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vtrimm Says:

I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled?

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1320) Expand Referenced Message

Doctors don't pay attention to these things. Those that do believe it is between the patient and the insurance company. Unfortunately, Medicare Advantage Plans do not tell patients all the draw backs of their plans.

Does your husband take opiates ? Do you use Walgreens or another chain pharmacy? The reason I ask is Walgreens uses NarxCare. NarxCare is a prescription drug monitoring program being used by more and more chain pharmacys. It is common for pharmacies to send doctors red flags based on a patients score from NarxCare. NarxCare only looks at data and not the patient as a whole.

You can ask your Medicare Advantage Plan about the medication. But don't expect a honest answer out of them.

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Cyr Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1321) Expand Referenced Message

No, he doesn't take opiates. But he did in 2000-2006 for Injuries in a mva. We have switched back and forth from Walgreens and a very busy independent. Florida has a reporting system. All CIIs have to be reported. Not sure about CIII, CIV, CV.

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Cyr Says:

I am not thrilled with the new Teva generic from Walgreens. No side affects but can't seem to overcome my executive dysfunction. Not sure but I may have done better on the Lannett.
Actually none have worked well since the old Teva/Barr in 2019 early 2020. My new normal--staring at the wall

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Rcma666 Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1323) Expand Referenced Message

This webpage just blew my mind given all the problems people are having:

[1] Placebo Pills – Adderall (10mm Orange)

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Racer01 Says:

I can't get my 30mg. I get the same from my pharmacy outside Orlando. I have to use a specific pharmacy for my insurance. I have been out going on a week

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Skye3188 Says:

Re: Racer01 (# 1325) Expand Referenced Message

What have you done for the last week? Did the provider prescribe something else? Or did the pharmacy just do nothing as they are supposed to call your provider!! My best friend has been out 5 days and nobody at the pharmacy is helping her with a solution and the drs office now said the pharmacy never contacted them when CBS claims they have then also tried to claim that they never said they would (except they did 5 seperate days in a row) CVS incompetence just gets worse and worse!! My poor best friend NEEDS this medicine and it is affecting her life and nobody seems to care! It's disgusting! Insurance company doesn't want to cover anything else which is illegal in a shortage and nobody wants to be held accountable!!

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Palo Says:

Re: Racer01 (# 1325) Expand Referenced Message

Start at 10mg and work your way up to 15s and 20s. They OFTEN have different dosage pills but don't have the decency and compassion to tell you.

I have had this pharmacist dialogue

"Well, please check what dosages you can get or have on the shelf"

Them:. "We have 20s available now"


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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Skye3188 (# 1326) Expand Referenced Message

Where is it written it is the pharmacists job to call the doctor when they are out of a medication? That is a new one to me. If pharmacists or techs did that patients would have to wait probably until at least the next day for all prescriptions to be filled and maybe longer.

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Merriam Says:

Re: Debbie M in California (# 1314) Expand Referenced Message

I can empathize with you -- not so much because of the backorder situation but because I'm currently being prescribed dosages way below what I was prescribed for 20 years. I was taking 120 mg of amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts and as soon as I turned 70 I was cut down by one prescriber to 20 mg a day. I had 5 different prescribers at my psych office last year, so it was a crap shoot from month to month. I don't feel like I was overprescribed at 120 mg. I know several people who were taking 100 mg a day, so I was only slightly above what they were taking. I did have to get a waiver for my insurance company to cover it, but they did so on a yearly basis with no problem. Now I'm struggling to get through each day. I've been doing whatever is necessary to feel like a functioning human being, but it irks me to pay out of pocket when my insurance company would cover the cost if I could only get someone to prescribe a dosage I could live with. I know just how you feel, because when I'm out of pills I barely get off the couch. I don't cook meals. And worst of all I don't take my other prescriptions regularly like I'm supposed to -- just thyroid pills, iron supplements, and vitamin D2 -- but I go days without them when I have no pills on hand. I'm scared to death about how I'm going to get through life like this. If anyone has a suggestion, please send it to me. Take care.

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Rcma Says:

Big news!

Bloomberg: Teva Is Facing Adderall Supply Disruptions as Demand for ADHD Drug Soars.

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Ari Says:

Re: Palo (# 1327) Expand Referenced Message

Where did you find it?

