Actavis Generic Adderall Not As Effective

Anyhony Says:

For convenience I had my script for 30 mg Adderall filled @ target instead CVS. When I opened the bottle I immediately noticed it was physically different but was not concerned because Drug stores switch generics for several reasons such as cost and availability. After taking my first dose I noticed after 2-3 hrs. that I was not getting any noticeable or same response that I was accustomed to for my ADHD (combined) and depression! So I took a closer look at the pill and noticed it looked smaller and it had a #28 on it. This and the fact I was not getting the usual response (been taking for 20 yrs.) disturbed me enough to call Target to double check w/them to make sure that it might have been a mistake. Target said that they had switched recently but assured me it was the identical medication. I still felt that to me it was not the same and stopped by my usual CVS to get their take on it since they had my full trust from yrs. of patronage. They gave me same feedback and I left somewhat baffled. It's been a week now and I cannot wait for my next persription to change back! I will definitely tell my Dr. And ask if he has had any bad feedback from anyone else. In the meantime I thought I would go this route for the time being!

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computergeek Says:

Agreed, same thing just happened to me.

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David Says:

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the difference you're noticing in overall efficacy is at least in-part, due to the variations of inactive ingredients (binders/fillers) that make up the tablets composition. My understanding is that some of these substances may prevent the active ingredient from metabolizing as efficiently as it would in tablets that use other binders/fillers. Since nothing else allegedly changes when you switch between different manufacturers, this seem to me like the most viable theory as to why one works better or worse than the other.

Nevertheless, I think it's completely unethical for pharmacies to pass off one tablet as being identical to another, when that's clearly not the case. A lab analyses might also reveal mild to moderate discrepancies in the percentage of active ingredients as well, but not many people have the time or money to invest in finding out if that is so.

I hope you're able to get by until the next refill. Best wishes~

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Stephanie Says:

It's not the same mistake missing a salt. Adderall wanted to patent their product so txt get combined salts because you can't patent something that is natural to the earth. They are not the same. They think u r saying it because you are looking for the stimulant effect that someone with ADHD shouldn't feel. Just BS

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Joe Says:

Does anyone know a pharmacy that carries Adderrall XR that ISN'T from the manufacturer Actavis? I checked CVS and Walmart and its all the same.

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Jami Says:

I have been on Adderall most of my adult life. Recently since moving to Montgomery county PA, I can not understand why my medicine does not work like it should. They keep dispensing this 20mg R3060 from Actavis Elizabeth that is more like allergy medicine than something to help control my impulses. It's expensive and I need to get back to work!

My pupils don't respond properly and I keep trying to make police reports about someone possibly swapping them out because it's happened before. I highly doubt the doctor would give a fake prescription so it's either

A. Bad brand or
B. They are counterfeit versions again

But my skin is getting worse in Montgomery county and the real version of my medicine does not do this at all. In any case I have contacted police every time. So if it is true that someone has been stealing medicine from me, they will be the liable party, right? Failure to intervene IS A REAL MISCONDUCT CHARGE!

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Adam Says:

Re: Jami (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Jami I’m in your same boat!!

I started December Seattle cvs got orange one now in LA I got the blue 20mg ER/XR

It feels weak and burdening doesn’t it, I feel better fresher but still s****y without it. I’m thinking I report to FDA and my doc, and try an IR

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Bree Says:

Re: Joe (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Walgreens I believe doesn’t, honestly I am trying to figure out right now why I am experiencing a difference with my medication of the 30 mg ER extended release I have been getting from Jewel escalatelyly which I have noticed the capsules are extremely low in the amount filled… The one I just filled is almost halfway empty which definitely is not helping me, compared to when I was filling at Walgreens they would be completely full if not just about four and the capsules itself were of a different color being half orange and half clear. So I am pretty sure they carry a different brand unless they have switched within the past two months or so.

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"There are Pharmacist's that will vouch and SWEAR, it's the same medication..." I can assure you, the problem IS REAL! Even though it "MAY BE THE SAME," the efficacy is very different! As my brand was just switched. I take it for Adult ADHD inattentiveness, Minor depression & Narcolepsy. Dose: 10mg IR Tablet's 2x's daily. Brand: Lannett. "I'm not quite sold on it being OUT OF STOCK." As I myself am a Pharmacy Tech and we carry it, and it's through the same distributer.

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