Accutane Effects After 20 Plus Years...destruction!

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Robert Says:

I Took Accutane ore than 20 years ago...for moderate Acne. I Experienced the so called Usual Side effects...Dry Lips chapped lips and joint pain..along with severely irritated Stomach...(Sudden allergy to Diary)and other Problems I was ASSURED would soon as i stopped taking the ACCUTANE... Well....Lets just say....The effects do gradually subside....and the Acne is better. Something else I discovered is.....Slowly....The Joint pain returns...only much more severely...the Stomach problems get worse...and eventually your stomach might even begin to bleed...and feel as though it was burned by acid.. Then..Maybe you will need an x ray...for some small May have suffered...At the Young age of 24....possibly on accout of a Dizzy Spell....(Associated?...)Maybe..You fall off a Ladder...?...Or ...step off a curb wrong?...and your ankle joint rolls over..and about snaps...because your joints get weaker and weaker? ...Maybe the doctor reading your Simple X rays...will notice the Bone spurs on your;...Elbows..Fingers SPINAL COLUMN! and realize WHY at your Young Age..YOU have Arthritis...comparable to an 85 Year old Lady...with Severe Arthritis and osteoporosis?... When you go to the Gastroenterologist...(to find out Why your stomach bleeds...and your Digestive system is in ruin..)at the age of say...28 or 30 ....The other patients in the waiting room..may..look at you should NOT Be you should be deliviering paperwork or something...One of them..may even ask you Why the Hell YOU are YOUR Young age...the office is for the Old..and worn out... myself...that may be the day...YOU ..also begin to ask yourself...Hmmmm Why AM I here?...What the "F" IS wrong with me?...

Possibly..the Doctor may even, at first seem a lil put off or even stumped. Until He gets around to the interview questions....portion of the visit.. And begins to find...that you cannot eat once did...without Stomach problems...Extreme Gas.. Night sweats.... Bloating... Diarrhea... Cramps... Constipation rectal Bleeding.....about every complaint the 65 to 95 year olds he treats have.. The Day he finally puts the Camera on a Cable up your Rectom...and discovers the Ulcers in your Duodenum...and..possibly some other your entrails...He will begin to realize..You have ulcerative Colitis...or maybe the Evben MORE rewarding Crohns Disease.. Some years later.....say...when you are I am Now...and it is coming more acceptable..that your system SHOULD be..breaking down...such as..Your FAILING VISION...(THAT STARTED TO GO BAD..IMMEDIATELY AFTER TAKING THE Accutane...)... You see...People are not as surprised when you are near 50..and falling apart.. But the last 20 plus years...that I have Been Falling by day....Is enough to Surprise...and RUIN.... I Merely WiSH...I Could Stop just ONE person...from taking this S*** in a bottle....Called Accutane.. or Am the Filthy Bastards Put a Word Like the Name they Now Hide the Poison behind...I Wish I could hold down Each and EVERY Executive..of the Drug Company...that HAD the FACTS and overlooked the Medical Reports.of what this POISON Did to Test Subjects...over 20 Years ago... THEY make the Tobacco Company executives look a lil LESS these A Holes...Put this POISON on the Market...for CHILDREN...and have it classified as a drug and Medicine...supposed to used to treat disease...(NOT Cause MORE) LEAST the Tobacco people...sold theirs as Cigarettes. To adults...for the Most part.. What have YOU Experienced?..

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Robert Says:

YES...The Symptoms Continue To Get WORSE!....

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Verwon Says:

I am very sorry about what you are going through.

It is unfortunate that even with initial testing, it is almost impossible to guess at what the long-term effects and damage may be to anyone that used any particular medication.


Have you reported your experience and problems to the FDA?

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Jenifer Says:

I can't believe I am just finding this site now. You just described my life. I too, am nearing 50. All my seemingly unrelated illnesses and so many specialists I was such a healthy athletic child (massive acne aside), it makes me cry at the end of every doctor visit when they just prescribe some new pill and say see you in six months. I am on 13 medications and have a pill pack. At my age, the so called prime of life, I should not have a pill pack. My 65 yr old father only takes one pill for cholesterol. He thinks I am nuts. Sometimes I think I am nuts too. All of you are putting all of my symptoms together and making me wonder why my primary care doctor hasn't even suggested the vitamin a toxicity some of you have mentioned. I feel a little saner right now even though it has been another sleepless night. Thank you all.

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Ryan Says:

I'm 28 and my joints are so painful and creaky I can't do anything with people my age. No one believes me because I go to the doctor and he just gives me painkillers and says cheer up.

I have pain in my feet so bad that I can't walk more than about a hundred yards on hard surfaces without taking a break and waiting for them to stop. If I keep going they eventually feel like my whole foot is a giant bruise and all the bones are getting pulled apart, and I get plantar fasciitis if I jump or push off on my toes. The rest of my joints crack and catch so often that I have to adjust every few seconds to get relief. Exercise is slow and embarrassing so I try to do things like ride my bike to work. I can't even ride a longboard anymore because my left hip joint is worn down from the kicking motion! This drug has ruined my youth and the doctors here, even the one who prescribed me accutane, are all clueless. Thanks medicine...