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Merriam (# 1329) Expand Referenced Message

120 mgs exceeds the recommended dosage. It sounds like your Medicare Part D plan sent a notice to your doctor (s) about the high dosage. No studies have been done on how those 65 and older tolerate Adderall and other stimulants. It is common for patients in those ages to not be prescribed stimulants for various reasons. Even when those reasons are not present. The lack of safety data makes prescribing to those in that age dangerous

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Merica9 Says:

Re: Rcma (# 1330) Expand Referenced Message

What pharmacies have brand name Adderall? I heard Costco is able to order it still so I'm switching over

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Merica9 Says:

Re: Merriam (# 1329) Expand Referenced Message

I guess you'd have to get it illegally, sounds like life or death situation.
I'd either find a new doctor which can be really difficult or resort to illegal ways to get your life back on track

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Merica9 (# 1333) Expand Referenced Message

You can talk with the Pharmacy Manager and ask him to order the brand. He may or may not agree. Your doctor can write Brand Name Only. No Substitutions Allowed on you prescription. Your insurance company probably will not pay for brand. But you can try. Brands are much more expensive that generics

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HCStymie Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1335) Expand Referenced Message

Was getting CorePharma brand which was fine. Then Acme switched to Aurolife / Aurobindo which is crap. Was taking 120 to 140 mg a day trying to get by.

Stop & Shop said they get Accord, which like Aurolife is another crappy Indian pharma company. Nothing against Indians or India. Just that their Pharma industry is a sham at best. I tried Accords for a different med and it was useless.

Costco got Northstar but I refused it. Read that they are owned by Sun pharma and I have been burned by Sun pharma brand before. Just crap. But, it turns out Norhtstar chainged their formulary, (was being manufactured by Aurobindo for them). So don't know if that Northstar stuff would have been crap or any good at all. They are making their own now.

At my 8th pharmacy, found some Teva 20 mg that wasn't bought yet. So, back to 50 to 60 mg.

Was getting byon 40 to 60 with CorePharama but I think trying to take Aurolife screwed things up.

I did have some old teva 10mg in my drawer from 2010. Which worked better than that Aurolife crap I ended up with. But leftovers, only had a few days worth.

So, good for another month then back to another scramble. Article said name brand Adderall (Teva) would be available by mid month, but I"ve heard crap like that before and didn't pan out.

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DP Says:

Re: Racer01 (# 1325) Expand Referenced Message

I neither this is ridiculous!! I heard DEA said there is to many people on Adderall on there's a problem some BS it's over the 20% quota of prescriptions they expect written , so they decided to say NO MORE.. WTF I have severe ADHD.. I wasn't diagnosis til I was 35! When did the DEA become PHD ..

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: DP (# 1337) Expand Referenced Message

It might have to do with the additional prescriptions that have been written by online doctors only since January 30, 2020. When the Federal Emergency due to covid went into effect. Doctors were not required to have at least one face to face visit with a patient before writing a Schedule II prescription. It will end when the Federal Emergency due to covid ends, probably in December. Some online doctor businesses only have already stopped prescribing them due to being investigated by the DEA.

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Merriam Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1332) Expand Referenced Message

The reduction in dosage was due to my psych organization changing ownership. The new owners micro-manage the actions of all their prescribers. I realize 120 mg was over the recommended dosage, but my insurance company only required the waiver for exceeding 100 mg daily. I had 6 different prescribers over a 20 yr. period who all prescribed me 120 mg a day. When I turned 70, the insurance company sent the psych organization a paper alerting them that some senior patients do not tolerate amphetamine type prescriptions well. I understand that, but I would think the patient would be the best source for determining whether or not a certain drug is tolerated well. If I'm not having any adverse effects from the drug, why disrupt my life? I don't know how old you are, but I can tell you that the confusion ADD causes doesn't get any better with age. I always think I'm in good shape until I go for more than a few days without my pills.

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Debbie M in California Says:

I am about one and a half month without medication. I did write to Teva and ask them if there was a problem with getting the medication. I also got a response. It said they had shipped Teva brand to the warehouse that Walgreens uses. I have had poor experiences with Walgreens and CVS in the town I live in. I take 4 20 mg tabs a day. I have a waver from my insurance to cover them. When I got the response from Teva telling me to go to Walgreens I called my Doctor and asked him to send my prescription over there. I asked them to order it for me. This was about 3 weeks ago. I went to the pharmacy on the day they said to see if I could get my medication. They said they were on back order until the 29 of July so I waited again. I even called and asked the to not forget to order them for me. When I called them that following week they told me that they were on back order and it could be as long as September. I told them I don't believe you. then I hung up the phone. Its the same judgement problem I have at all pharmacies in this town. I was going to a town over that is bigger and used a small pharmacy that would go out of their way to get them for me. They said they couldn't get them and offered me another generic which I declined because some others cause me to get angry when I take them. I am angry now. I have been since I have been out of meds. I am barely able to function and don't know what to do. If I tell my doctor he will probably discontinue writing the prescription because he does it half hearted anyways. I am wondering what I can do? I don't think anyone I am dealing with realizes how this affects my life. I am writing because it relieves the anger somewhat. Thank you all.

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