Actifed Cold And Allergy Availability

Lanny Says:

I always found Actifed to be the only cold medicine that worked for me. Now I cant find it at any of my local drug stores even behind the counter. Is it still available? Even the pharmacist I talked to thought it was on the shelf and then realized they quit carrying it.

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Phyllis Says:

Yes, it keeps my sinus issues under control while I sleep. Not finding it anywhere is very troubling.

I am wondering if it is available under a different product name.

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Bruce McKean Says:

September 2011: The best (for me) medicine to control post nasal discharge and allergic reactions has disappeared. Some store still carry Actifed Plus (with added analgesic) but I don't need that. The pharmacists have no info...and there is no other product on the market that I can find that has the same active ingredient (other well-known brands often have generic clones).

I see it is a Johnson+Johnson controlled/owned brand and I will see what news I can find from that company...but I'm not optimistic: Actifed must be a tiny fraction of 1% of that company's business.

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ron gismondi Says:

where can I find actifed cold and allergy pills. they are the only ones' that seem to work for me and a good majority of us out here. why can I not find it after going to several stores in hamilton? thanks or is there a similiar product taking its place..??

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Tomorrow Says:

Check shoppers or walmart or zellers

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Bruce McKean Says:

September 26: After an absence of about 2 months (and pharmacists - who have no say in what brands are carried - telling me that according to their computers the product has been "discontinued") I found it again at my local Loblaws in the lowest visiblity shelf space: the bottom. There was, however, a good supply.

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Alok Says:

I checcked with Shoppers and they say that they have stopped carrying it. Reasons not known or given

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Bruce McKean Says:

Actifed is, I have to accept now, is gone. McNeil, the manufacturer has discontinued both Actifed and Actifed Plus. A helpful Loblaws pharmacist on a slow Sunday morning investigated for me and confirmed it wasn't a Loblaws' decision but the manufacturer. No reason was given by the manufacturer.

His only advice for diehard Actifed users was to visit Mom and Pop neighbourhood pharmacies in the hope that they had old stock on the shelves.

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Verwon Says:

From what I am finding, it has been discontinued. Places that had it in stock where able to continue selling the supply they had, but once it runs out, there is no way for them to order in a new supply.

The latest formulation contained 10mgs of Phenylephrine and 4mgs of Chlorpheniramine, both of which are available in a number of other products that are readily available over the counter, so you might just want to look for a comparable product, or ask your pharmacist to help you find one.



Are there any other questions or comments?

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Wolfgang Fritz Says:

I have been having the same problem finding Actifed, all the regular stores are no longer carry it. As with some other posters here, Actifed has always been the only antihistimine that worked for me, although I did notice that it was not quite as effective after 2006 when the active ingredients changed.

I did a little bit of searching anf for any of you that are have quick access to an American Walgreens then you are in luck.

Walgreens still has a pre-2006 and post-2006 Actifed-like medication for sale. Here are the 3 different meds I have found; Wal-Finate, Wal-Finate-D and Wal-Phed.
Check them out with your favorite search engine.

I will be going to the States soon so I will be trying these out. Good luck to the rest of you in your search for an Actifed alternative.


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ron gismondi Says:

if anyone can find a good supply and could send it to me i will pay upon receipt and reimbure you its the actifed sinus and allergy meds which contains pseudophendrine which is the ingridient that helps me and always im in withdawal because of no supply..that was not a fair thing to do to consumers who do not abuse it..anyone can help, email me..thats hamilton ontario canada l8v 2v7..thanks so much

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Gismo Says:

I have tried calling 4 online pharmacies that distribute from Canada. They have none. I have call a US online pharmacy and Actifed exists (both formulations) AND ships from the UK - but NOT Canada. It simply vanished - was never recalled (Canada or US - other than a labelling problem in 2010 - Canada) and appears not to be manufactured anymore. I found a passing reference to an ingredient of Actifed - common to other drugs AND it seems that Actifed could be used in illicit drug manufacturing - maybe. Check the reference to pseud... in the Wiki entry below ... doesn't seem too convincing ... but maybe ...

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Gismo Says: I tried a web ref ... didn't get accepted here ... so instead do a Wiki search on Pseudoephedrine ...

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Bruce Says:

I spoke this week with the Johnson and Johnson/McNeil Pharmaceutical information line. I was told that the decision to end the production/marketing of Actifed was made by "marketing". I understand that to mean that J&J has other products (Sudafed, for instance, or Benedryl which I see is advertised on this site) that they want to push. This makes sense because even when Actifed was for sale, where did you find it? At the bottom of the found Actifed only if you looked for it whereas the heavily promoted stuff was up there, in quantity, at eye level. Like you I (and my family) always found Actifed to be the most effective in dealing with our allergy symptoms and sadly we have not found any other formula that can substitute. I'm sure that inside J&J there is a rationale. It's only in real life that the effects are felt. It's all very frustrating. I wish J&J would sell the rights to someone else if they don't want to make it themselves. (Anyone for J&J monitoring this site???)

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ron Says:

unfortunate for me, I am in Ontario Canada and to get to the states is virtually impossible, at least just to see if I can find a walmart, or wal-green store..there are walmart stores in ontario, however, ive yet to see the product. Why these drug companies do this to the lay person who, by all rights, wants the product for good medical use, not really like to thank those heartless bastards who make these least they could have made it available everywhere but through your doctor or hospital medical staff really upset that the cloak and dagger thing is always a mystery to me and damaging

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134ffAvenger Says:

The only major and national drugstore chain carrying the exact chemical formula as the old actifed
is Walgreen's.

The name of their generic product is WAL-ACT. It is only available behind the counter. price is $7.49 for 48 tablets.

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Bruce Says:

Response to Avenger: This is very useful. Thank you for the post. I (or members of my family) do get to the States on occasion and will certainly see if the Walgreen's pharmacist will sell to us (if our accents don't give us away...or if we don't ask for 20 packets to sell on the grey market in Canada).

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joj Says:

ACTIFED is the only allergy medicine that works out there, period!!!! wasted a lot of money trying all of the allergy medicines (brand name they call it) its all garbage. Who ever removed it in the market should put itself in our shoes!

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Bruce Says:

It's been a long search (and McNeil and J&J, owner of McNeil) have been no help at all BUT if you google "multi-action actifed" you will find that it is manufactured in the United Kingdom - by McNeil - and that you can buy it through Amazon if the price of a ticket to the UK is too much.

We'll try a purchase through Amazon and let you know the results in terms of cost and whether it's the same Actifed we used to know.

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Carly Says:

Claritin is the #1 allergy medication people use to create meth, not Actifed (this is coming from a cashier at SDM) Actifed was always available for those with hardcore allergies!
I need something that works... reactin, claritin, arius and even benadryl do not work for me.

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TTom Says:

Thanks for the info i just made a trip to pickup some Wal-Act.

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