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pink pill with CCHF on it

I found a few of these in a little coin purse i forgot about in my purse, but i can't remember what they are for. it's a long pink pill with CCHF on it. ## These contain 360mgs of Activated Charcoal, commonly used to help treat poisoning and other chemical reactions. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## They're not for poisoning, they're anti-gas charcoal capsules.

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Will activated charcoal thicken my blood

I'm on nakatonnese but my blood thickened regardless. I suspect it's bentonite clay so I've stopped taking it. I am using activated charcoal to detox - recently extracted amalgam filings. I need to know if activated charcoal will be fine to use ## Hello, Malix! How are you? Actually, what you need to be aware of is that there is no scientific or medical proof that doing these types of detoxes do anything, according to the AMA and NIH. Your body naturally detoxes itself from such things, that is what your liver is intended to do and, if you've absorbed mercury, or other harmful substances from having amalgam fillings, it is just going to take time for it to leave your body. There is really nothing you can do to speed up or alter the natural process. And given that you are...

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is it safe to take activated charcoal daily

Are activated charcoal tablets safe to take daily, and if so, in what doses? A gall bladder op was botched and now constant diarrhea is a problem as is painful bloating. ## I suffer from excessive gas in my stomach. I've ordered some charcoal tablets but after reading up about them I'm a bit scared of taking them as I'm on other medication, but I only take my meds at night. Will I be ok to take the charcoal tabs. I'm in a lot of discomfort and there's nothing else my doctor can do. ## Your body takes roughly 1 - 4 hours to metabolize and absorb medication. I would recommend taking your medication in the early morning and by night taking the charcoal tablets. I am not a medical professional but I've read up on the subject and this is what I found was most recommen...

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Wondering about Activated Charcoal

Hi I took an antibiotic 3 months ago and have been suffering from it since. I have symptoms of Neuropathy and dizziness etc from this horrible poison. (metronizadole) I don't know if the toxins are still in my body since the doctors say they are long gone. However the damage is not. Do you think taking activated charcoal would benifit me and if so where would I purchase this and what would be the dose? Thank you for your comments. ## No, they would not still be in your body, so activated charcoal wouldn't help, since it only removes toxins that are currently in your body and being digested. What may have happened, however, is that you had a bad reaction the medication and it caused permanent damage to your body. Learn more Metronidazole details here. What type of doctor have you...

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Food poisoning

I ate some popcorn in the cinema last night and was sick 5 hours later. I ache all over now and feel tired. My son had the other half i took home and he feels slightly sick but is ok to go to school. ## Activated charcoal tablets will absorb chemicals and poison out of your system. They're sold at pharmacies and Walmart.

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overdose of deriphyllin 150 tablet

Hello.. I'm from India. By mistake, I took 5 deriphyllin retard 150 tablets at the same time. What should I do now? ## Hi manasi, Sorry to hear about what happened. I would strongly encourage you to contact your doctor and/or local poison control at your earliest convenience to better evaluate the seriousness of the issue; including what side effects you should be aware of. In the meantime, I know that "activated charcoal" is often used medically for removing toxins/excess prescription drugs from the body. There is also a supplement called Zeolite that you may want to look into as well. How are you feeling right now? ## Hi there, mistakenly I have taken a double dose of deriphyllin retard 150 tablet. Should I reach out to my doctor? It's been 1 hr and I am feeling dizzin...

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USE OF Unienzyme

Whether unienzyme helps to digest food & reduce blood sugar levels? I am having type-II diabetes & my sugar levels are 169/199 (fasting/PP). ## Unienzyme contains activated charcoal, fungal diastase and pepsin, which may help with digestion issues, but they will not do anything to lower your blood sugar levels. Learn more dietary supplement details here. What has your doctor recommended for treating your diabetes? ## Can unienzyme tab be taken continuously for 3-4 months?

