Adderall Xr Vs Amphetamine Er

Cassie Says:

I was taking 15mg Adderall XR white and clear capsules with blue inside and they worked great for about 6-8 hours then I crashed. I asked my Dr. about it and he just said we would try it for another month. Ok, however, when I got my new prescription, it was generic. I never thought anything of it. I have been taking it for about a week the same dose and directions as before. I am not getting the same results, I don't crash, but that is probably because it doesn't even feel like it is working. What i have now is a white and peachish colored capsule and it says Amphetamine ER on the bottle. I am just wondering if I am not getting the same amount of medicine as I was with the name brand and if maybe anyone else has had this issue.

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Verwon Says:

There can be slight fluctuations in the active ingredient when going from one manufacturer to another, plus the inactive ingredients can be different and some people are sensitive to such fluctuations.

Learn more Adderall details here.

However, I can really provide you with any precise details, without knowing the markings on the capsules.

Can you please post back with this information?

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Cassie Says:

The new one is a capsule, half white, half pink/peach color. It has 3063 printed in black on both sides of the capsule following a symbol that kind of looks like an R, but it isn't an R.
I have been much more irritable and less productive than when I had the name brand Adderall. I was just curious if anyone else was having any similar experiences.
I posted separately because I couldn't find anything that exactly matched what I had been, and am currently taking.

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martha Says:

this just happened to us! I thought nothing of it since colors seem to be always changing because of insurances? but he got this er version that makes him quite lethargic. I started to question and saw this blog.
I will need to call his doctor.

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jay Says:

don't believe the hipe, there is a signaficant difference withe the generic brands, not only that, I have far more unbearable side affects even during sleeping. as a. result in the decrease in my quality of life and the concerns of the side affects, I stop 5aking the med. although my doctor agrees with me to stand up for what works for me, the insurance company refuses to do whats best for me, the patient. :(

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Judy Says:

I just got this Amphetamine 15mg ER cap A-3063 made by Actavis EL. from a CVS Caremark. I feel labile jumpy and paranoid to name a few new symptoms. I was on generic before - M amphetamine salts 15 mg which were perfect / working well etc. any advice ?

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jay Says:

Hi Judy

I had the same experience & then some with the generic brand of Adderrall XR, so I fought the majority of my health care providers and insurance company that wanted me to believe that the versions were the same--my ultimate final exhausted statement/question was: how do you know, have you ever taken the meds?

Ask your physician to prescribe Adderrall as "necessary" and see if your experiences differ.

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jay Says:

Hi Judy

I had the same experience & then some with the generic brand of Adderrall XR, so I fought the majority of my health care providers and insurance company that wanted me to believe that the versions were the same--tell that to the reduction in my quality of life and the unbearable side effects-- my ultimate final exhausted statement/question was: how do you know, have you ever taken the meds?

Ask your physician to prescribe Adderrall as "necessary" and see if your experiences differ. NOTE: Different Pharmacies Different Generic Verrsions

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Trey Says:

I am in the same position. I was taking 15mg Adderall for several years. The doctor recently bumped the dosage to 20mg. My first two refills were with Adderall XR. On the last refill, the pharmacy gave me Amphetamine ER. I can tell a huge difference between the two. My doctor writes my scrips for 30 days at a time, so thankfully, I can get the correct refill in a few more days. But, as someone that has just now experienced it.... I can tell you that I can feel a huge difference.

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KBD Says:

Isn't Amphetamine ER Dexedrine and not Adderall?

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Chef K Says:

So I never really thought this could be a problem with me but I think I may have ADD... i dont know about ADHD. First let me tell you I am addicted to Opioids. However, have been going to a Dr for 2-3 years. In that time i have been on Suboxone. Only one relapse in that span which is actually amazing.. Anyways I recently hired an employee who has ADD...ADHD and we kinda played around joking about him burning food or what not and then really got into the conversation of how Adderall changed his life.. and now that I know all these uses for Adderall and what it help I actually fit into alot of the reasons people take it. I finally convinced him to let me try a couple. . Rather than going to my Dr for fear he will think I am trading one addiction for another. And it really helped me.. not only in work where I am on top of all my paperwork and meeting the demands of the owners and my boss.. but also in social situations! I wanted to go over and hang out with my parents. I am social, at work, with my family, and with my friends. I have always been kinda of a shut in and the quiet kid/guy. Recently always binge watching anything I nteresting on Netflix. I dropped out a college could not focus or get good grades.. and now I feel I know why I was a C average kid all through school.. I just could not focus. I even saw chronic border, drug addictions and multiple car accidents which also all fit my criteria.. I guess I am just wondering if anyone will see this and let me know if I.should ask my Dr to try it for a month.. or if he might see it as I am trading addictions. Which is not really it at all but I already have the track record. What does anybody think?

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Transformed by Christ Says:

Chef K, well if you are noticing a huge change I would recommend changing family doctor, After you have been clean for a while. I had this problem as well. I knew prescriptions better than the pharmacist did. I knew how much to take and how much not to take. The side effects do change person to person, but if you take a low dosage in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and exercise in evening regulating a crash will help. I hope this isn't to late. I've been where you were I know the fear of talking to a doctor for meds. Adderall should only be taken for a season not your whole life exercise and eating your fruits and vegetables will help you manage a energetic life style.

I praise God for being clean for 5 years, I'll be praying for you.
I'm starting a Master's degree August 2016 trying to finish Doctorate's by 2020

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Cookie B Says:

Chef K, this does make sense!

My sister is a med student who recently did work in a hospital mental ward. She explained to me that the majority of people who abuse drugs are in fact ADHD and end up turning to drugs to self-medicate. On a more personal note, I used to take drugs recreationally. But since being diagnosed with ADHD my life has really changed and I just truly am not interested in using any type of drugs. In your situation I'd recommend going to see a psychiatrist to get formally evaluated. Even with your history of drug abuse, most psychiatrists should know that ADHD could actually be the explanation for your drug use.. and properly medicating yourself would be the solution.

More info about self-medicating by those who are unknowingly ADHD can be found via the internet.

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Jim Says:

I had a similar experience when I picked up my latest refill. I just changed pharmacies and the new pharmacy gave me the peach and white capsules marked R-3063. I've been irritable since I changed and haven't felt any of the benefit I used to get from this prescription. But I've always been on the generic. My old pharmacy just gave me a generic from another manufacturer (TEVA) while this peach and white one is made by Actavis. I'm going to take next month's prescription to a different pharmacy and make sure I ask which manufacturer they sell before I have it filled.

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Kourtney concerned Says:

I totally get it I'm going thru this with my son now insurance won't pay for what he needs I don't get it I had it before no issue now I will I have to pay for what I want

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Mame Says:

We are ripped off. These generic drugs are mostly placebos. I'm having the same problem. Ju s t have your dr. Increase mg. The drug co.are ma king a fortune and the government or fda don't give a dame

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Mame Says:

They don't care. I've been fighting with medicare for months. I have narcolepsy our meds are simular there using inferior chemicals and fillers it's all about saving money for all these drug co.

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Hulla Says:

Re: Cassie (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I am taking the same R3063 and noticed caps are less than half full and have powder inside. Can powder be XR? I thought only beads were XR. I suspect foul play by pharmacist. Anyone had this same situation?

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