Actavis Pharmaceuticals Lorazepam

Mary Says:

I have been taking Lorazepam for over a year to help me sleep and as needed. I take .5 mg, have had no problems at all, now Target tells me they now get it from somewhere else. I always stay with the same company if it works. Always have problems when they change.. Can you tell me who still carries this from Actavis and where to get it filled? Thank you!!

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Kevin Says:

Hello Mary,

Unfortunately, no. Nobody will be able to accurately tell you which pharmacy in your area carries which brand of a product, in fact most pharmacies won't tell you if they carry the product unless you are there in person with a signed prescription for that medication. The reason for this is that the pharmacies protect themselves from theft by not providing people with information on what drug they carry and which brand they carry unless absolutely necessary. While it may seem very inconvenient to you and other customers, they have a business to run and must take the precautions necessary to keep their employees safe and stop potential losses.

Some pharmacies may choose to tell you if they carry certain brands while others won't. In my experience I have yet to find a single pharmacy who would tell me which brands they carry over the phone, but some other people here say that they have no problem with making the call. So ultimately it will come down to your specific area and the pharmacies around you.

In addition to all that, we wouldn't be able to tell you since each pharmacy acts differently in each area. Even large corporations like Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid etc. carry different products from state to state and sometimes even from city to city. This has a lot to do with shipping costs and availability in that area. So again without knowing your exact location, which you should absolutely not disclose to anyone here, there is no way to tell you for certain who carries your brand.

I'm sorry this wasn't an answer, but I would rather give you this info up front before you go on a wild goose chase because someone gives false info. Good luck in your search for your brand.

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Jim Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I have been taking generic Serax, for many years, a weak benzo. It is 100 bucks a refill, my insurance suggested that I try lorazepam, because it is cheaper. I got actavis 5 mg lorazepam, to replace the 30 mg serax. the lorazepam should be stronger, it isn't. It is cheaper.

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