer manufactures since the year 2009, but, several other generic mfg in USA make a generic pure dextroamphetamine sulfate Instant release.....I am not a shill, I use a particular St Louis Mo mfg who makes generic versions of Dexedrine Sulfate. but the topic of this thread is on Adderall I/R and or Adderall XR generic!

I, like many here, "was extremely frustrated" from late 2011 until 2014 when I got worn out of product shortages, or price hikes, to my insurance company dropping Adderall (both version I/R and X/R in year 2014. It also got too expensive cash out of pocket etc etc. WTF I have tried at least 1/2 dozen different generic mfg of Adderall original formula instant release and for a long time brand later generic Barr 10 mg was AOK from 1997 forward, but, again I gave up in 2014.

I am a aging male party who remembers the days of original Rexal Pharma NY who discovered, "Obetrol" a brand name from 1964 until 1994 when they sold their patent to Richwood Pharma of Kentucky! 1993, and the product was good for many many years! (1964 until late 2011) but I have now lost all of my confidence IMHO on any version of Adderall. Never taken "Adderall XR" only immediate release Adderall but, IDK of the outcome, February of 2018, but it does not look good for any generic Adderall, but, it is only just my 2 cents worth, I hope this mess gets straightened out for all ages of adults and children who need an ethical pharmaceutical company to return to making consistent reliable product like it used to be for so many years, in the past!

If I could turn the clock back now to the year 1994, I am depressed this year, so I question my own judgement, about my quest for these stimulants that helped me for so very long, but as I age out, (I am over 60 years old) I still take a lower dose of C-II stimulant, but, I do not know how to function, without at least some help with my mental impairments.

Is any Adderall Instant release still made that is reliable? I do not have that answer.......all I have is the data I print!!! What about generic Adderall XR?, I do not have the answer for that either, I do not know if any Brand Name of either is still made or not, if it is... it would be very expensive, as, the patent likely has long expired? It appears a combo of greed + demonizing this drug, which it has been abused by a few bad apples. and, the entire ADHD amphetamine + dextroamphetamine market has changed radically in the past 6 to 8 years! I do believe in the DX of ADHD but I do have my doubts about using this med, now, as I have been on C-II stimulants pushing 24 years now in a row! "one day at a time" is my motto for now!

I have taken a break over the past 23 .5 years but never gone longer than 15 days in a row without either Ritalin, Adderall or Dexedrine, I don't know how to function and, without my ADHD meds, so I continue with my USA Psychiatrist, now the same MD since January of 1999! I am not trying to cause a Hurricane warning, it is just I have researched this information I just typed up (for over 5 days long)!

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Viny Says:

Hi everybody, I live in Boston and have not been able to find a pharmacy anywhere that has the 10mg dextroamphetamine (FKA: amphetamine salt) tablet. The pharmacies I’ve been to tell me its on backorder until January. I have been taking this particular medication daily for the last 7 years so it’s absolutely ridiculous that I/we have to wait that long. I completely agree with Ben that there should be some sort of class action suit.

Do these people at the drug co. realize the affect that this can have on our daily life and more importantly our body? So, they must expect us all to detox off the medicine on our own and then all of a sudden get right back on it in January. Your body will have to become accustomed to the medication all over again.

Let me say that I think this medication is way overprescribed. There are far too many people taking this medicine for the wrong reasons. Everybody wants to crack jokes about ADD but for people that actually have the disorder it’s not a laughing matter. I can't stand when I hear someone (young, able bodied) say they got a script for adderall so they can lose weight (Pick up a damn weight - go for a jog - ride a bike).

Between the corporate greed of the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors overprescribing the meds. It’s no wonder why people who actually have the disorder cannot get the medicine. Furthermore, I was reading an article about the multiple patent lawsuits that have been going on regarding adderall and if you ask me I think every Co. involved is trying to monopolize the medicine. This is America right? I thought monopolies were illegal. Oh, but when you’re dealing with overseas companies I guess they can basically do whatever they want. The FDA should be going nuts right now. They are really are only hope in this situation.

Here is some advice for the big wigs at these pharmaceutical co's: Let another couple companies produce a generic version of the medication and then you can simply collect the majority of the profits that the generic med. make. They have done this with a million other drugs, why not adderall?

PS: I cant believe it but it's really not the pharmacy's fault this time.

