Accord Generic Clonazepam
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Nightshades Says:

I have recently learned the companies TEVA and Sandoz have both discontinued manufacturing clonazepam.

I’m not the one to hyperfocus on generics, however, the new generic, Accord, is LITERALLY the ONLY Clonazepam generic around my area (at least 10 pharmacies, even the local style pharmacies).

Accord is horrid. There’s even a non placebo proof with the blue chalkiness that covers the entire mouth as if it’s the blue ink when stealing bank money. It’s ALL over teeth, it’s worse than blue candy. This occurs if one even attempts to simply let it dissolve in the mouth - at least like I have been doing with all of them previously when I didn’t have a drink with me, or for breakthrough anxiety.

I my own opinion, I believe there is a particular reason for such drastic color staining inactive(s) included. There’s plenty of pills in general that are blue that don’t make ones mouth look like a blue ink pink exploded. Likely this has been added - in my personal opinion - to “deter” the dunderheads that abuse it ignorantly by various methods. So like a covert abuse deterrent that makes DEA/FDA happy - not sure which.

Anyway, so the most important issue is that it took me 4 mg to feel relief vs my usual 1 or 2 mgs Teva Or Sandoz, swallowed or dissolved in my mouth.

People say generics are equivalent, it’s all in our head, etc. I am not a conspiracy person, I am sure most generics are bio equivalent.
However, there are exceptions, and the inactives can play a role in the different tolerability in one generic VS another.

Back to the topic - accord is the only available anywhere in my area and very suddenly, drastically. One pharmacist said “they just give us whatever is the cheapest” Okay ...

I wonder why it IS the CHEAPEST?

So I ended up making due with my leftovers saved, two weeks later I decided I had to just accept that I had no choice I was going to buy the Accord. I called my Publix, asked if perhaps they may have another generic other than accord. Was so surprised when she said yes, they also had Activis. Fine with me.

I’m not picky about my medications, however, Accord needs to be reported to the FDA, which I am doing after I post this.

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Faithful Says:

The generic brand Accord in my experience was one of the worst generic brand of clonazepam! I experience severe withdrawal from this brand! Solco brand worked very well for me with no side effects. I the last two months Walgreens brought back the Teva brand! I hate to have to keep readjusting to different brands but as long as the medication Works effectively, I am not going to complain.

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Jace Says:

Re: Lpn311 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I as well agree I have not been stable. Have had one dose increase to 3mg a day and that’s not cutting it. I need 6mg if this garbage to even help my anxiety somewhat. And I’m on a stimulant for my adhd have been on both for years and years. And I used to think mylan brand was bad! I’d love a Mylan in replace of these accord or actavis. They’re like placebos!

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Lpn311 Says:

I agree!! It’s like taking Candy!!!! I can’t find anything else in my area! I’m so ANGRY

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