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vtrimm Says:

I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled?

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Cas0227 Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1096) Expand Referenced Message

Teva is the manufacturer

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Rcma Says:

Re: Cas0227 (# 1101) Expand Referenced Message

Pharmacies do not have contacts with Manufacturers. Manufacturers do not sell directly to pharmacies.


They're working with Wholesale Suppliers such as McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, etc.

Look it up. https:/­/­­p06135120/­Top-50-Pharmaceutical-Wholesale-Distribution-Companies.html

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Dontcare Says:

Re: Rcma (# 1100) Expand Referenced Message

Sounds like someone has their meds. Woop.

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Cyr Says:

Re: Rcma (# 1097) Expand Referenced Message

Ha. Her name is Jen and she gave me the number to her store. I am trying to work it so my script is filled at the beginning of the month but I had to leave a message for a call back at my doctor's office and the woman there transferred my script before she called me. So I made an appt with doc for July 5th to discuss some issues. He isn't inclined to help with things that occur outside the office even though he claims to love his job. He only works on Monday and Tuesday so if my Walgreens is out of stock tomorrow, I will have to wait until Monday.
I can't even get the woman in the office to tell me where their other patients are finding Adderall. I have been his patient since 1997.
I wish I could say any of this is easy. It used to be easier before I developed arthritis in my thoracic and lumbar spine. Not in constant pain but sitting and driving aggravates it. Oh, I am 75 and have been tired since I was a teenager. I have other psychological diagnoses.
A lot depends on how well I sleep and whether or not I have done too much on any given day.

I appreciate your input and will give it a try. I do have mild paranoia but I am aware that it is not just me who is treated like an idiot in my particular Walgreens. I have been disturbed by some of the answers they give patients.

The second time my pharmacy was out of stock, I had the woman transfer scripts for 30mg, then 10mg, then 20mg. I am still hoping one of the 3 independent pharmacies nearby will be able to supply me when the pills start rolling in. I have filled scripts at 2 of them but not since covid. So over 2 years. We shall see.

I worked at McKesson very briefly and the pharmacy where I was a technician used them as their supplier. Maybe it's just my town but pharmacists here don't like questions about suppliers. I know it's not a "forbidden" subject. I think many of them don't like speaking to customers, especially if they are very busy. Thanks for giving us ideas.

How do you know so much, Rcma?

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Rcma Says:

Re: Dontcare (# 1103) Expand Referenced Message

Funny. The only thing woop is the months and months of people complaining that their needs aren't being met, while somehow missing the larger point that during shortages you have to work harder to get any scarce resource. I'm only on this thread to help people. My hope is that everyone gets their meds. That's why I continue to give the same info over and over. Not woop is taking responsibility and taking action. Woop is "I am not getting what I want boo hoo poor me.". Woop is making snarky trolly comments about giving reality based solutions to peoples' legitimate concerns about medication shortages. But "don't care" types don't care about others in my experience, and likely have bigger issues than Adderall medication shortages. Caring and being helpful on a shortage forum is decency. Best of luck to you. There really is no need for social media nastiness on a forum like this where we are trying to help one another.

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Rcma Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1104) Expand Referenced Message

Good luck and you are welcome. I know a lot from reading and problem solving. There are many articles written about this and even a NYT bestselling book. The generics pharma industry is generally pretty shady. Your area sounds unfriendly. Hope it works out. If you use Walgreens their online app is actually decent and tracking orders and asking for auto refills helps.

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Rcma Says:

FYI... Lots of info about shortages



ADHD Medication Adderall Has Been on the FDA Shortage List Since 2019
APR. 13 2022, PUBLISHED 12:47 P.M. ET

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JCL Says:

My pharmacy had been out for over six weeks, I’m in Long Beach, California.

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Trump2024booya Says:

Re: Nance (# 1099) Expand Referenced Message

Yep. Good luck finding anybody who will give you the truth.