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oli girl Says:

Get Some Vit D & Magnesium and also Baxyl which is a good form of Hyluronic Acid! Try and strech everyday and swimming is very good exercise and easy on the joints! I feel your pain!

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CR Says:

I took Accutane, 2 courses 3 months each around 15 years of age. I'm 44 now and I'm fine. Never had any health issues. I feel awesome and look like I'm 32 years old. Surprised and sorry to hear about your suffering.

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Lee Says:

I hear you loud and clear!! I was on Accutane for 6 months and I had all the general side effects while taking the medication. NOW, five years later at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and now in the past 6 months, I was tested for Rheumatoid arthritis and it came back positive, now I have to go to a specialist. My symptoms are: aching joints which include the neck, back, knees, ankles and shoulders. Also, stomach problems like bloating pain in the upper and lower abdominal area. I have not felt right since I took the medication!!! I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I'm glad there is a blog site like this one to learn of other peoples symptoms and for me to be able to vent of the symptoms that are hindering me.

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barelysurvivedaccutane Says:

If you had an accutane diet, the stuff is still probably stored in your fat and joints. You can get rid of it by detoxing your body, gradually with a diet or with those 3-day-juice-fasting diets. Also google gaps diet or scd diet, which will help you to recover from the damage done by antibiotics to your guts and thereby the whole health.

I am myself on a cleaning diet and suffering from the same side-effects as I did years ago, since my body is now releasing all the accutan stored in my body.

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Breezy Says:
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I know you may be upset about accutane . But Accutane helps many people who are struggling with this debilitating, chronic, incurable, painful, cystic acne . I have tried everything under the sun to cure my acne. I have tried all topical treatments, tweaked my diet, I eat clean all the time, I wash my face ,etc ........ I struggled with acne since I was 14 years old . I am on my 2nd course of Accutane now. my first course was when I was 18; it cleared my acne for almost 9 years . I am now 28 years old, and I just started to get cysts on my face.( not as bad as before, but enough to do another round of Accutane ) I am so grateful for this drug because it has allowed me to gain back my confidence . I couldn't look people in the eye. I didn't feel pretty ........ It is a risk people are willing to take if they suffer deep emotional pain from acne. These manufacturers print all the warnings clear as day . We know what we're getting into upon taking this drug . A positive mind, a clean diet and life style, with plenty of rest and exercise will hopefully help keep these problematic side effects away. I can't express my gratitude enough to Accutane .

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Susan Says:

Please don't take Accutane. I has damaged my daughters eyes. She took it at age 16 and started seeing poorly. The center vision was missing and she saw lines. She was first diagnosed with conjunctivitis then Uvitis later told her retinas were scared. She recently was sent to a retina specialists who says she has Ocular Histoplasmosis. This medication is not worth loosing your eye site.

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Lee Says:

I can tell you, from my own personal experience with acne, (and having taken the poison Accutane) that FRAXEL and other Laser acne skin treatments work FAR better, with a short "down time" but the effects are nothing short of miraculous! It also works on Rosacea as well. I had taken 2 courses of Accutane and it nearly killed my liver. The acne came back. I went to Skin Care Physicians in Chestnut Hill, MA and the laser treatments CURED my acne. period. I highly suggest you check this out with a reputable, board certified laser M.D. so that you can simply stop taking something internal, that may effect your body years down the road. Good Luck.

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Daniel Says:
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Also 47. Took accutane at 20 years old. Was atheletcic with zero joint issues prior to my course of treatment. I have similar symptoms as you described - especially the joint problems which all started right after my treatment. I too felt like I was 50 years old orthopedic wise when I was 20. Now at 47 I feel like I'm 75. Tons of clicking, popping, loose feeling, unusable joints. Tons of doctors visits where they are just baffled. Usually ends up with me going to PT results in very limited success. My body is just shot and it pretty much just went they way overnight- right after accutane. So on there is little doubt in my mind that was the cause. Wish I never took and wish there was a way to reverse the effect of the drug.

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Daniel Says:
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What you described is me. Amazing. Same symptoms- complete inability to tolerate once such simple things like walking.

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Wes Says:
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I took Acutane when I was 14-15 I am now 45 and my elbows are killing me! Along with knees, neck and back! Is it just old age? I am not sure if Acutane had anything to do with this. I have been taking 2 10/325 Norco for back and neck issues for last 5 years but this elbow pain has just recently started.

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Patti Says:

I wish the Truth about this drug would come out. I just talked to a woman who said her dermatologist told her "don't believe what you read on the internet about Accutane." So as hard as it is to believe, big money has won over the physician's motto to first do no harm. Course the derms only believe what the pharmaceutical reps tell them and the pharmaceutical reps just parrot what the pharmaceutical lobbyists in D.C tell them and so the big money machine keeps on churning. I have been sick with all these medical problems for many years too. I wish I were dead.

