Actavis Diazepam Tubs

Scollio Says:

Has anyone ever heard off actavis 10mgs in tubs not strips ? Just been offered them but can find no information on that particular packaging.

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Chemdog Says:

They're fake! Also if the activis don't come in a strip it's also fake 2mg/c/da, 5mg, c/db,10mg,Cd/c, is always how they come. Activis taste fine no bad taste whatsoever, diazepam are rechid things. I've been on extremely high doses for 15 yrs. They've ruined my life, please listen if you are not getting them from a reputable pharmacy 98% there fake organised crime know the extremely large profits involved, they duplicate the boxes labels strips etc. it's not that expensive to set up a black market lab cause the profits are rediculousley high, take it from someone who's been there, and if you think big name pharmacy's don't purchase from black market labs, I've got news for you, they're bigger crooks than the crooks themselves, this is not speculation.

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mucu Says:

Couldnt agree with u more my friend. Them & xanax are the most counterfeit tablets on the planet! And i also know of reputable pharmacies being duped into buying what they think are the real deal diazepam. Been on them 12 years at least & wished i never touched them all those years ago, me & my doctor are working on a reduction plan atm, i bought a couple boxes of actavis last december, 8 months ago got caught with them, got police report back & turns out they had diamorphine (heroin) tainted through them, so i'm being charged with that also, so id seriously advise against buying valium from anywhere other than a licensed pharmacy as they most certainly are not safe!!

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Benny Says:

Re: Chemdog (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Here in Ireland, Actavis from the pharmacy comes in tubs. The 10mg ones are white with D10 stamped on. 5mg are a white pill, a little smaller with D5 stamped on them, and the 2mg are smaller again with D2 stamped on them... So to say Actavis not in strips are fake is totally wrong.

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Joek Says:

Re: Benny (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I agree actavis do come in strips. 2 strips of 14 in a box of 28. I know there are fake ones about but I could tell before taking them with them ones anyway as the D10's were really deep blue which is not the proper colour.

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GmanzalreadyAg1 Says:

Re: Chemdog (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Correct, anyone can get a pill press online... not hidden / on an informal sale platform. Then order your powders from China... Boom thousands in tubs.

If you're lucky the guys are pressing press legit amounts of benzos. Most will as they need you alive... but trustable?? You buy 1000 tub of a benzo mix they will be finished rapid. Next tub maybe a little fentanyl in you to near non breathing.. next one may kill a few other folks. Just don't chance it. I would pay 180 for 300 as they're real. Then only consume after the free test at wedinos.

The1000 msj or blue ffs in a tub leads to destroyed lives. Took me 9 years to recover and lost 10 years before that. If you read and think "that's not me"... Well be very careful. I was very lucky mabye the one you take tonight is pressed wrong. Omg. Scotland please be careful a.f.

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Rosy Says:

Re: Benny (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Do you know where I can get msj prescribed?

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