A Liquid Medicine For Pain That Was Called Red Aspirin


During the late 30's thru the 50's Drug stores sold a medication for pain that was a Red liquid called Red Aspirin. My hometown Roanoke Rapids, NC is the only place I have ever seen this medicine. I have asked other
Druggist about this and they had never heard of Red Aspirin. Any ideas? This really worked for headaches.

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You might be having difficulty finding out about it, because sometimes these types of medications are purely regional.

Even if it wasn't something prescribed by a doctor, but just something available in the pharmacy over the counter, such patent medications may have been specially ordered and designed by a local doctor or druggist. Back then, there weren't as many regulations and it was quite commonly done.

However, when regulations started being enacted and enforced, most of them disappeared, because they contained ingredients that were never approved, or may not have been approved to be mixed together.

Learn more OTC drug details here.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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verwon--have you ever seen or heard of a red liquid thats suppose to be oxycodone or some form of percocet. i've seen it listed as morphine and oxycontin. if not, what would be the difference between oxycontin and oxycode and morphine? thank you

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