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what to do if you get road salt in mouth

MY HUSBAND WORKS FOR STATE WV STATE ROAD AND GOT SOME OF THE SALT THAT THEY TREAT THE ROADS WITH IN HIS MOUTH, WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET THE TASTE OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!! AND WILL IT HURT HIM????? ## Hi Jackie, Sorry to hear about what happened to your husband while working. Did you think he ingested a fair amount of that road salt? I know if it were me that position, I would probably be downing a lot of green vegetable drinks directly afterwards as well as getting some "activated charcoal" from a health food store, since it's medically proven to eliminate toxins from the body. And while there's probably no way of knowing whether the road salt will hurt him at this time (depending on how much was consumed), if he senses anything unusual it may even be best for him to go see a d...

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amox clav 875 mg , taken 10 days for sinus infection, interaction with lead poisoning

Have lead poisoning from teen years. now in 50's, My ear seems plugged after the 10 days and a short trip to higher elevation. Dizzy and weak also. ## Hi noknee, How are you? Sorry to hear about your previous run in with lead poisoning. I had no idea lead remained in your system for such a long time. Although from what I understand, there are ways to detox it out with proper exercise and dieting (e.g - juicing fresh fruits/vegetables, taking activated charcoal, as well as various "heavy metal detox" supplements on the market). At the moment there don't appear to be any methods for determining if prescription antibiotics interact with lead specifically, so you may need to have your doctor evaluate the condition of your ear and see if it might even be the result of an alle...

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Tab Unienzyme

I have a problem bloating gas acidity and constipation will unizyme work ## From what I could gather, Unienzyme is a digestive aid containing the following active ingredients: pepsin (60mg) + fungal diastase (100mg) + activated charcoal (75mg). The indications for this medication list it as a treatment for flatulence, chronic gastritis, and indigestion. You may want to also consider using it along with plenty of fluids (primarily water) to help dissolve any additional food that might be causing blockages. I hope this helps! ## I am taking Clopitab, Revelol and Aspisol, after an angio procedure. Aspisol, I think, produces lot of gas in my stomach, resulting in very fouls smelling gas very frequently being released through rectum. Can I take Unienzyme or any such medicine without impactin...

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What Will Over Ride The Vivatrol Shot

Want to do a pill but need to know what will override it ## Need to know what will over ride the vivatrol shot ## Please correct me if my assumption is wrong, but just to be clear on what you're getting at, are you actually intending to overdose on your medication and then looking for a way to counteract (over-ride) its effects? While I don't recommend going that route, I would suggest looking into "activated charcoal" for the purpose of eliminating toxins and drugs from the body. There are large bodies of research explaining how activated charcoal absorbs these excess toxins and in affect removes them from your system. Definitely something to consider adding into the mix, especially if you're planning to take a detox drug like Vivitrol. I hope this helps in any way!

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Pexoclav 625, white coloured oval shaped tablet

I took Pexoclav 625 in morning and night, in the morning I feel little stomach ache and while peeing I found little streams of blood. I think I took over dose. What are the procedures or remedies to treat this. ## Hi Edison, Usually in the event of an overdose or if you think you may have overdosed, it's wise to contact poison control, at least for your own safety, whether you seriously need their help or not. For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222 I would also highly recommend purchasing a bottle of activated charcoal at your local health food store. According to various medical references: "Most poisons in your body are attracted to charcoal; even prescription drugs. Since your body reacts to most prescription drugs as toxins (that's why there are so many s...

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Would Activated Charcoal be a benifit for me?

Hi I took an antibiotic 3 months ago and have been suffering from it since. I have symptoms of Neuropathy and dizziness etc from this horrible poison. (metronizadole) I don't know if the toxins are still in my body since the doctors say they are long gone. However the damage is not. Do you think taking activated charcoal would benifit me and if so where would I purchase this and what would be the dose? Thank you for your comments. ## Most likely what happened is that you had a bad reaction to it and it might have caused permanent damage, in which case, activated charcoal won't do anything, because it will only absorb stuff that's actively in your body and being digested. Learn more Metronidazole details here. Have you considered seeing a specialist?

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