Adderall And Contrave Together

PH Says:

Hello. I've been taking Adderall for about 10 years for ADHD. I'm prescribed 30mg twice a day but normally take 1 and 1/2. Just been prescribed Contrave at my request and on week two until Tuesday. I'm excited bc I know my eating and drinking is tied to anxiety/depression diagnosis I have ignored for over 18 years and again 12 years ago. It may be in my head but I can already see my compulsive behaviors like shopping and other anxiety issues receding and am performing better at my job. Except for the occasional confusion that comes in a very short wave I'm guessing is a side effect. Anyone else take both? I'm age 32, 5'5 and 185 lbs.

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Ph Says:

Does anyone else take contrave with adderall? I am currently on week 2 of contrave with adderall that I've been on 10 years.

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Rachel Says:

Hi im 33 and 182 female. I take 40 mg adderall a day sometime Moe sometimes less. Iv taken the contrave before but at the time i couldn't really tell it was working. Iv just recently thought about restarting it bc of my eating habits. Adderall unfortunately doesn't hender this problem enough for me and iv been gaining and gaining weight. Im wondering if its even actually safe enough to take together..

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Verwon Says:

They can be taken together, but only with your doctor's approval, since it can increase the risk of some side effects, such as insomnia, elevated blood pressure, and elevated heart rate, according to FDA reports.

How are you both doing now? Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications?

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Toodles Says:

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My doctor won’t prescribe it because of the Adderall. Not sure why.

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