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Wendy Says:

As an ARNP health care provider for 35yrs and also a patient after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Lupus, I depend on Adderall to continue to work, secondary to extreme fatigue from the diseases. I read that there is a shortage because the FDA is "re-evaluating" the increased use/abuse. I work in pain management, I totally understand abuse of opioids! However my Rx has been sitting at the pharmacy for 2wks unfilled, and I am suffering while you continue to re-evaluate. There is something very wrong with this picture!! You are interfering with patients plan of care because the demand is higher? Quite frankly that is not of my concern at the moment. I am NOT an abuser. I am a Healthcare provider just trying to make a living, that's all!! I know I am not the only this has affected. Please pharmacy cannot. They have no idea when it will come in. I am just told this happens a couple of times a year. That is true, it did happen to me last year. Fortunately I did not rum out as I use it sparingly. This time it is a different has been 2 weeks and now I am angry!! I have personally discharged hundreds of patients in our practice for opioid abuse. If you feel it necessary to investigate, talk to the providers writing the prescriptions!! I will be happy to join the bandwagon when a class action lawsuit develops. You should have no right to stop production or delivery because of those that abuse.

Wendy Garcia, ARNP

Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Phone

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maureen Says:

I just called shire pharmaceuticals they told me they no longer own adderall that the co. Bar pharmaceuticals bought it. So I called and I'm waiting for a response. I'm in NY I take this n I'm having trouble big time with out it. I'm up all night and sleep all day . I lost my job and I'm having a bad time unmotivated and depressed

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Steve Says:

FYI I have tried 2 different TEVA adderall products this month and neither was effective. I have been off all meds for 2 years (not a tolerance issue). It (BARR brand) worked perfectly for me 2 years ago. I tried an expired tablet from 2 year old prescription and it still worked flawlessly. My doctor is working me through this. However, the drug manufacturer is just dumping ineffective medicine (adderall) on the market. You will have no recourse if you purchase it.

Just type in (Google search) Adderall Manufactured By Teva Not Working (Newest posts first)....and see for yourself. I have made it my mission to inform people. This needs to stop. It is one thing to waste our time, but when they steal your money and do not give you the option to return their defective product, that is another thing entirely. What other product is simply "non-returnable" when it is defective? None. There are state laws in place that protect consumers of the other products. Not medication.

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Macy Says:

Having the same medication availability issues here in the Tampa area. I am also a healthcare professional and have been on 20mg adderall IR bid for almost 10 years …. My prescription is sitting at Walgreen’s unfilled for the last 2 weeks bc of a lack of supply (same issue at CVS, same at 2 local family owned pharmacies), the one local smaller pharmacy that did have it did ‘not want to take additional patients with adderall prescriptions’. It’s just ridiculous. My quality of life is suffering, and I’m doing my best to keep my work quality from suffering, too. All the while having to rely on super rude big pharmacy chain employees who either keep you on hold for 30 minutes or automatically assume you’re malingering. This is really the worst. Hope some relief comes our way, and very soon.

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Blame Obama Says:

Oh and one more thing. I live in and work in DC. There was supposed to be a session on the Hill regarding this issue but it was canceled. Hmmmm maybe it was because half of the politicians couldnt make it into work because the can't get thier Adderall filled or it's due to all of the damn lobbyist's that have invaded DC. So don't say this isn't a political issue. Of course it is. It's a 100% failure of our government systems & policies due to their interests. There is a major mental health issue unfolding. I wrote the FDA in May when I first encountered the supply issue. They responded that they were working on it and the problem should be corrected very shortly. Well now it's almost November and has the supply issue been corrected? I think not. The entire country is out of Adderall and I am furious that the FDA allowed this to happen. I suggest everybody go to the FDA's website and write them. You need to take action people. The doctors are still gonna take your money and write your scripts even if there is no Adderall available. The people, You, Us, need to stop Blogging about it and start writing the FDA, your local politicians, news media and anybody that will spread the word. Somebody needs to be held accountable because all that Washington is currently doing is pointing fingers.....and printing more money but that's an entirely different topic. Speak and let your voices be heard!!!!

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CRsquared Says:

I'm finally getting it filled at a local Walgreen's as I type this. I guess the backorder/shortage is over with....for now lol. Just letting you guys know in case someone has given up getting theirs filled, might want to go check again.

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herb Says:

Yeah, it's brutal to try and function effectively without them , i dread those days.

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a nickname Says:

I just had to settle for this CVS generic they had imprint U30 orange round Aero something. Makes me feel like a zombie. Can't concentrate. Just makes me feel like crap.

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Addie Rall Says:

once again April 2017 and something is extremely off with my adderall prescription. any one else having this issue?

