How Effective Is My Treatment Of Unstable Angina

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Lyrica- can this be effective for the treatment of gastropareses?
I am losing alot of weight because of trouble with my feeding tube that I have for gastroparesis. Someone told me to try... 2 replies
Dear Team, I write to relates to you that I am suffering from parasite infections in my stomach over 3 years back. I rec...
What is the shortest time for effective treatment
My 15year old daughter is on 10mg lexamil for burn out depression. She really would like to stop the treatment. As far a... 1 reply
Any effective treatment options for testicular pain?
I've had testicular pain for over 17 years. All doctors claim I have nothing! I am in constant pain that shoots in s...
how effective is mylan oxycodone 15 mg ir
I was just switched from Qualitest oxycodone 15 mg IR to Mylan 15 mg IR because my insurance won't pay for it becaus... 5 replies
How Soon Is The Effectiveness Of Exluton Pills
may tanong po ako. kakapanganak ko po nung march 18, 2011. tapos niresetahan po ako ng ob ko ng exluton. pina-start nya ... 10 replies
How Effective Is Misoprostol After 3 Months Of Natural Miscarriage
I had a miscarriage in october the natural way,but I ve not still seen my period now. With the use of misoprostol,will I... 9 replies
How Long The Treatment Of Disulfiram Be Given To Patient
my brother is being kept on disulfiram for deadddiction of alchohole. i want to know that for how long he be kept on dis... 1 reply
How long does clindamycin remain in your system after finishing treatment
I am finishing a 7 day dose of clindamycin 300 mg taken once every 8 hours on Friday, which leaves me with no weekend co... 31 replies
Would Like To Know How Long After The Experation Date Does Pills Of This Drug Remain Potent And Effective
I would like to know how long after the experation date, does the amoxicillin remain potent and effective ? And when dos... 2 replies

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