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REVA Says:

Why can't I get ActivOn at Walmart or anywhere else any longer? It doesn't have a lingering odor and works well with my nerve pain.


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I'm in Cheyenne, WY. Activon is a topical ana[gesic. it is It is distributed by FAMILLY FIRST PHARMACEUTICALS. INC, RENO, NV. It ihelps with my nerve pain and shoulder pain . I haven't been able to get it at any WALMART or WALGREEN in about a month. why has it been taken off the market?

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VerFree Says:

I cannot confirm it, but I have noted some rumors from people on various sites that it has been discontinued. I checked several websites, and so far, they all list it as being out of stock, and they do not know when/if it will be available, again. As to why they may have removed it from the market, I haven't been able to find any information on that.

What I can tell you is that the active ingredient in it is 5.138% Menthol, which is used in quite a few topical over the counter products. I have one sitting on my nightstand that my husband picked up for me, after I suffered a bad fall on the ice last month, it's called BioFreeze. I've found the odor to not be as strong as many others, and it doesn't linger very long, at all. In my case, this actually disappointed me, since I love the smell of menthol. LOL

Does anyone else have any suggestions they can offer?

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Redshaggy18 Says:

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I would also like to know where to purchase ActivOn. I live in Canada and took a road trip to Buffalo for the purpose of sticking up on ActivOn. I was very disappointed as I returned home without one stick! I go through 1-2 sticks each month and have been using them for several years as they work better than the many other I’ve tried, from spa quality expensive rubs to each and every department store topical that is available! I am so upset as ActivOn helps me get through my day. Please, if anyone knows where this can be purchased it would be greatly appreciated.

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