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Bob Jones Says:
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I too, have been feeling the side effects since I have taken accutane. I use to chug half and half now can't digest any dairy without horrible stomach issues. These doctors are criminal and the folks that brought us accutane. I am surprised more by how many folks are in ruin who don't know it's linked to accutane taken years before. I have tons of side effects still. I have a testosterone level of 240 due to a pituitary tumor I was diagnosed with. I have brought up to many doctors what's wrong with me. About a hundred blood test in the last few years. Nothing is showing up other than low testosterone. I took accutane for 9 months had all the side effects on the box and then some. I can't believe they renamed it and still pushing it on children and teens who already have a hard time with self esteem due to acne. I wish I had never taken it and had a face full of pocket creator scars on my face rather than what I am feeling now. Big pharma should have to take it themselves before prescribing to general public.

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Dry guy Says:
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Hi guys,

I took accutane 11 years ago.To be honest I had very few side effects while on the drug just the usual dry skin and a few nose bleeds. I only had mild acne prior and I should never have been prescribed it. I was told that the side effects on the list were very rare. I didnt research the drug online like I should have I just trusted my doctor.

Anyway I completely forgot about even taking it untill 2 years ago.

It started with developing a complete intolerance to alchohol. One drink and I would go bright red and feel like I was having an allergic reaction. So I stopped drinking completely.

Then I started to get severely inflamed and dry eyes. To cut a very long and expensive story short but after visiting doctors all over the USA I now know that my meibomian glands in my eyes are completely destroyed. The scans of them look typical of a women in their 90s. I am a 27 year old male and I have to wear goggles everywhere and can no longer work on a computer.

Then I started getting terrible fatigue and weight loss. Now I feel like I have the worse hangover ever all of the time. I have had every blood test under the sun and there is nothing that stands out. However all of my hormones are on the low end of the spectrum. My T is 320 which is normal for an 80 year old and my thyroxine is right on the low end.

Finally my hair started to fall out all over my head and I am now almost completely bald. In addition all of my joints have started clicking all over and I am now in constant pain

I seem to have gone dry as a bone all over. Flaking skin, severe dandruff and extreme dehydration no matter how much water I drink. My mouth is so dry I have suffered 15 cavities in the last 2 years. Prior to that I only had 3.

When I think back on my short life I realize that these issues have keeps up on me and have gone from barely noticeable to severe.

My question is how is it possible for there to be such a delayed reaction?

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Patti Says:

My story is basically the same. I fell apart after taking Accutane poison. Did they tell you that this drug was initially used as pancreatic and brain cancer CHEMOTHERAPY?

I worked as a medical transcriptionist and although I am not a doctor (doctors shy away from saying anything about Accutane) I am proficient at researching medical terms and health related subjects. I recently was able to find one of the culprits causing me so much misery. That is a bacteria that is difficult to find and diagnose. It forms biofilms which make it impervious to the innate immune system. Accutane virtually destroys the human immune system (I have to take immunotherapy) but the bacteria Propionium acnes slides right past the immune system.

Source: "Acne Bacteria May Infect the Brain and Body", LiveScience. Web. 14 January 2011

There is new research on this bacteria. It has been found to cause lower back pain by invading the spine, spewing propionic acid and causing minute fractures which cannot be seen by x-ray.

Source: "Chronic back pain cured by antibiotics; acne bacteria invade discs and cause debilitating pain", NaturalNews. Web. 16 May 2013

I recently found a wonderful doctor who was willing to read the new research. I brought it to his office, and he gave me the antibiotic which I also found on the internet that has helped me so much. The antibiotic is Penicillin Vk. Seems like it really attacks this bacteria. Not only are my joints much better my skin is free of inflamed lumps and my brain is improved. It helped the depression. I have only been on it for 10 days or so, but the difference is incredible. You owe it to yourself to look this research up, take it to a doctor who is willing to think out of the box, and try this antibiotic. If you've taken isotretinoin (Accutane, Amnesteen etc) what do you have to lose?

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Patti Says:

Gene expression is altered and once the damage is done, it's done.

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John Says:

Lol. If you actually bothered to read what is in there, you would find out that isotretinoin changes the genetic expression of your OIL PRODUCING GLANDS...isn't that the entire point of the treatment?

Anyway here is my testimony, had mild acne, took 20mg for a few months, no acne, the side effects went away about 2 to 3 weeks after I stopped taking the pills.

I had cracking joints, easly bleeding nose and dry eyes and skin, that's it. My limbs didn't fall off nor did my head explode.

Honestly most of the people crying here are complaining about common health issues caused by bad living habits, and not isotretinoin itself.

Would recomend this drug to anyone suffering from acne that can't be cured by conventional treatment.

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