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anon Says:

Are these suppose to have the beads inside them or is it powder form? Theyre orange 30mg capsuls with R-3061 on them. Took one and immediately fell asleep?

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University of ADHD Says:

Re: Keith (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Calm down grandpa. You're projecting again. Maybe you shouldn't be on any meds.

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Kitty Says:

They should be orange and white beads. The bogus ones I got only had the white beads, which are just fillers - no amphetamines were in mine so I fell asleep as well. Every other brand I have had has the orange and white beads.

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Jack Attack Says:

I went to CVS to fill a prescription and was curious why the pill had become smaller. After 2 days on the medication, I knew instantly something was not right. I have been taking the same strength adderall everyday for 8 months, and when suddenly changing to this pill I started to get the symptoms as if I was completely off of adderall- difficulties focusing, sleepy, irritable, and never got the "buzz" where I would go into the zone at work making sales calls. Not only that, I felt like it caused heart palpitations, and overall was not the same strength of what I had been using. It seems the only thing that stayed relatively the same was the curved appetite. I absolutely refuse to ever purchase this medication from CVS again, and there should be some type of regulations for them changing a medication so drastically that it would cause these symptoms. I would rather not take Adderall ever again (even after knowing its benefits for me) than take 1 of those CVS pills again. I am not one to notice minor changes in symptoms between drugs, meaning the changes I experienced were NOT minor. Horrible Drug, be warned!

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Alex Says:

Hey guys,

I created an "Adderall Generics Thread" that we can use for reference, where we can all contribute the basics of our recent prescription refill (manufacturer/pharmacy/location/review) so we know the CURRENT status of the Adderall supply going around. I think this will help all of us because there are hundreds of threads and it's so difficult to sort through.

Link: Adderall Generics Thread

It would really help if you could just add a quick reply with your experience. You don't need to register on this site so it will just take a minute.


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Stacey Says:

Re: Hetty (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I also take the Teva brand 30mg tablets and it's noted in the computer at my pharmacy that I request Teva Orange Oval (football shaped) tablets. I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have been taking Adderall for well over 20 years and I've never gotten anything but positive effects from this medication. I do have some advise to share for someone who may not be adjusting to it very well (I've learned alot about Adderall over the years)

1. You have to respect this medication. If you take more of the dose than you are prescribed...say you are working an extra shift and you think you need an extra pill to get you through, you will cause yourself to overthink the process, your brain will have all kinds of focus but your body won't be able to physically supply the energy your body needs ....will do you no good to "add a pill". I am a nurse and I'm offering this kind of advise to "newbies" who will appreciate the heads up.

2. Adderall has a job to do for us who are "scattered" as I call myself without helps you take all the scattered pieces and put them in order and focus. Adderall doesn't need any help from any kind of (uppers) because it takes my unfocused, slow, scattered body/brain and puts it in order/gear. That's all it knows to do. If you drink caffiene or 5 hour energy to get more energy, Adderall is going to overpower it. Adderall will jump all over this fast moving substance and try to slow it down so it can force "focus" on you. End result you will feel like crap!

3. I do have a hard time sleeping and for that I take a sleeping pill if I need it. Overall my brand and dose works as good as it did the first day. Other brands of Adderall (round sort of flat bitter tablets) have been prescribed and they do not work for me at all. They give me a sudden headache, a rush of negative energy that makes me jittery. I firmly believe if Adderall was put in the water this world would get alot more work done! Task completed, correctly....One last note: sorry so long...but whatever you do when you take your medicine is what you can plan to be doing for hours. If you are playing a video game when you take will be doing that all day. A lot of its effects depend on you. I've even taken it in the morning and immediately laid back down, I slept for hours!

