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maria Says:

Is there anyone else who has had experience with the above medication? I need input please.

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I know a bit about Adderall, what do you need to know?

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Crystal Says:

Yes, my son takes this medication. He is 13 and was previously taking concerta (which was wonderful). He was recently switched to Adderral by his doctor. He went through puberty and his metabolism changed and caused the concerts to not be effective any longer. As far as this med, I am not happy with it and i am having his prescription chg'd next just isnt effective for my son, that's not to say that it isn't a good med, but just not for my child. If you need any specific info, post it here and i shall do my best to assist you with anything i can.

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kathy Says:

my son is now 9 and he was on adderal for 2 years. At first it was a worked very well with him but right now he is getting help with depression and the doctor says it was most likely the adderal to cause this much depression. It was better than the concerta and others he tried .....adderal is one of the strongest adhd medications out there other than ritilin.

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eric Says:

Very strong. Beginning to be a recreational drug in many communities. legal speed, it's being refered to. And I've heard the long term effects of controlled usage doesn't look too good.

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tricia Says:

i could not take.made me highly anxious.

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tarah Says:

adderallxr work nicely for my daughter for her add she been on it for about 8 mounths and her school work has greatly inproved

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kathy Says:

my son was taking it for 2 years and we have seen alot ov anxiety problems and now he is depressed. He was taking off the medication and now he is not being treated for his adhd. Not sure where to go from here and neither are the doctors. my son's anxiety was so bad that he was pulling his hair out for about 9 months before his doctor suggested him to see a psycho. He is not able to get the medical attention around where i live because there is only limited psycho's for adhd and depression and anxiety for kids in my area. I wish i knew what i could do to help my son who is now off all medications and not getting even through a school day with his problems.

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jenny Says:


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geneva Says:

Are there any other alternatives to putting your child on a medication like Adderall XR? I feel like I have tried everything. Ever since my son started school, everyday was a nightmare especially for his teachers. I finally took their advance and had him tested for ADHD. Turns out he is ADHD and his doctor prescribed him Adderall. I would do anything to make it easier for my son and for me. Things are not working this way and if there are alternatives to medicating then I would love to hear them.

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Crystal Says:

I have bee3n looking into alternative treatment for ADHD as well and as of yet have not found a non-narcotic solution to it. My son is currently not taking any meds for his due to adverse reactions to adderal and other meds like it...I too noticed that he was beginning to show signs of depression and anxiety. Since removing him from the drug both of these things have greatly improved although he is having a little bitof a struggle in school and is at times arguementitive....those are small inconviences when compared to the problems fro the drug itself. If anyone finds anything on non-narcotic treatment please post it here so I and others like me and my child can research it.Thanxs!!

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Jasmine Says:

Hi. My name is Jasmine I am 16 and I am now taking adderall XR Ad I know all of the effects to this medication. Dizziness, loss of appitite, rapid weight loss, loss of hair, loss of sleep if taken during the after noon thats why its better to take them in the morning as soon as you wake up that way you'll be less sleepy during the rest of the day and you'll get a good nights sleep. Thank you all for sharing your replies. Hopefully my reply will help most of you more understand this medication. Thank you Jasmine Laney

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kathy Says:

I don't like what adderal did to my son ......But at first it was good for him it helped him at school. And I would not like to think of myself as crazy for trying to help my son . His case is not mild ADHD.. If u lived with his frustrations about himself and seen how hard it is for him to go to school or be around people (anxiety issues) you would be willing to help your child also. That is love. I wasn't the doctor who perscribed it . Now my son is on risperdal so far it is the only thing keeping his anxiety under control. Just so he feels like he can go to school and be around people without fear.

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Sheryl Says:

Jenny - It is apparent that you have never experienced life with a child who has difficulty, to say the least. Also that you have never felt the helplessness of not being able to help someone you love. You might think before you judge and condemn next time. Hope your kids end up okay.

