Acebutolol In Pregnancy

kit martinez Says:

My cardio dr had put me on maintenance meds acebutolol 200mg once daily for almost 2 years for tachycardia. My HR goes up to 90-110 without this medication, had normal EKG and normal heart ultrasound. I am planning to get pregnant again, i wonder if it's possible for me to discontinue this medication? I am really scared of what might be the effect for my baby.
thank u

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Verwon Says:

Have you discussed these concerns with your doctor?

There have been no actual studies done regarding the use of Acebutolol during pregnancy, however, animal studies have shown it to be able to be used safely during pregnancy and it has been used by pregnant human mothers, as well, with no reported ill effects to the baby.


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kit martinez Says:

thank you for your response. My first cardiologist who prescribe me with acebutolol said its not recommended during pregnancy so if i have plans i need to inform him. But then we moved to another state and had a different cardiologist he said its fine to take acebutolol during this made me confused.

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