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Ridgerunner Says:

Re: Nancy (# 720) Expand Referenced Message

(Plus "I wanna know" # 716)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news....IMO Brand Adderall (once made by Rexer Pharma (div of Obetrol Pharma (Brooklyn NY) manufactured the "original formula" embossed "OP" in 10mg & 20 mg tabs since at least year 1965, changed their formula from 4 "amphetamine salts" 1/4 methamphetamine saccharate 1/4, methamphetamine hci 1/4, amphetamine sulfate 1/4, and dextroamphetamine sulfate 1/4, in the mid 1970's, (source PDR) and sold their patent to Richwood Pharma, (Florence KY) in the year 1994/1995, Richwood changed the official marketing name to Adderall, It expanded once like very fast moving train, from the original 10 mg & 20 mg to the consumer choices of
5mg, 10mg 20mg & 30mg all embossed for brand Adderall Instant Release "AD" side one a vertical scoreline of with the mg
size embossed on each of the 4 slightly different round pills, by 1997, later the expansion rose to the merger of Shire-Richwood Pharma (2001) with now SEVEN versions of the Brand Adderall instant release.

IMO the quality was outstanding with the formula from my experiences from the mid 1970's to around Dec 2008, when IMO most unfortunately, Teva of Israel bought out both the Brand Name for Adderall and the generic, of Adderall (both in I/R versions) USA division in Sellersville, PA. from IMO excellent Shire US.

Example: by the year 2009, the AWP (average wholesale price) of 100 x 10 mg of BRAND ADDERALL rose ten fold !! compared to the AWP (Source REDBOOK 2010) vs PDR Brand & Generics of 1995) that is the average cost per pill or per 100 count rose 10 times, in 15 years !! The good news is the QUALITY was still there IMHO ! The bad news...

I will try to summarize as best I can....a combination of factors, rose to IMO the serious downfall of the once high quality & the "available" stock: from Barr Labs division of Teva" the generic Adderall market went out of control, examples were the dozens of very bad reviews of Ranbaxy of Indian with former USA headquarters, making a very poor bioavailability as well as a poor bioequivalence problem, followed around 2010 to 2014 more & more generic Adderall pills were made with many customers complaining, such as, many more "amphetamine salts (generic for brand Adderall" were causing side effects.... too many mfg to name, I have the official NDC codes and Orange book codes from sources such as RedBook, Truven Analytics, even the 4,000 page+ 6 kilo size of Vol I & II of the Martindale The Extra Pharmacopoeia (London UK) 2014, & the only countries out of 143 countries in the modern industrialized world who make Adderall brand or Adderall generic are the USA & Canada. The last info I have (not verified since the year 2014) was Adderell Brand has been discontinued at least in the USA.

Please do not get confused with ADDERALL XL, which as most of you internet members of medschat already know, it is entirely different forumulation of Adderall instant release! The rest I have to say is only my 2 cents worth, I have tried so many generics since .....remember the massive shortages of Adderall in 2012 2013? Generic Adderall from such mfg as Mallincroft to Sandoz, To Wilshire pharma, & others never did have the quality IMHO as the original name brand ..... of Adderall I/R, from the years of the mid 1970's as "Obetrol" then as "Adderall" (Richwood) + Adderall brand again (Shire US) and the early days of Barr division of TEVA USA.

This is my opinion but is public information check out this link and one will see how IMHO how corrupt and the "shell game" is going on (that started IMHO in the last quarter of 2010; Example, Dexedrine Sulfate (pure) sold for AWP in 1995 compared to 2010 the average wholesale price rose just like Adderall brand name by ten times!!! Glaxo Smith Kline sold the patent for the original Dexedine 5 mg (mfg since 1937 & the Dexedrine Spanules to Amedra of USA & to another firm in Canada & the price rose in one year another 350% and in 2019 the price compared to 2006 is (I do not want to break any rules thus will give ratios, that I have solid reference for, the price is now almost 1,700% higher than it 1986 it is unaffordable to 99% of the USA consumer, Also, Teva (Barr Labs have discontinued a excellent generic, again, around the year 2016. for dextroamphetamine ER 15 mg capsules. sometimes called sustained release!!

I have direct experience for decades on this subject, sad to say that, TEVA is in massive trouble, Ref: Fierce Pharma dot com for the past 2 year, tens of thousand of worker are losiing their jobs worldwide & many upper management empkoyees walked off their job (quit) and TEVA still has some very good products, as TEVA also has some very poor products both in USA. The Teva .Barr labs IMHO are well above average for their IMO Generic version of former DEXTOSTAT & even the Adderall instant release is the only version I would try again, any mg, but the Barr Labs .Teva I am afraid are gone !!!

