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Missing pieceActiq fast acting no$ no actiq

I finally found or my doctor and I found the missing piece to the puzzle of my chronic ill body which has overcome the life for the past 4to5 yrs.non stop. illness started 1993,1997painlevel3, 2000 pain level6,2002pain level8,2004pain level10,Now every day is a + or - Every day is not the same level but the relief is not up to me or my doctor it is in the hands of morons that have a healthly family life drugs not required to walk talk or to hold a loved one, now I have found actiq fast acting that completes my daily regemine of meds no sideeffects like with a pill or patch and it requires less of pills which is (WAS) great less brain fog and suddation,but due to no income $! NO meds unless I have cancer thank GOD that I don't but Now I lie in the middle not sick enough to get help, ...

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ACTIQ (fentanyl citrate lozenge)

A sucker/lozenge for pain management ## This is a narcotic pain medication product, Actiq pops contain Fentanyl, (Duragesic) which is a very, very potent narcotic, 80 times stronger than morphine. Here's more info: Actiq Info Click Here ## Im on 3 100mcg fentanyl patches but i still get break thru pain i have deg disc disease arthritis every disk is herniated and five bulging in my neck. Two knee surgery s two torn rotator cuffs w torn ligaments in my shoulders an the one they did operate on hurt s worse. I have stenosis, sciatica, etc. Basically i was hit by two cars on my bike in nine monthes one an suv so hard the tuck mirror broke on my back. I am lucky to walk at all. Im also on six (down from 9 cause of insurance) 8mg dilaudin a day. I have so much break thru pain because befo...

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actiq lollipop

I do not get messages back from this board...I know I get them as my email says I have a answer to my question every now and then but I can not see the reply. I've 10 spine surguries an several are a failure that'll never be corrected. Ive have nerves burnt, inj's. in my spine, 3 out of the last approximately 28 I was wide awake, Velcro was used to secure my arms and legs. I was told I would be lightly sedated, fentynal/vercit ...vercaid, don't know how to spell it :/ does NOT work on me, I am gave propafal/propnal? another great rx word I'm not sure how to spell...the docs assured me I would not have the vercet/fentynal combo during inj's. into my tail bone or L-4-5 area. Torture comes in many forms, I can remember the 3 misleading the inj's. perfectly. Docs...

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taper almost done

Went from 100 mcg fentynal to 25. Had a hard time going to 12 so went back to 25. Im wondering (since there's no way out of that withdrwal from hell), if I take it off for about 4 hours then put it back on for a couple hours would help lower my tolerance. Am I wasting my time and enduring more hell than necessary, or am I making some headway? Any and all suggestions are are welcome big or small. Thanks! ## Is your doctor helping you to taper off? If so, then you may want to ask them about Actiq, it's a Fentanyl lollipop that might enable you to taper the dosage even more, while still minimizing withdrawals. I know the concept of a medication in lollipop form seems rather strange and I'm not sure who thought of it, but it was done that way to allow control of the release of t...

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Colored sucker used for pain after surgery

This is a light colored sucker that is supossed to be licked to stop pain after back surgery ## I believe what you may be talking about is the Actiq lollipop, though it is used to treat chronic pain and not just that which occurs after back surgery. It contains the active ingredient Fentanyl, which is a very potent narcotic and putting it into a lollipop form basically gives it a kind of time released formulation. Learn more Actiq details here. Does that sound like what you're thinking about?

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How Do I Get My Dr To Perscribe Actiq Suckers For Me Breakthrough When Was On It Before Work The Best Than Any Other Medication

HOW DO I GET MY DOCTOR TO PERSCRIBE ME THE ACTIQ SUCKERS THAT I ONCE TOOK FOR ABOUT A YEAR AND A HALF THAT WERE PERSCRIBED BY MY OTHER PAIN DR. I WAS TAKING THEM FOR BREAKTHROUGH PAIN AND THEY WERE THE BEST MEDICATION THAT REALLY WORKED. SO HOW DO I TALK TO MY NE DR. ABOUT HOW WELL THEY WORKED AND THAT I WOULD LIKE FOR HIM TO PERSCRIBE THEM FOR ME. WHAT DO I DO AND WHAT DO I SAY TO MY DOCTOR? ## Is it documented in your medical records from the other doctor so that he can see the information? If so, then just try mentioning it and tell him you wanted to ask about the possibility of trying them again. Learn more Actiq details here. Does anyone else have advice to offer?

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why does actiq have suger

i take actiq but i have diabetes why is there no sugar free kind i do not care if it has aspartame i just care about my blood sugar ## This website does not manufacture any medications, it is an information only website. As to why it contains sugar, I am not sure if there's a specific reason for it, but you might be able to check with the manufacturer to find out. They have a website at details Alternatively, have you tried talking to your doctor about using something else that wouldn't have so much sugar in it, such as the Fentanyl patch? It is a time released patch to manage pain, which is changed every 3 days and contains the same active ingredient as the Actiq. Learn more Fentanyl details here. ## I have sent an e-mail to Cephalon the manufacturer asking the same q...

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why the sugar?

Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this: I take Actiq for my migraines and works great most of the time but is really doing a number on my teeth. I've heard that the lozenge form of Fentanyl (Fentora) has no sugar in it at all, but a lot of people I've talked to say it's not as long lasting as the Actiq and their pain tends to re-occur quicker. Why can't they make the Actiq sugar free? ## I can't find any details on this, but my first guess is that it probably has to do with disguising the taste of the medication. Fentanyl is a narcotic and they are known to be very bitter and it would take a lot to make sure that they didn't completely gross someone out. In addition, the use of actual sugars as a sweetener opens them up to a much broader market, as man...

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sugar in actiq

Does anyone know why Actiq cannot be sugar free? It works pretty well for my migraines but it's doing a number on my teeth. I know that Fentora is sugar free, but have heard it doesn't work as well and is not as long lasting as Actiq. ## I can't find any details on this, but my first guess is that it probably has to do with disguising the taste of the medication. Fentanyl is a narcotic and they are known to be very bitter and it would take a lot to make sure that they didn't completely gross someone out. In addition, the use of actual sugars as a sweetener opens them up to a much broader market, as many people can't use artificial sweeteners for various reasons. Any regular, long-term use of narcotics will harm your teeth, which is why most drug addicts or long-term ...

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