I called three places asking if they had it in stock and they wouldn't even answer my question without me giving them my full name and birthday,. Hell no answer my question.... you don't need my personal information to answer simple questions

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Cyr Says:

Re: Rcma (# 1106) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, auto refill would be a help but not allowed on controlled meds.
May be just Florida.
I do use the app, the phone and in person visits.
Perhaps I can take the brand name for a month while the supply catches up. If my psychiatrist can get it approved. Pharmacist said he has the brand in stock but no telling how old they are. I've been taking them long enough to know the pills deteriorate and lose their potency after a bottle has been opened.
Thanks for the good wishes, Rcma.

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Cyr Says:

Re: Trump2024booya (# 1109) Expand Referenced Message

Frankly, I would give them that information if I could get an answer.

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GMC Says:

It seems some pharmacies are not experiencing shortages, while others are right now. I was told a couple of days ago by my local Walgreens pharmacists that all Walgreen locations have been notified that they will not have Adderall in stock until October 2022! Sadly, the only way to know who has it is by calling around to various drug stores before going somewhere to try and fill it.

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1110) Expand Referenced Message

New prescriptions are required for each Schedule II drug filled in every state. It is Federal Law

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Cyr Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1113) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, however, if doctor transfers new script to pharmacy, there ought to be a way to auto fill that on the day it is due, instead of having to call the pharmacy to ask them to fill it. I can use the Walgreens app to fill it but not the auto phone as there is no prescription # on the app. It just takes a long time for them to get to it while they are filling blood pressure scripts for people who still have a weeks supply. I have to go to the pharmacy and wait for it if I want it early. I have discovered that they fill it faster if I am sitting in a chair waiting.

Might be a good idea to try that if the pharmacy is slow to fill. (That is not directed to you, Blessed Lady, just info for anyone else who comes along here and reads this,). They won't auto fill my alprazolam either even though the "system" continually asks me if I want it auto filled.

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Rcma666 Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1114) Expand Referenced Message

Oh dang I'm so glad I don't use Walgreens anymore since my Express Scripts PBM eliminated them. In past had no issue. But most of the posts here are Walgreens. Did something I've NEVER done and started using Supermarket pharmacy. Publix or Stop & Shop. Totally better experience. Not once has it been mobbed. Haven't once waited on a line even and they answer phone on first ring. No joke.

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Cyr (# 1114) Expand Referenced Message

A pharmacy cannot fill a new prescription if the Fill Date is different than the date it was sent. Insurance companies also play a role in when prescriptions are filled. Also remember Walgreens uses NarxCare. That might play more of a role than you realize

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Cyr Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1116) Expand Referenced Message

My Walgreen's does it all the time. Transferred on Monday. If they are out of stock ,they fill it when it comes in but the script is in their system. This is how I ended up with fill date at end of month when all stores may be out of stock. So the next month it won't be filled until the day I picked it up the previous month regardless of what day it is transferred

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Cyr Says:

Re: Rcma666 (# 1115) Expand Referenced Message

My Publix is always mobbed. My hubby used to get his scripts there. There is another one but also a CVS in the same shopping center. I had to run around today because the Walgreens truck did not come. I found another Walgreens who could fill it but----my doctor's office closed early which is pretty bad since he is only there 2 days a week and I had left a voicemail at 2:30 stating I would need her to call another pharmacy. I hope this other Walgreens still has some in the morning. I did get the pharmacist's name and thanked her. My old independent would have filled it if she had any. My appointment is July 5th, so back to early in the month.

The independent said the wholesaler would not take calls from customers but she told me who they use. And that they have contracts with the manufacturers so they can only buy from certain ones.

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Cyr Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1116) Expand Referenced Message

Doctor doesn't specify a fill date. He expects it to be filled when it is transferred.

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Cyr Says:

Re: Nance (# 1099) Expand Referenced Message

If you go into the store and ask the pharmacist , not a tech, you are likely to get an honest answer. Take your old bottle and ID with you. I did that today but was not asked for ID.

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