800mg Ibuprofen I10 Pill For Toothache

Boss Says:

Hi. I have a really bad toothache. I took one i10 pill about three hours ago, but the pain is still killing me. Can I take another one?

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Verwon Says:

No, it would be best to not take more than prescribed, or to take it more often than you've been instructed by your doctor.

The FDA warns that taking too much of can increase your risk of experiencing stomach ulceration, bleeding, liver damage, and hypertension.

Have you visited your dentist, yet? They will be the best person to consult on what can be done to rectify this issue.

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Lois Says:

I have a severe toothache and have been taking ibuprofen 800mg 3 to 4 times a day, for two days so far. Is this harmful?

Is prescription ibuprofen considered an antibiotic?

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HandBanana Says:

Re: Lois (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

It’s the recommended dose but if your toothache is really bad I would go to a dentist to get a stronger pain killer.

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Janice Says:

The 800mg is a slow release thing. Jesus, if you're taking more than one a day, you can very quickly develop stomach ulcers. I know someone this happened to. Ended up in hospital on operating table, took heaps of ibuprofen for the same thing. The slow release is more so you have it continually in your body for something like...ie... constant back pain etc, prescribed at 1 a day. You need to go get your tooth checked out.

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