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Adderall XR causing extremely dry eyes

Ok I have searched this topic for months now and no one else seems to have a solution for my problem. I am currently taking 30mg Adderall XR which is prescribed by the doctor. I take the generic bc I've always been told there is no difference. I take my medication on the days I work and I take it very early so I am not up all night. This medication really seems to help me HOWEVER my eyes seem to become very dry!! Sticky almost and I'm in constant discomfort before my day is halfway over. I have tried only taking half my pill by separating it and I still have the same affect. I am miserable and the people in my life can tell. I'm constantly rolling my eyes or squinting to relieve the "dry eye" feeling but it just makes me look weird and doesn't really help. Here a...

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20mg Adderall XR - New Patient!

I was prescribed Ritalin as a kid, then graduated to Adderall until I was 18. After that, my parents moved out-of-state, and I was no longer insured, so I decided to try and show everyone I didn't need medication to be 'normal'. I could never tell that the medication did anything for me, but my parents always seemed to notice a positive difference. I'm now almost 31, married, and doing pretty well, but I still struggle with focus (studying) and finishing tasks / forgetfulness, so I saw my doctor who prescribed me 20mg of Adderall XR a day. I took my first dose this morning, and had a homemade fruit smoothie with it... but within the first 30min or so I started to feel really antsy, super chatty, felt like I was about to bounce out of my skin, and experienced dry mouth, a...

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ADD and Adderall

Is there anyone else who has had experience with the above medication? I need input please. ## I know a bit about Adderall, what do you need to know? ## Yes, my son takes this medication. He is 13 and was previously taking concerta (which was wonderful). He was recently switched to Adderral by his doctor. He went through puberty and his metabolism changed and caused the concerts to not be effective any longer. As far as this med, I am not happy with it and i am having his prescription chg'd next just isnt effective for my son, that's not to say that it isn't a good med, but just not for my child. If you need any specific info, post it here and i shall do my best to assist you with anything i can. ## my son is now 9 and he was on adderal for 2 years. At first it was...

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adderall effects after 6-8 hours in system

My son takes 20 mg of Adderall XR in the morning. Is it true that 6-8 hrs after taking Adderall XR a person can/will experiencing negative side effects, such as withdrawal. ## I don't take the XR version, but I have noticed when I do take a big dose in the AM and then miss my 2:00 dose I feel sick to my stomach and very tired. ## What do you consider to be withdrawal symptoms? Can you please post back and be more specific? The FDA lists the typical side effects of Adderall XR as possibly including nausea, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, and anorexia. The length of time these take to manifest can vary from person to person. Has he consulted his medical practitioner? ## try eating a pickle or an acidic food around 6:00pm. I used to drink apple cider vinegar. Y...

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Missing Adderall XR doses for 2 days

I can't get my Adderall XR refill for 2 days. I take it as prescribed once per day. I didn't realize the script I had on hand was from over a month ago. Will I have a problem missing Sat and Sunday doses until I can get ahold of my doctor? ## I don't want to seem alarmist or cause you to worry, but it is possible that you may start to experience mild withdrawal symptoms if you are going for 2+ days without your usual dose. One good thing you have going for you is the fact that you are taking it once per day as prescribed, so it's not like you've been dosing your body at abnormally high amounts. I found an article about this on WebMD which states: "Signs of withdrawal usually show up a day or two after you stop taking it. They may last a few days to several weeks ...

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Need Help With Adderall XR not working

I was recently diagnosed with ADD I am 24 years old and have had it for years however it didn't effect my life to much until Recently. My doctor started me on Vyvanse 40 MG the first day I took it worked wonders and then the second day it didn't help at all, so the third day I took 60 Mg and still nothing, so the third Day i Tried 40 once more and had it no effects once again. So my doctor switched me to Adderall XR 30 MG once a day, I have took it in the past on occasion and it has always worked great for me; However this morning I took it at 6:45 and its is now 9:45 and I am feeling no effects; Good or Bad (no focus, no energy, nothing at all) I have also tried Concerta one day before starting the Adderall and felt absolutely nothing. This morning when I took my adderall I mad...

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adderall xr generic brand

I have been taking adderall 30mg for two years now and it really helps me. but my last script I got filled was a blue capsule and is a generic brand..Dextroamp. this is awful. I refuse to take these pills. but due to my ins I can not get them changed..I know it depends on what mfg your pharmacist goes with. but my point is how can they even sell these things to drug stores anyways.. my doctor also told me they get lots of complaints on these pills and that they are gonna check further into the mfg of these things.. ## Hello, Debora! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problems that you've had. What are the markings on it? That would enable me to check more information on it for you. The color isn't enough to go on. The FDA lists this medication as carrying the risk of bein...

