How Effective Is Lefno For Patients With A History Of Sle

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pain management for someone with history of addiction
Need Dr. in Huntsville or North Alabama. I have chronic back pain from spinal cord injury but have a history of addictio... 3 replies
How long will it take to pass a Pre-Employment UA with a past history of Morphine
I have been perscribed 180mg of morphine ER and 45 to 60mg Morphine IR a day for the last 2 years. Over past 3 months, I... 1 reply
How effecTive is monurol for uti infections
Interested in others results taking monurol for bladder infections. ## Hello, Gaga! How are you? Monorail is listed by t... 2 replies
is oxycontin op safe for patients with high blood pressure
is oxycontin op safe for patients with high blood pressure? ## There are no warnings listed and I know the doctor in the... 1 reply
is telsar 80 helpful for diabetic patients with kidney problems
My husband, 56yr old, is diabetic for around 16 yrs. He has been on insulin for 4yrs. From April this yr dr has given 31... 1 reply
can xigris be used for nephratic syndrome patients?? detected with dengue?
my dad is a nephratic syndrome second degree patient,recently his serum creatinine level was 1.4,was having fever with l... 1 reply
can patients look up their own opiate history data?
I was just curious if there is a website where a patient can access their own history regarding their past and present o... 1 reply
How effective is my treatment of unstable angina
I was detected with atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. Double vessel disease 90% & 95% stenosis involving orig... 1 reply
How Soon Is The Effectiveness Of Exluton Pills
may tanong po ako. kakapanganak ko po nung march 18, 2011. tapos niresetahan po ako ng ob ko ng exluton. pina-start nya ... 10 replies
How Effective Is Misoprostol After 3 Months Of Natural Miscarriage
I had a miscarriage in october the natural way,but I ve not still seen my period now. With the use of misoprostol,will I... 9 replies

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