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Acapodene for prostate cancer

I am recently diagnosed with HIGH-GRADE PIN as a result of my prostate's biopsy. One out of 12 biopsy samples is came up with this result. My doctor asked me to come back after six months. My PSA level is 4.8. I was just wondering if this drug can be used to prevent the prostate cancer? ## As of the last trials and testing that were submitted, the FDA has stated that they needed more clinical data on safety and efficacy to approve it for the prevention of Prostate cancer. You can learn more about it here: Has your doctor suggested your using it? ## I have >100 PSA level. My age is 56. I have recently boipsy done woth 12 samples. I have HGPIN in one sample. Please suggest me to reduse HGPIN. If there is a medicine to prevent prostate level high.

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