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If a person with diabetes takes AKT-4 tablet kit after administrating a dionil tablet, will it cure the disease after a period of 1 month? Upon examining sugar content in blood it was found to be more. Is it due to this tablet? If it is, what will be symptoms of improvement or he has to compulsorily take insulin injections before taking AKT-4 tablets.

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suvo Says:

I was diagnosed TB positive after a TB PCR test, and need opinions on the safety of a probable pregnancy? Are there any chances of spontaneous miscarriage if I'll be pregnant? If not, how long will my baby be affected by this bacteria? I am confused about starting Akt-4 medicine. In the future will I able to be a mother or will I remain infertile? Please answer.

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Nitu Says:

I am now facing the same situation. Detected TBPCR last week and Doctor started AKT-4.DOC suggested that i need to take AKT-4 for one month then AKT-4 to be administered. Do any one having baby after the treatment.

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Nitu Says:

Hi suvo, where u r taking the consultation. What did the doc tell u? My Doc is positive on the chance of pregnancy after 3 months.

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gp29 Says:

I want to join this community as i'm also in the same boat.

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gp29 Says:

I also have the same problem of infertility. After one biopsy my Doc came to the conclusion that i have some TB infection and they started AKT 4 for one month. after that they will change the medicine and the full treament will go on for six months.

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siddhi Says:

What r the side effects of taking akt4 tablets?

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gp29 Says:

this is because of some TB infection

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Goutam Says:

1) AKT 4 Tablet How many long period continued a sugar patient?
2) Any side effect of that Tablet after complete of course?

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