Contraceptive Tablets

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Famynor Contraceptive Tablets
Hi. I've got a loop in but some months get an irregular, non-stop bleeding. The nurse gave me famynor, instead of ov... 3 replies
Contraceptive pills and Myra E 400 IU
Pwede bang uminom ng myra e habang umiinom ng contraceptive pills? ## Pwede po ba ako uminom ng myra 400 while taking me... 30 replies
contraceptive pills. age minimum? effective? trust pill ethinyl estradiol levonorgestrel
Can trust pil be allowed for 16 yrs old? i live in philippines. Trust pill (Ethinyl estradiol levonorgestrel) ## Better... 19 replies
contraceptive information about cortal
help me please, needing more information about this drug ## ilang cortal po vha ang enomin sa 1month delay !!pls rply ##... 12 replies
Contraceptive pills and skin care
Are they good for the skin? ## pwedi poh ba magtake any vitamins hbang umiinom ng meliane? ## what if i miss 1 tablet of... 7 replies
contraceptive pills- Diane 35
Hi im CeeJay.. Im taking diane 35 for almost a year now.. And just finish my last pack. 2weeks ago? And until now i didn... 5 replies
contraceptive and tea
Hi, Is it safe to take Althea pills while I'm drinking Lipton tea at the same time Im eating only vegetables? Thank ... 3 replies
contraceptive:dapne pill
gud eve po...ask lang qng normal lng po ba na hindi mag mens kapag gumagamit ng daphne pill.. kasi 1month na po aqng di ... 3 replies
contraceptive pills and spotting
Hi, i've been on the triphasil pill for more than a year now. I'm currently finished with my white pill as of ye... 2 replies
contraceptive althea
Hi! I am new user of althea I'm taking it every 8PM. Unlike other girls I don't feel any side effects. Im worrie... 2 replies

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