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4 year old taking adderall xr

My granddaughter has been given adderall xr for add - she DOES NOT have ADD at all-her mother just doesn't know how to parent. Please help - where can I go for help to report this? How does a DR prescribe this for a four year old? What kind of testing is required? ## This Med should not be given to a 4 year old. I take Adderall XR 10MG and I am 43. Adderall is amphetamine, (Speed). Find a new Dr. and throw the script away... ## The dr that prescribed the Adderall ER and the pharmacist that filled the rx has more education and training than anyone here. Not agreeing with your daughters parenting skills is something you need to discuss with your daughter. Chances are due to your attitude there are things that your daughter hasn't told you regarding your granddaughter. ## My grandd...

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My 12 yr. old on adderall is high strung at night

He is on 20 mg in the morning, and by 7:00 at night his behavior is more aggressive, high strung, obnoxious, compulsive. After about 2 hours of this behavior, he usually falls asleep. He takes depakote and lamictol for bipolar disorder as well. When is mental health research going to come up with a way to diagnose and treat? Right now it takes a highly experienced doctor with a brain packed with knowledge to even begin to know what med, how much, and how to change the plan when it is not working very well. There are very few that can do this, but even finding a children psychiatrist your insurance will cover is next to impossible. What do I do. Is there a way to decrease the negative effects that occur in the evenings? Should another ADHD med be tried? ## I have 3 kids that are adhd and...

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list of fillers used adderall xr?

I appreciate your time, does anyone know where I'd be able to find a list of fillers used in Adderall xr 20mg? A few years ago I was diagnosed with a blood allergy to corn and wheat and a few months ago I started having reactions every day about the same time as my medication was releasing. I have checked everywhere to find a list and have found nothing. I know it can vary, but if there is something I can at least reference because it just started recently. Thanks so much! ## Yes, it may vary if you are taking a generic or a name brand. However, in the name brand Adderall XR, the inactive ingredients are: gelatin capsules, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, methacrylic acid copolymer, opadry beige, sugar spheres, talc, and triethyl citrate. I don't see anything in this list that scr...

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New on adderall

my doctor just diagnose me with add something I have been dealing with hole life now 36 with two daughters and a wonderful wife I decided to get meds and go back to school to do a trade knowing that with out meds I would just give up and wouldn't be able to go back to school.So I went to see a nurologist for a second opinion and has my doctor thought I had a high score on the add test wich is really a questioneer!!! So my doctor started me on 5 ml for two weeks and then 10 for 4 weeks so I took my adderall in the morning before work it gave me the normal side effects headechs dry mouth less of a appetite but that's about it... But I didn't feel a change at all just the side effects so I went back to see my doctor and he put me up to 20ml a day that I just started today I don...

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Adderall headaches and racing heart

PLEASE someone help me understand this new medication my doc just put me on. Never taken Adderall before and wanting to talk to those of you who have experienced it's effects. I have 20mg capsules and i get headaches and my heart can race just a little but not bothersome yet. Yes, I have doc and pharm answers but i want real answers from people who use this in their lives. THANK YOU GUYS! ## Hello: I think that it is GREAT to question any new Psych drug that is prescribed. I have had some very bad experiences. I have taken Adderall since 2005 and it has been fantastic. I too have racing heart beats, shaking and sometimes very euphoric. I would suggest that you don;t take adderall and drink coffee or any other caffeine type product as I think this makes the nervous feeling worse. You...

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Almost 11 yr old new start at 20mg? adderall xr

My daughters doc placed her on Adderall XR starting at 20mg. She is almost 11 but tall and over 100lbs which was docs reason for starting higher. I haven't given it yet. The pharmacist told me it's a middle of the road dose but most start lower. Of course he didn't see how big she is. Anyone able to let me know if this is normal to start at 20mg? She has been tested in school, by a psychologist, and by parent and teacher rating scales. She also tests as having some ODD which the doc thinks is more from the ADD. She is not diagnosed as hyper. Please let me know! ## It can vary by age and weight, so it is always best to follow a doctor's instructions, but don't be afraid to ask them questions, if you are worried. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of b...

