80 Mgs.of Oxycontin 3 Times A Day Is $1,175.00 For A 1 Mos.rx, What Else Can I Take In A Generic Form? Hydrmorphone? What Mg?

Mandie Says:

Please help, I'm out of my 80mg. Oxycontins, I take 3 a day and I take Between 4-8 Norco's for break thru pain. With insurance change, they want $300 for RX plus a $250 deductible up front for name brand medication. This is Blue Sheild PPO by: "Covered California" and I pay them $536.22 a month for their coverage. I only need this month to be covered as my husband gets new coverage from his new job in 10 days. I cant afford that kind of money, please help me form a regimen to take the place of Oxycontin 80 mg. 3x's a day to an equal generic form. Thank you so much, in a lot of pain right now! Been out for 24 hours now. I thank you very much for your quick response.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mandie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. Many medications are very expensive and it's just ridiculous.

One idea would be to speak to your doctor about splitting your prescription, changing this one to a 10 day prescription and writing a new one that you could get filled after that, once your husband has his insurance. That way you'd only pay for the amount you need right, now.

Another idea would be to ask your doctor about possibly switching to MS Contin, it is a time released Morphine that is available as a generic and is usually much cheaper.

The FDA lists these medications as being narcotic analgesics, so they have the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

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Lucky me Says:

That's a very high dose of Oxycontin which means you are opiate tolerant. You will go through major withdrawal without a pain consultant to taper you to something else. I take Oxycontin 20mg 3x a day. Once I ran out because the pharmacy didn't order. I went thru hell trying to take my Percocet to equal the amount of Oxycontin. What a roller coaster ride. Not pleasant at all. I was on MS Contin for about a year. I started having problems urinating, then it didn't seemto be working & it made my mouth much drier than other pain killers.

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P450 Says:

Posters I realize the starter post is dated but do not ever attempt to go cold off a LA drug such as Oxycontin due to price, shortage or the like.

1. Establish one pharmacy that feels comfort level with you and your physician. Initiate the discussion that you want to use the same pharmacy and also any price concerns. There are several discounters on line that will give you coupons even worth hundreds of dollars that most pharmacies will accept.

2. No short acting medication will allow a conversion for the LA; your body and more importantly the endorphin receptors in your cerebral cortex recognize not just the longer acting spot they now own but will recognize other opioids as foreigners and will not allow them to take their spot without a fight--opiate addicts call it dope sick and you will be sick, don't try.

3. Most people on LA medications are highly tolerant even though they do not "feel" medication when they take it. You will certainly within 8 to 20 hours of the last dose feel it with sneezing, tearing, increased HR, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, vomiting, and extreme pain far worse then the pain complex that caused you to be on LA medication! Worse yet you can die of an MI or CVA if you attempt this.

With so many PM specialists being kind but not taking regular phone calls you may end up in an ER and due to Odumma and his Odumma care you will not be treated but see the highest hospital bill ever. They will not medicate you but send you home to contact a GP or refer you to a PM from the GP and not take care of the issue.

I strongly suggest if you do not have insurance coverage but are on medication that you require and cannot switch off of check many manufacturers offer free medication if you can show need for this and cannot pay out of pocket.

No Percocet won't fill in fact I remember a friend asking the doc to take her off the patch early on in her Duragesic therapy and put her on LA morphine. Back then even the top PM's did not realize the specificity the brain has for recognition of the designer medications that are out now. She also had Percocet 5 for BT and proceeded (within just 10 hours) to try popping several every hour. She was so ill and so sick her boyfriend called the PM and threatened to do miserable things thinking it was the morphine. Nope it was Duragesic which has a delay withdrawal syndrome that worsens on day 3, on day 10 its 100 x worse then day 3 and this only with a drop of 25 mcg/hour on an 8 to 10 day take down. I highly recommend on that medication to take down at least a MONTH or TWO months to avoid what I've mentioned previously.

I am a professional nurse and published researcher but wanted to share this when I saw the cry for help. I hope it helps others here.

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Susan Says:

I have some wonderful news for you. I was on worse doses plus the pain patches. I really felt I'd never the same. My life be a constent cycle of up get going on meds an go to sleep the same wa&*After six yes rs my husband was addicted stealing my meds an my oldest son. I made a firm decision an didn't go to one of my normal scripts. I googled Suboxone doctors in my zip v ode.I told him that s lthough I still had pain that I felt my addiction was making it appear worse. He told me he came across this suboxene because you would be amazed at all the people I've seen it change your life an you can slowlycut back an get back to enjoying drugs. Suboxene is expensive, but I have been googling it an you'll be suprised at all the discount offered some even pay yout first. So don't give up an please ask your doccto.God Bless you all!,lots of hugs ,smiles, and prayers!

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Susan Says:

If you Google anything and everything about this medication, you will be able to find huge discounts and with many it explains what pharmacies and will also show you how you can just bring in your phone and pull up the discounts and the pharmacist can scan right off your phone. Also you can dial the 211 where you live and listen for the prompt that asks if you needed help immediately for medication. It's definitely worth it and I'm not sure what your health issues are, but I will definitely remember to keep you in my prayers. Sincerely.

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Mac Says:

Blue Cross as of April 1st stopped coverage of my regular oxycontin ER, 40mg. I was paying $30 a month for 90 (3x a day)... I just paid $1093 for my script. Only thing they will cover is morphine sulphate now. I tried it and was sick as a dog for 2 weeks before my Pain Dr gave me back my oxy. Had to pay out of pocket near ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. They're terrible. Used to be a great insurance company. Now.....

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BeBe55 Says:

Get doctor to just write oxycodone or oxycontin, which ever with no added Tylenol, just plain and take a Tylenol, or advil with it lots lots cheaper!

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Becks Says:

To no fault of his own my doctors lisence has been suspended. (He is a whistle blower and the retaliation has been EPIC !) For over 14 years I have been taking 3-80mg oxycontin & 3-30mg oxycodone. I live on the south shore of MA I need a doctor that will take over my pain care. My new primary would not help. She sent me to a pain dr in the building and he wouldn't do anything. The dr i was seeing set an appt up for me with a pain dr that said he would take over my care. I went...he changed his mind when he found out about his lisence suspension from another patient. It is tragic but All the younger-generation overdoses has made it impossible for a chronic pain suffer like myself to get proper med care. I have one week left of pain meds then I am in big trouble. I need a doctor.

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