Accidentally Took A Double Dose Of 50mg Atenolol (Top voted first)

Kathy Says:

My 10 year old accidently took a double dose of 50mg of atenolol. 6 hours apart. He has aortic stenoses

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kathy! How are you?

When in doubt, it is always best to contact poison control, or your nearest emergency services department.

Given his age, taking a double dose could cause dangerously low blood pressure and heart rate, according to the U.S. FDA.

Did he experience any adverse effects?

At 10 years old, it might be best if you took control of the medication, rather than letting him dose himself.

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Mukhtar Says:

I am 66 years old. I took 25 mg atenolol at noon time and by mistake I took it again after 10 hours.

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Donna Says:

I accidentally took two doses of my 50 mg atenolol and it's been about four hours now. Will I be alright?

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