Adderall Headaches And Racing Heart

netta Says:

PLEASE someone help me understand this new medication my doc just put me on. Never taken Adderall before and wanting to talk to those of you who have experienced it's effects.

I have 20mg capsules and i get headaches and my heart can race just a little but not bothersome yet.

Yes, I have doc and pharm answers but i want real answers from people who use this in their lives.


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Casandra Says:

I think that it is GREAT to question any new Psych drug that is prescribed. I have had some very bad experiences. I have taken Adderall since 2005 and it has been fantastic. I too have racing heart beats, shaking and sometimes very euphoric. I would suggest that you don;t take adderall and drink coffee or any other caffeine type product as I think this makes the nervous feeling worse. You may want to only take 1 and ONLY 2 if you really need the microscopic attention on a project. I take it for ADD. I am actually going off of it because like most other Psych meds they work great for a couple of years and then once your body becomes adjusted to them, they don't work as well. It is a safe med that helped me do very well in college with a few side effects: dry mouth, hands shaking, and can make you anxious. If you don't need two I would stick with one. Good Luck!

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Verwon Says:

Adderall is a stimulant medication, so it can cause elevated heart rate and higher blood pressure, as well as nervousness and headache.

Combining it with other stimulants, such as the caffeine, will just make such effects worse.

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netta Says:

THANK both of you for taking the time to discuss and inform me about this.

Always skiddish about stuff I never heard of and this is one of them.

What if you don't notice anything different in terms of focus and consentration?

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birdfirex Says:

hey hows a adhd and add...but adderall works awesome, atleast personally. I take 30mg instant release morn an afternoonish-early helps me in time management organization and allows me to maintain a focus on what i need to get done on a daily basis. I like to describe it as a personal list being created in my mind of things i work to accomplish. it seems to keep my mind motivated and gives myself an attention span..of which i dnt hav very much of regularly. It helped me graduate highschool, get out of the house on my own, started on my career track and truly enjoy interests n hobbies of mine. Good sleep everday is extremely important on it though. If your sleep pattern changes talk to the doc, therefore it could result in adderall psycho dependance and can make certain ppl moody, mean etc. often can be misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder if abuse of adderall results....if you really have an attention deficit disorder this medication works without a doubt an phenomenally well. After about 2weeks, your body should build a tolerance to it and stimulant effects felt initially will fade away..such as cold hands and feet, racing heart, and so forth..very critical you watch for heart palpatations and can result in fatal injury or fatality if known heart problems exist....any more questions feel free to ask...Peace.! (hope i helped ya)

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Kelly Says:

Maybe you should eat something when you take it. If your head hurts. I have noticed the strain it puts on your eyes. You may need to use eye drops so your eyes aren't dry. But if you really Have A.D.D then this medicine is very helpful after you get used to it. Take it in small doses to get used to it. Then you will be able to decide if it's helpful to you. Taken if for over 10 yrs. Only issue I'm having is being able to even get it Filled. This Back Order Problem is Crazy. And a hassle.

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sweet ass Says:

Is it true that if you truly do have ADD/ADHD, adderral will just calm you down. But if you don't have them, you get real high and speedy? Sometimes i like to take around 15-35Mg just once in a while to help me get motivated. Lately it has just made me tired. Unlike before when i would organize my whole house. Also, sometimes during the high, but ALWAYS during the come down I get so anxious! My sister doesn't. I have to have xanax on hand just to take it. Anyone else have that problem?

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Jc Says:

I take adderall to help me keep up with taking care of two households, I am a caregiver of my parents and just lacked the energy to keep up the pace. It may not be the right reason for taking the drug but it is the choice I make every day. The only down fall is if u run out u r likely to become irritable and very tired for a couple days.but that goes away. I have the energy I need,daily, I'm much more pleasant to be around, I don't have "bad" days on adderall...they r easy to abuse when you use them for energy cause your tempted to take more when energy decreases. That's when to use common sense and realize the need to rest awhile and take some time out just for yourself. Then your sense of well being returns and u will feel better bout doing what you have to do. I use adderall the way many people use it. They just don't admit it.

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moma1 Says:

lately, my brand adderall, i take 40 mg daily.. puts me to sleep. its changed these last few years... even if i take 1/2 .. it doesn't make me more alert.. i have been diagnosed with the need for alertness/focus/...just got blood tested.. allergic to corn and yeast and eggs...
does brand contain any of these additives????

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kmcleod11 Says:

I need to be prescribed a adderall have no insurance. .......HELP

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kim Says:

Adderall is a CII drug with black box warnings. It has high abuse potential and if you are given this agent, please do your best to understand the potentially possible untoward reactions.

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Lizzy b Says:

I jdon't at started taking 10mg of Adderall in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon. I was just st diagnosed with ADD. I have all the side effects but still cant focus at all. Called my doctor who told me to continue taking them until I see him again in two weeks. People using it say that they can feel the difference in an hour or so. It's being three days for me and nothing. Low dosage or wrong medication??

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h8aurobindo Says:

Lizzy B, what brand are you taking?

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Eliam Tucker Says:

interesting to see this topic come up, as I recently was prescribed 40mg a day for adult add after being off the meds for almost two years. I stopped because I moved across country, and I seemed to be doing pretty good, and then the symptoms slowly returned so I went to my doc with my records from when and why I was on them so he prescribed the same dose as before, but I'm disappointed because they haven't improved my focus and the other benefits I received just a few years ago, and the thing that puzzles me the most is that I actually get tired and sometimes fall asleep soon after taking just 20 mg. A total reversal of the effects in a short period of time.. Just thought I'd share that.

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Lucy Says:

Yes, I have to take Klonopin when I take Adderall because it makes me have anxiety!

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Lucy Says:

Re: Casandra (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I agree! Don't take Adderall with caffeine! If you have C-PTSD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, taking 2 Adderall & coffee can land you into a panic attack!

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