My final conclusion is it amounts to a combination of greed + the interference now of almost 3 yrs with mfg limitations on production of all amphetamine products by our DEA, and the most unfortunate minority who abused the ADHD & Narcolepsy meds... In my long life I have seen this before BUT FOR A ENTIRELY DIFFERENT REASON, due to abuse from many adults and the normal age range of undergrad students in the early 1970' many mfg promoted these stimulants as "diet pills" and they quickly fell in disfavor by going to a C-II (1972/1973). I fear the problem In the here & now has set back the industry another 20 to 25 years, just like from mid 70's to the mid 90's !! The ones who are harmed of course are ADHD/ ADD dx patients & Narcolepsy patients.....Data wise the Vyvanse/Adderall XR/ Concerta just are not as effective, just my 2 cents worth. The stimulants have of amphetamine class have been removed off the market in the UK,
Switzerland, & Australia (without a compounding pharmacy) and a expensive M.D as IMO the true amphetamines in I/R version with high quality are being phased out worldwide...

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Ohlord Says:

Yes NJ is crazy, my pharmacy of 15 years can't get adderall unless it's Pink 30s which are causing me to go bat s*** crazy.... Can't function nor sleep, very aggressive, extremely angry... Been on Adderall for 25 years, never ever had this issue. I was one of the subjects before Adderall was FDA approved. When I can get it at a pharmacy they're crap or on back order. I am going to confirm with an attorney about a tort civil suit before I go nuts.... Hey FDA could you F******g do something?

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BL Says:

Re: Jon (# 609) Expand Referenced Message

"Final Adjusted Aggregate Production Quotas for Schedule I and II Controlled Substances and Assessment of Annual Needs for the List I Chemicals Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, and Phenylpropanolamine for 2017"


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BL Says:

Re: SW (# 627) Expand Referenced Message

Each year the DEA decides how much active ingredients of Schedule II medications manufacturers will be given. This amount was reduced by 25%for 2017. It has also been reduced again by 20% for 2018.

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Em Says:

Re: SW (# 627) Expand Referenced Message

That's weird....I live in Lakewood and am prescribed 20mg 2x a day and I've filled in January and Februry at two different walgreens and had no problem whatsoever......I wonder if this is specific to certain areas of the metro area or certain chains? I tried to use the new 24 hour CVS on Sheridan in December and they said they don't carry it yet because they are a new pharmacy, but they are also notorious for straight up lying about schedule II's (something about keeping schedule II fill numbers below a certain amount) Anyway, it was 11pm and even though it was out of the way, I went to the 24 hour walgreens on Colorado and Mississipi and they happily filled it.

not to say all this doesn't make me nervous though. I've been adderall since 2004 so I have suffered through many shortages, major price increases, generics that didn't work etc. *deep sigh*

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noname Says:

Re: DJ (# 667) Expand Referenced Message

The first couple times I tried calling they would tell me they weren't allowed to give me that info. Then I changed the way I was asking and I haven't had a problem since. Try saying it like this. Hi I'm trying to fill my monthly prescription and I've already been to three Walgreens (CVS etc) and they were out of stock on my medication. Is there any way you can save me the aggravation of running around and check if you have it in stock for me? They will usually ask your name and look in the computer and make sure you have a history with that medication and then usually they have no problem telling you.

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DotOV Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 692) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for the info. I went back & read your post #638 from about a year ago which puts this all in perspective. I too have researched some of this same info in the past week after being unable to fill my prescription for Adderall for 3 weeks now. I have been prescribed this for many years (I am 60 yrs old & honestly it is very hard to get through my 10 hour physical work day without it). I do it, but my focus sucks, anxiety high, & just the enjoyment of working hard & getting the job done has waned without my meds. I also like you, have taken breaks with these meds through the years, so as too not be too dependent on them- but knowing that I can’t get them at all ANYWHERE now is just crazy! Maybe I should just ask my doctor to switch me to what you are taking (Dextro-Stat?) or is that included in the “FDA crackdown” & also impossible to get? I just don’t feel like searching all over town everyday after a long day at work, going from pharmacy to pharmacy (like some drug crazed junkie) to find my medicine that I know I need. I’m not doing this anymore & none of us in this situation with valid prescriptions should have too. I appreciate your helpful info though, thanks.

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