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Adderall 10mg IR

I have recently started taking adderall 10mg IR. I was wondering how long the side affects last? I think it may make my anxiety a little worse, but it's like a belly ache anxiety not like my regular paranoid anxiety. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or input. My doctor started me on the IR to see how my body reacts to it and then said we could try the XR if I didn't want to eventually have to take multiple doses. ## The side effects may last about 4 to 5 weeks, until your body gets used to the medication, according to FDA reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, nervousness, insomnia, and anorexia. Are you on any other medications? How many times are you taking it each day? ## I too was recently prescribed Adderall IR 10MG. I've b...

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heart racing for 2 days ...

has anyone taken adderall 12.5 ir and has serious heart pounding, heart feeling like it was going to burst? i did last night and it went on for about 20-30 minutes. today, it's was still racing this morning and i have not taken anymore adderall. i did take 3 because 2 wasn't doing anything for me. HELP ANYONE OUT THERE WITH SAME EXPERIENCE. should i be scared? it has calmed down little bit after taking 2 xanax. ## Adderall contains mixed amphetamine salts, so it is a stimulant and that can be a common side effect, especially if you take too much. You should never try to self-adjust this type of medication, it can be very dangerous. Along with the racing pulse, it can elevate blood pressure and you could experience heart attack or stroke. Have you consulted your doctor about this...

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Need help with finding doctor to refill adderall prescriptio

I have been diagnosed and been taking Adderall XR for 15 years. I just called to schedule my appointment with my doctor and they told me sorry but he left without warning and I need to find another provider. I'm in a panic. I am on disability for numerous mental health and chronic illnesses and have been taking this med along with many others for 20 years. I am terrified of falling out of my routine with my meds. I don't know what or where to go and have no other doctors to go to. I'm just frantically trying to find someone who might know of where I can go to prevent a serious medical issue. Any suggestions on what or where I can get help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm really starting to become hopeless because I have been desperately trying to find help with no succe...

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*seeing new doctor tmrw & adderall refill

I recently moved back to Michigan after living in South Dakota for two years. My doctor from SD wrote me three paper prescriptions that I picked up the end of February, each dated for March 2nd, April 2nd, and May 2nd. Tomorrow I'm going to see a new doctor here in Michigan to establish care. I am going to speak with the new doctor about increasing my dosage. (I haven't had an actual appointment with my SD doctor since October or else I would've discussed this with him before moving) Anyway, I'm going to the same office I did before moving, so my new doc will be able to see my history in their system. I had my prescription filled two days ago (still have one left, which I will shred or give to new doc.) My question is, if my new doc increases my dosage, will I be able to...

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Sensitive gums from Adderall XR?

Hello I just started using Adderall XR (5 mg per dayfor 7 days and 5 mg more a week until reaching 20 mg per day) and I have noticed that my gums have begun to be sensitive and even hurt. I have read that some people experience this but there is very little that I could find about it. Supposedly it may be due to dry mouth, though I have used other meds that caused dry mouth and never have I had sensitive gums. I cannot floss my teeth as it hurts too much. And I am only on 10 mg a day at this point. I have rinsed my mouth, as was suggested online, with water and peroxide and I have also now purchased Biotene mouthwash for dry mouth. Has anyone here experienced this as well and if so is it something that will pass with time or is it something that I should worry about? Any and all input w...

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XR to me is a rip off.

I said this on a couple of posts but want to make my own, what's up with these XR meds? They are all awful, but some people seem to love them which is good, but my experience XR means a weak quality, with a promise of quantity of time that never happens, what you get is crap, I'm sorry I been on Adderal XR which was horrible and some oxy XR which was more awful, IR, IR, IR, just like a green apple jolly rancher I don't suck it for hours, a suck for a minute and crunch that bad boy, instant gratification. The quality is much much better in IR form always.

adderall IR and wakefulness

Is there anyone else who is on adderall right now and has been up for 24 hours? I'd love someone to talk to regarding this. ## Mee.. 24 hours and currently about to redose ## stars, you need to talk to your dr about lowering your dosage. Adderall is a good drug, but it can have side effects. Even those with ADHD can be given to high of a dose. You also need to get some sleep instead of taking another dose. Being awake as long as you have been can cause medical and psychiatric problems, ## If you're staying up 24 hours on the Adderall available today, you must be taking 50 a day. No way normal dose will do that these days. ## Kevin, not being able to sleep is a common problem when someone is taking too much Adderall. It doesn't have to be a lot to prevent someone from sleeping.

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