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Bill Says:

I have twin who are now four years on Adderal XR and in the process of their assesment I discovered my own ADD.
Yes I considered long and hard before exposing my children or myself for that matter to legal speed. There are so many factors and possible pitfalls in this decision I have discovered along the way.
I respect and applaud your efforts to know all you can.
As for our family , well first off pray for my poor wife stuck in a house of ADD, but I will say the meds for the children are excellent and my advice is Proper Assesment either makes or breaks the overall outcome. We were fortunate enough to have come accross a Doctor that uses a computer software to asses and align the exact dosage needed for optimal benefit. The dosage is pretty darn critical, to much is as counter productive as to little.
I will also share with you that adult ADD is percieved as legalized speed by a lot of those even in the medical community, insurance companies, and doctors.
As an adult it is like suddenly firing on all eight cylinders rather than six mentally, and personally I don't really notice the drug effects discribed. After being on the drug for 2 yrs I had cause to run out for a month and suffered no side effects beyond a bit of fatigue, didn't go crazy or nothing!
It's all been good for us, my kids are straight A and adjusted and now able to fully develope their potential because of this drug.
If the assesment is more than a guess, and the treatment is overseen by a doctor who is qualified and educated as to ADD then My opinion is, it works.

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Sheryl Says:

Still have questions to anyone out there. I am an adult female and prescribed Adderall 4yrs ago. Within these 4 years I have developed a skin condition effecting my face and scalp. I have bald -patches due to hair loss. Seems it's breaking at the scalp rather than coming out by the root. There have been some other physical problems and precribed meds during this time that might be a contributing factor but I need to narrow down my options. Doctors have been unable to give me a clear diagnosis. Learning of others who have NOT experienced these symptoms would be equally helpful. Thanks for a reply.

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Verwon Says:

I was just reading some new health findings last night, to stay up to date for everyone on here who has questions and needs information, I was taking notes on several significant pieces of information that I wanted to make sure I did not forget.

There are some new, and important black box warnings out for Adderall and other stimulant meds, they have caused heart disease and heart attacks in children. That is why there are new warnings on these meds, it is very important to keep all doc appointments and make sure you doctor assesses any children on these types of meds for their risk of heart disease or heart attack, and keeps watch for signs of heart disease.

Sheryl, I am very sorry to say, that most meds have significant side effects that are not ever listed on those patient advisory leaflets you get from your doctor or pharmacist. Under FDA regulations, they are only allowed to list the first so many significant average side effects that wear off as you body adjusts to a new medication, and the conversely, the first so many dangerous side effects. If you pointedly ask for more information, they have to tell you, but they are not allowed to volunteer such information.

The FDA's reasoning for this, is that they do not want too much information to be readily available to the layman, since many of them are rare problems, because they do not want to scare people away from taking needed medications.

Many people would be incredibly surprised, if they ever looked up and read the complete prescribing information that is available to doctor's or pharmacists, as well as to those who are good at searching online or finding reference books on medications, to see that the list of average or normal side effects and the lists of dangerous or adverse events, often span pages and pages of information.

They also do not like to tell you that meds that are taken together, that cause similar side effects or adverse events actually compound the problems. In such situations, the regular side effects take a long period of time to wear off, and sometimes never do, and the risk of adverse events are significantly increased.

Thus said, you don't say what other meds you have been using, but just the Adderall lists some adverse events that require medical treatment immediately as follows:

Blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, muscle twitching, increased blood pressure, chest pain, changes in sexual ability or desire, severe nervousness, anxiety, fever, hot and dry skin, constipation, skin rash, itching, diarrhea, changes in mood or behavior, seeing or hearing things that are not really there or over-focused, staring-type behavior, fast or irregular heartbeat, stomach cramps, or uncontrollable head, mouth, neck, arm, or leg movements. Contact your doctor right away if you've experienced any of these Less Common side effects.

