Alcohol And Contrave

kcaecilie13 Says:

I understand that you should NOT drink alcohol while on Contrave. My question is this - how long should I wait before starting Contrave after consuming my last alcoholic drink, which has been two days ago now. I have read of the risks of possible seizures when abruptly stopping alcohol consumption to begin Contrave, but what is considered the cutoff? Please help, thank you.

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David Says:


If it were me in this position I would probably try to evaluate the half life of the alcohol that was consumed and use that to estimate when the alcohol may be excreted - Then for good measure wait another couple hours. Two days sounds like more than enough time though depending on how much you had to drink... In my research I've read that the body can metabolize about 1/4 ounce of alcohol per hour.

I hope that everything has turned out well since you last posted...

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kck Says:

The last drink I had was about one quarter of a fifth bottle of Jim Beam on Saturday, and that was at about 6:00 pm on Saturday. I went ahead and started my first dose yesterday (Tuesday) and so far so good. Thank you for the reply, I figured that 2 days should be good to wait. Still don't feel any different yet, I think I'm going the fat will just disappears in a couple days! ;)

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