Aarp Pill Formula 285 What Is It?

MJK0703 Says:

Aarp Pill Formula 285 round white pill with 285 stamped on one side and AARP on the other. What medication is this?

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Verwon Says:

I can't find any specific details on what they contain, but this is listed as being some type of supplement formula provided by the AARP, they have the 285 formula and the 287 formula.


You can try calling them to find out, they can be reached toll free at 888-687-2277

If you do find out what it is, can you please post back and let us know, for future users?

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MJK0703 Says:

Thank you for this reply. I have given up and just threw the pills away not know what they contained. Aarp Pharmacy is no longer in business and now uses Walgreen's instead of their own sources.

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