And that is just under the average adverse events listing that they are allowed to volunteer for patient advisory. So just imagine if several of the meds you were on caused skin rash and etc. You compound the problem significantly and it is likely to be a continuing problem until you stop taking the drug culprits.

Now, here are just some of the medications that they can list that may have various interactions with Adderall:

Linezolid, levodopa, bupropion, acetazolamide, caffeine, furazolidone, lithium, certain medicines for diabetes, alcoholic beverages, medicines for high blood pressure, heart medicines, insulin, melatonin, propoxyphene, meperidine, modafinil, any mao inhibitors, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, isocarboxazid, medicines for mental depression or anxiety, medicines for mental problems and psychotic disturbances, medicines to decrease appetite or cause weight loss, some medicines for migraines, propranolol, pimozide, some medicines for seizures, thyroid hormones, selegiline, and sodium bicarbonate. Tell your doctor about all other medicines you are currently taking or have recently taken. Also let your physician know if you are a frequent caffeine or alcohol consumer, if you smoke, or if you use any other legal or illegal drugs. All of these may affect your expected benefit from Adderall.

And this is another category where there are more, that are just not listed in information readily provided to the general public.

Here's just a little hint they toss in to warn you of these potential issues:

Some ingredients found in other medicines may affect the expected performance of Adderall and may also increase side effects.

It is well known that many medications that affect your body and body chemistry can affect your skin, hair, nails and etc. Medications can sap various nutrients and such from your body, and your hair and nails are made from normal excess nutrients that your body has a plethora of and expels the excess to create them.

If you are on various meds that can affect the amount of these nutrients in your body, and these nutrient amounts can be affected, even if you eating habits have not changed significantly, so this can cause severe problems with your hair, skin, and nails. Since you are not only experiencing skin rash, but hair breakage, then some significant nutrient is being sapped from your body in such amounts that there just isn't enough left to be expelled to keep your hair healthy.

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Verwon Says:

Since my information was getting extremely long-winded, I figured I had better split up the posts for easier reading.

If you have adobe acrobate in your computer to read PDF files, and you open this page, with the full prescribing information, you will see much more than what you are told or see on the leaflets available for patients who are prescribed this drug.


There are many more meds with interactions listed, many more adverse effects that were noted in clinical trials and etc. And this is really not even the full prescribing information that is available primarily to pharmacists and physicians.

I just glance through this, and I wonder, do they tell many people that your children can have slowed growth from taking this?

Do they tell you much about the psychotic behavior it can potentially cause in both adolescents and adults?

Allergic: Urticaria, rash, hypersensitivity reactions including angioedema and anaphylaxis. Serious skin rashes,
including Stevens Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis have been reported.

Now, to provide definitions of some of these things in that adverse event statement, I will once again create a new post!

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Verwon Says:

These may explain some of what you are experiencing.

toxic epidermal necrolysis

This is commonly referred to as TEN.

Here's a scientific explanation link:


Basically it causes epidermal detachment, there are primary parts of the body that it occurs, but it is also not uncommon to change from person to person, just as other reactions. Basically it kills your skin and makes it detach from the body.

TEN has a mortality rate of 30-40%. Epithelial loss results in vulnerability to bacterial and fungal infections and predisposes to septicemia, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Mucosal membranes are affected to a varying extent and can cause GI hemorrhage, respiratory failure, ocular abnormalities, and genitourinary lesions. Significant fluid loss from extensive skin lesions as well as an inability to tolerate oral intake can lead to hypovolemia, acute tubular necrosis, and shock.

Uticaria is just the medical term for hives, but those that are chronic and resist conventional treatments.

Angioedema is a swelling similar to urticaria (hives), but the swelling is beneath the skin rather than on the surface.

These typicall occur on the hands, feet, throat, eyes and lips, but can pop-up other places as well.


