Adderall Xr Generic R-3061

anon Says:

Are these suppose to have the beads inside them or is it powder form? Theyre orange 30mg capsuls with R-3061 on them. Took one and immediately fell asleep?

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David Says:

There doesn't appear to be any photos of this pill online, however, I did come across posts from others stating that this particular capsule imprinted with "R 3061" does in fact have beads.

I do find it odd how it put you sleep, considering that one of the side effects of this drug is insomnia. Did you take anything else with it?

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Verwon Says:

I really don't have any information for you on this, there is not listing of the capsules denoting how they are put together, I'm sorry.

Learn more Adderall details here.

Are these a different generic than what you had been taking?

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Pissed at R3061 Says:

Hi Anon -- the strangest thing I have experienced is that I have gotten these before and they had 100% small white beads inside. That time, they worked great, almost as well as the normal ones. HOWEVER, this time, I got these same ones again (the all orange capsule with R 3061 on the outside) and they were filled with a mixture of white powder, beads, and what looked like mini clear crystals. They do NOT work. I can easily fall right asleep on them. This is not cool. At all!!

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Hetty Says:

What have you done since April? It's July and my CVS now has only Actavis generic for Adderall XR and they don't work. My old "generic" Adderall XR made by Teva has half orange beads and half white beads and I never had a problem with efficacy. The Actavis one has only white beads. My pharmacist said that Actavis is the only supplier she is allowed to access. She suggested shopping different pharmacies.

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SCREW CVS !! (ESPECIALLY THEIR PHARMACY DEPARTMENT SUPPLIERS) !!! I am never buying anything from them again. Due to lack of proper insurance I need to pay out of pocket for my meds and I just lost at least a $100 Hundred Bucks over this s***ty Actavis white powder crap. Have taken double the dose and all I want to do is take a nap!!

Seriously FDA please PLEASE get this horrific substance off the market -- some people actually have mental deficiencies and this disservice is doing them complete injustice by playing with their lives unsympathetically. I am screwed now for the next month when I will be able to get another fill and will definitely be going to a different Pharmacy. Never again.

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NoNONO Says:

Bottom line: Please don't buy from CVS anymore. They charged me $100 for this crap Activas. I have taken the double the dose and am sitting here trying to wake up.. My head is somewhere else and I feel like taking a nap! How can the FDA approve this? I'm shocked just shocked that they are taking advantage of people like this - people who's lives have seen such a big difference after taking the proper Adderall formulations. Shame on you CVS Pharmacy. Just shame.

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4Kidslater Says:

I had the same problem as you, those blue pills did not do anything for me. After that I went to Walgreens they have the orange made by Barr and they are better. I have always been given the brand name until this last February.
My son's doctor told me that there have been a lot of complaints about the generic and how it didn't work the same. She wrote the brand for my son. I am going to talk to my doctor and see if he will do the same. I mentioned it to him before but he is convinced the generic is the same.

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miserable Says:

Is there a way to use these new generic aderral 3061/r so that I can get motivated off them? Instead of f going to sleep. I don't care how! IF IT WORKS!!!

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4Kidslater Says:

File a complaint with FDA on this medication, the more people complaint about it the better. I did and told my doctor, he wrote me a script for BRAND with medically necessary for brand.

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Addluvr Says:

Okay so i bought r 3061from a friend that i get from every month but the beads are bigger white beads this time not the normal salt looking stuff. . . Is she tryin to rip me off n put sumthing else in the capsules???

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mason jar head light sabre tooth ache Says:

no, unfortunately thats normal... they work but not as well..

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Elise Says:

No one is imagining or making up stories as far as different genetic brands DEFINITELY ARE DIFFERENT!!! I have tried pretty much all of them and so have my friends.
The best generic adderalls are made by pharmaceutical company by the name TEVA. They are the oval orange ones... These are the closest to brand name... This is a fact! I conducted a survey .... And abt 200 people who've been on addrerall for years .... All had same opinion!! Walgreens carries these.

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Godsaven Says:

Well if you took one you will know, I mean if it's a solid pill, mine are round there's no beads in that, the beads come in the captules and you can see them, so if you did not see them you are on IR which is much much better. Just in my opinion all XR's are awful, it's a baby sitter, it was the worst thing ever, the IR's are quality and will do wonders for your ailment, I'm only speaking to people who are prescribed this, I'm sorry I'm not ever speaking to people who do pills on the sneak, the only thing that is acceptable with that is the Mary Jane, the beautiful bud, I'm with you in that struggle for legalization.

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Marie Says:

Actavis is HORRIBLE. No effect whatsoever even after tripling my dose. I gave myself a U/A after 4 days of this and it was NEGATIVE for amphetamines. I knew something was wrong when I took it and wanted to go back to bed, but the drug panel just confirmed that they are peddling sugar pills and labeling them generic Adderall XR 30mg. I reported this to the FDA Medwatch system and would encourage anyone else to do so that has had this issue and also save your unused meds, as I did, in case the FDA wants to analyze them. Teva is the only other brand I have used and it works great :)

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Kat803 Says:

Marie, I do agree with you, the R3061 are complete garbage. I have been Rx Adderall for almost 5 years, I take 30mg a day of the generic. Recently when I received the R3061 I had the same exact problems as everyone else on here is complaining of. I am so glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. WHATEVER the problem is we ALL MUST report it to the FDA and tell the pharmacies you will NOT fill ANY of your medications there until it is resolved. Get in their pocket, perhaps things will change. As long as they are continuing to make money nothing will change. However Marie, I would like to tell you that the home U/A's you can buy from pharmacies DO NOT REGISTER ADDERALL UNDER THE AMPHETAMINES PANEL. The diagnostic for amphetamine salts is very specific, and very rarely found. The panel labeled amphetamines evaluations for methamphetamine. Even DOT, probation offices, and even drug rehab clinics that check clients do not typically look for the kind of amphetamines adderall is made of. If they do it will be an additional evaluation. I know this for absolute certainty, as I have also been on Suboxone for the past two years, get drug panels every single week (with the 7 panel- it has one for Opiates which covers illicit drugs, vicodin, etc, and another for oxycodone and a separate for buprenorphine as well), and was scared I would drop dirty for amphetamines due to the addy, but my counselor said nope, its a separate evaluation, and I have seen the results for myself a thousand times. My point is that while the R3061 suck ass, when you check yourself for amphetamines and the result is negative that was actually because of what I said above- it wouldn't come up anyway.

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Marie Says:

They have beads - the crappy ones I had had all white beads and about half as much as the Teva. My guess is probably because they fail to put the active ingredient in them. I wrote the company and told them my experience about having the negative drug panel after taking triple my dose for 4 days and have been ignored. Shame, shame. This is immoral, unethical, and I would suspect illegal. I am going to keep hounding the FDA about this one.

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Fake Says:

I have been falling asleep on the generic Adderall ER. Today, I went in for a drug panel and my results were negative for amphetamines despite the fact I took my dose this morning. Very disappointed.......

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Keith Says:

The fact you're even opening them to see a way to get them to work better says everything. Get off the adderall, you absolutely don't belong on it... Plain and simple.

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Kat Says:

You can see through the capsules - they are transparent orange on one end.

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uChipDesigner Says:

Re: miserable (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Fk the pharma companies man. Fk them to hell. Ruining my life with these r3061s. Have an interview tomorrow and all I have are fking BUllsht XR generics . Spent a fortune on them too. FML FML FML

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