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j Says:

It has beads dude. They fly everywhere. My orange capsules have a generic r then it says 3061 after the r. (30mg). I tried to find somewhere to put a pic up but ya if I open them I now use a plate because they roll everywhere. But when I got these meds in the states, the beads were orange, here; I moved across borders into a different country. Anyway these beads are pure white. No orange beads. But I have a lot of difficulty with being in public and walking my dog. It takes an hr to get out of the house cause my nervous stomach even tho I’m on xanax 1mg and diazepam 10mg.. I feel like the ppl that dispense my medication make fun of me cause of what I need to be on. One example is my slipped disc. I’m only allowed to take muscle relaxers because.. Mm whatever... I had to stop taking pain medication. And lyrica for an accident I was in. I have dead nerve cells all the way up and down my leg on one side. Causes immense pain and addy for my problems focusing (adhd) also ambien for my insomnia. Um ya so it’s a list and (I’m kinda just over 26yrs old) and f*** and sometimes my family makes remarks that I somehow like to take my meds. And there is a little truth to that cause it almost makes me feel like a person without all my problems.

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j Says:

Re: Stacey (# 25) Expand Referenced Message

i’ve sadly also been taking adderal since i was very young so also 20yrs. how many mg do u take in a day?

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j Says:

Re: j (# 26) Expand Referenced Message

My bad. F***, I couldn’t remember the beginning of the sentence. Sorry. I used to be on 30xr for daytime and then I had hockey practice and studying that same night so I was also on 30mg instant. That worked for me so well, and then I moved across the country and cross the border and that was the one medication that they took me off of. They took away my adderall ir which are kind of depended on (at night) when u have tweaked ur meds for yrs to get it right. And now I only have one 30mg extended release to last throughout the day. It’s hard. But like I said in one of my posts I’m on a few different meds and its kept me clean for years... Idk why a dr would want to look at it, see that I’m doing better but then decide he wants to put his own flavor on it by taking away my adderall 30 ir. I cant even study at night and I have brain farts while I’m practicing with my team... In college hockey u get benched for making mistakes... So ya take a wild guess on where I was sitting a couple of the games. Embarrassing. Sorry I’m not gonna keep typing lol. My brain got focused on one thing for a bit. Oh addys. I don’t want to be on meds but if it keeps me clean (like it’s been doing) then they shouldn’t change anymore s***. Oh and I’m complaining, so probably getting judged by the 1% ***k community but I felt like sharing my story. So f*** it. That all above is me. I don’t make fake stories for attention. Not saying anyone did that but I feel like just raw. Everything someone says that’s an insult nowadays hurts my feelings so bad. Lol it’s f***ing baffling. I don’t know how else to explain it.

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CelebrimborValenor Says:

Re: SCREW CVS NY (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with about how dangerous this blatant, vulgar example of how the standards for generics are not honorable enough. I lean towards moderation with the prescription I'm so lucky to have. I run out a bit early sometimes, I've had some long days and experienced a burnout. Like an over exhaustion of the brain's dopamine and even cognitive neurons. This Actavis Pharma distributor and maybe manufacturer as well not likely. Their white beads the drug they created for myself is closer related to illicit drugs like meth. It's not clear if they added abuse counter measures. Which I think is by law necessary to advertise, but idk. I think this s*** along bad and methamphetamines just burns out the nervous system (mainly dopamine) and nervous systems that involve focus and memory.

It does this extremely fast and has far shorter half life then Adderall xr. Quality generics won't make for a zombified state so rapidly at a reasonable dose. I filled a thirty script 2 days ago and got this s*** I'd never seen. I actually was so happy I'd gotten the script over with that I was able to get a few time frames of enhanced focus. I noticed my memory was not on the same level. First redf lag though was I continued to feel a lucid euphoric mentality. I crashed hard. Taking a smaller dose of pure Adderall xr is enough to restore energetic mindfulness. I took more then I needed to for sure, I still had a foolish hope. The most memorable and remarkable evidence I've gained from taking 270 mgs in 25 to 27 hours is that in a sense it's safer. I think if I'd done that with my bmi and tolerance would have possibly died or stroked out. There is no need for such a scary 270 mg in a short time frame. This s*** just had me feeling like I'd been awake for 48 hours to point where more even the name brand would further exasperate your nervous system, only doing the exact opposite of its purpose. This Actavis Pharma's Adderall xr is a neuro-toxin with little benefit for any kind of progress and productive behavior. Almost exactly a day after I took the first dose I was certain to take a single dose of 90 all at once. Never necessary unless your gonna be extremely action and have a strong tolerance.