Stephen Johnson Syndrome:


Acute administration of high doses of amphetamine (d- or d,l-) has been shown to produce long-lasting
neurotoxic effects, including irreversible nerve fiber damage, in rodents. The significance of these findings to
humans is unknown.

I think this says enough to make you look twice at what you are experiencing and what might be causing some of it.

I think the doctors are irresponsible to keep you on this med. They should stop by tapering you off, and see if that results in an improvement of your symptoms.

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Bill Says:

Hi again, I was reading these comments and I do appreciate those who have shared their opinions and experiences with Adderall in general.
I and my children were fortunate to have been referred for proper assesment. I find many of these comments seem to play into the issue explained to me by the physcians involved in assesing mine and my daughters ADD.
Adderal has been incorrectly treated for years. The drug had been prescribed and dosages arrived at by general charts doctors use like body weight, etc.
there is no relationship between body weight and other common factors usually used. In other words my doctor had 120lb women who balanced out at 75mg Adderall xr, and large 300lb individuals that required 10 mg Adderall XR.
The assesment we went thru made it very easy to see the effects and determine the balanced dosage theu a series of visits to a computer software program that creates a baseline and then thru repeated visits and increased dosage until reaching optimum dosage which is the key in this case to successful treatment, among other things this program will measure response and motor skills, response time of commission and ommission. This is a long process in some individuals, in our case we were down there weekly for over twelve weeks.
From my personal experience and reading the others here I was asksing my self why were we doing well. I have to say that the doctors were right in stressing the impotance of getting properly assesed and the medication balanced for optimum benifit. Because to much and you are stoned, to little and you are irratable etc.
In my experience as an adult with ADD, be prepared to find few doctors, insurance companies, nurses, and other individuals who will not take this disorder as serious or anything other than as I heard it put, legalized speed which is true if over dosed, so in my opinion virtually all of these comments have their truth in them, good and bad. This is a dangerous drug if misused or perscribed based on less than adiquate approach to find the optimim dosage. And as with any other drug it always comes down to you and your body and mind and the reaction you experience, is truly all that matters. To me it comes down to weighing out the potential risk, against the potential benifits, then factor in the genuine struggle, and stress caused by leaving the situation to continue without the use of meds.
Being an adult with Add and not diagnosed till in my 40's, I can look at me now and me then and I am so much more able to organize and general function is much clearer.
It's a trade off in some ways and a blessing on others.
However when I consider the emotional struggles and issues I went thru that my daughters may be able to handel just a bit easier, then I have to say thanks to science.
As for Jenny's comments, may i refer you to my earlier discription of what an adult would face with an ADD assesment, beware of the Jenny's and don't forget this could be the mentallity your doctor or nurse has while handeling your personal health, so please if you hear nothing else i've tried to share here. Know that you are the only one that will be able to make sure you are properly cared for and treated, it is not easy and it is a lot of work both emotionally and physically to recieve the optimum benifit from this drug, or any drug for that matter. I wish all well and may God Bless. Bill

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Mary Says:

My son has been on Adderall XR since he was 5 ~ now almost 7 1/2. Things had been going so well since school started this year and I asked about trying a lower dose to see if he still needed the high dose. Not a good idea ~ we've had issues at school and home on the lower dose. So after 3 weeks of lower dose, we're going back up to the high dose of 25 mg. I saw almost immediate positive changes when he started taking Adderall XR, I give him a one day break a month and usually regret it. He does have high anxiety, but I feel the benefits of Adderall outweigh the downfalls ~ he's also taking an anxiety med. He's socially akward and has social anxiety in which he usually only has issues at school or in public places. My son has stayed on his growth curve. I've had my son tested at the state university for Asperger's and retested a year later as he has symptoms of it, but not strong enough to make it a diagnosis.

The key to ANY medication no matter the reason is to EDUCATE yourself about the med and diagnosis. The more you know, the better you are able to help your child and be an ADVOCATE for him/her! Parents who are passive are in denial of their child's issues.

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