Adderall 20mg Ir From Lannett Pharmaceuticals

Charlie Says:

Adderall 20mg ir teva brand/VS/Lannett pharmaceuticals. TODAY Walgreens filled my refill with a different brand instead of my usual teva they gave me a brand i never heard of before
Lannett pharmaceuticals it says. They are the same shape and size but the color is a lighter shade of peach AND the sweet taste is chalky instead!...not happy. The imprint is 2/0(e). Since it's later in the day I only took one 20mg ir.two hours ago and far..granted i woke up a little bit so that's a plus..does anyone else have an opinion on this newer generic version of adderall?¿.oh the price was cheaper the cost for 60 20mg tablets was $20+ change..I'd rather pay for the teva which usually costs me about $34 for the same that's my cost with insurance.

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KAyEm 2011 Says:

I also received these exact lannett tabs, 20mg. And cheaper as you said. And they seem to suck. They are a bit chalky tasting not as sweet like my other techs. also - the imprint on one side is the “2|0”, and “e 505” on the other, however does your tabs have the e 505 imprinted upside down from opposite side ?

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Sash Says:

Re: KAyEm 2011 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

You may be referring to the generic manufacturer “epic” then. They make the pink circles and close to identical to teva knockoffs they work but still, not as good quality. However, yes, lannett too, makes a full proof look a like but what boggles me is the imprint is THE TYPICAL TEVA IMPRINT COLOR SHAPE. As opposed to the sweet and dark orange it’s light pale peach, a bit larger in size and chalky and man those are gd awful!

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