Idk man, Im still dealing w/ the head ache. By the time I'd taken the 4 or 5th i began to experience an allergic reaction that mimics a sunburn in that the skin on swelling and you're essentially dying. I've taken the more pure brands at around maybe 100 in less then the half life of the first dose 10 / 10.5 / 11 maybe for some 9. And continued to function and perform tasks that anyone sober could. I've been to the cognitive motor function place where you should definitely sleep and avoid further brain damage from more use. This s*** still has me up mostly because I'm so frustrated, though thankful. I don't know what to do - I have a whole project for this month. I made this happen, it was my lack of patience and courage to request the brand I'm familiar with. This, for my mind and body chemistry DNA, and I'm sure far many alike dislike this insulting lie. I known now how lucky I've got for the 8 months to have gotten the two quality generics that actually look like genuine Adderall xr. This drug is in my opinion more dangerous because it's all peak no balance or middle calm down, just a crash.

Then certain personalities are susceptible to morbid excess leading to a f****d up death and of loss of everything. I'm still red in face. I could've slept about two hours ago, maybe I'm just frustrated and shamed I'd have in the time frame. I've been awake 36 to 38 hours, would have only needed maybe 80mg to 100mgs to continue a lucid 8-12 hours more without more. 48 should be the limit and the amount should be less than 100mgs. I feel sick, I got some flu that I was immune to or extremely unlikely to catch. A fever and rapidly changing emotions or contradictory emotions of gratitude and acceptance then f***ing regret I got punished for my lack of of patience. I've been at moderate level of control of my meds and using them for what there, for and actually enhancing my neurological capabilities concerning attention and memorization haha.

Happy Thanksgiving. I guess this experience will only fortify my discipline and self appreciation and respect for substance Adderall xr that can be such a monumental asset. Or use your imagination it's fun.

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kwilly Says:

Re: Elise (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

i get the oval orange 30mg 1's too they work 123 never had a problem work great tried capsules they suck even opened them and just swallowed the beads they suck dr had to change me back to the tablets drug companies don't care if they work or not as long as the money keeps rolling in

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Rene Says:

Re: Pissed at R3061 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I just got my 30 mg Adderall XR from Teva/Actavis. There is just white powder no beads inside the capsule. They don’t work on me. I always thought they had orange beads in them. Is this the real deal?

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Bree Says:

Re: Keith (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Sometimes I open my capsules to see if they are filled up in a correct manner (consistency) as well as color and shape if I can’t see through the pill itself (stating the obvious here like right now I have an all orange pill instead of a half clear half orange…)
Should I get off my Adderall then as well since I am making sure I am not being screwed over or I am trying to figure out why I feel different in a way???
The fact that that’s what you immediately thought, and assumed of that person, kind of says some thing in my opinion honestly rather than supporting since you are under this topic, forum, whatever you wanna call it as well.. much love!

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Rev Greg Says:

Re: Keith (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Well, Mr.Superior, why exactly are you lurking on this page and why do you show such utter ignorance to people you don't know, especially since you are clueless about this drug and how it is to be used.

One of those ways, written on the info that comes with it, is to OPEN the caps and pour it on food (like applesauce).

Many people can't swallow the pills, or have less impact from them when taken whole. I'm one of those people.

Now, my wanna be genius, the reason for wanting the desired impact is to avoid needing to take more to get the same effect ONE pill SHOULD have.

A patient should get the optimum performance from their prescribed meds, shouldn't they? What's wrong then with them opening to inspect the contents? Some of what they found sounds somewhat scary to me, and didn't work as prescribed etc.

Most of these people here are not trying to get high or higher, they are trying to figure our if they were given a placebo or even some dangerous crap that is putting them to sleep, etc.

Glad to know there's still trolls out there with nothing better to do than to give their smug opinions to everyone despite no one wanting to hear them.

Thanks for the blind judgement.

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