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I badly need help with getting my 30 mg extended relief adderall. My insurance will not pay for it. It is a capsule, I take one every morning. I am out so I can not give you the #'s it is a gold and tan color. I have been on it for year's and can not think or concentrate without it. Can you please help me out, are refer me to someone that can?

Thank you very much,

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Verwon Says:

Your insurance won't even cover the generic version?

I know there are some that will not cover the name brand, however, most will cover the generic, if it's available and the name brand if your doctor denotes on the prescription that it is medically necessary.

Have you looked into either of these options, yet?

The reason I am asking is because the normal prescription assistance programs are geared towards people that do not have any prescription coverage, at all. If you have insurance that will pay for something that you can use, you will not qualify for these programs.

Once you qualify, because you have no insurance, they are usually tiered programs, so what you pay for the prescription depends on your income.

Being self-employed, I just qualified for the one from Astra-Zeneca for Atacand and pay nothing for a 3 months supply.

I am sorry to read of what you are going through, but other than looking for prescription discount coupons, I don't have any other suggestions for you. Even with those, the savings is not usually significant, generally about $25 off.

They can help if you are just paying a co-pay, but when you have to pay full price, it's only saves a small fraction.


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PractDrChmBLizz Says:

my doctor is taking a trip without living me written scrips of adderall 20 mgs twice a day and xanax 2 mg twice a day... im not going to beable to function and use research chemicles n go nutso... what do i do.. they are due .... this is the second time once i was on adderall 10s twice a day then 3x a day along with twentys twice i buy thirtys when he messes up hes been messing up the past 3 months but i messed up the appointment schedule i should call him ill let yall know how it gos if it gos bad any advice is apreciate they dont understand without a stimulant i dont move mdvp thank god for it but i need the others also.. aint got the loot for bs n time time for scorno

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Roy Says:

This site offers a rx discount card that you can print out for free and take to the pharmacy. It can usually help save you $$ on your prescriptions if your insurance doesn't cover or if you don't even have insurance. Hope this helps.

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mekpink Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Use the GoodRx coupon. You'll pay between 25-45 bucks a month for your prescription.

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Jeno712003 Says:

Re: mekpink (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Yup. It's a savior.

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