54 733 White Pill Extended Or No?

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Cookie Says:
I have small white pill with 54 733. I know it's Morphine but is it extended release or immediate? And can I break in half or even fourths? In a lot of pain right now and I am at work. Need some relief. Thank you!!

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David Says:
The pill you have is Morphine sulfate (15 mg); NOT an extended release version. To answer your other question, yes, you can break this pill in half, as it has a score line.

You can view a more detailed description of Morphine, by clicking on the link below...

If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you.

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LilBit Alexander Says:
Hi Cookie,

If the pill is a small round white pill with the numbers 54 733 it is an immediate release not extended.

The extended release morphine are dark purple.
Either way if you have a lot of pain it will just taper it off.

Good luck!

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avonldy Says:
I take 15mg extended release morphine sulfate and they are blue, with no scoring.In the future, keep your pills in the pharmacy bottle, so that you won't get mixed up. Also, if you ever are searched by the police, having narcotic pills without the perscription bottle, can get you into a lot of trouble.

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jc Says:
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Welll i have been on k4 daladas for.three years and.i just.got.cut off from.my.doc for.havin more.tjan just thje ks in my system.so I'm back.to.the streets and i can say that i fan buy four ir 15s each day and.be.good.all day long even durin work so its.mot. in oir.heads it real i have chronic.back and.shoulder pain pinched never in my back and rotater .cuffs are.shot.so 20.dollars.a.day ads up bud atleast I'm not.sick or hurtin

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Trav Says:
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I have 15mg morphine pills. How does the strength compare to norco 10/325. Is it stronger or longer lasting.
Please let me know. Thanx

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bob Says:
much stronger and if you take your narco and a morphine together it is tecn a deloted look it up the real name for deloted is hydromorph ie hydrocodone and morphine but percocets are better period.

Editor's note: This post contains inaccurate information.

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Chemist Says:
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That's not true. Just because you take a hydro and a morphine together does not make it hydromorphone. It's a totally different compound.

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ladydeath Says:
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Wow some people dont know what they are talking about

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br549junior Says:
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NOONE asked you Avon lady how or where to store pills...and I don't know about where you live but the cops here do all kinds of drugs themselves and could CARE LESS about unasked advice on where to keep your pills! Other than that..
Your pill is a 15 milligram morpine...NOT extended relief...

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black Says:
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This guy is assuming whatever he wants. "Oh if I put these words together it makes that" No one listen to this guy. Half the medications start with "hydro".

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beecacafe Says:
Correct spelling is Dilaudid. SRY just a bad habit with spelling

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Latahaf Says:
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Any help Please... I had been taking oxycocode 15 mg for a couple of years. I didnt want them mind ya. But i have fatty liver signs so they pulled me off of lorcets and put me on it. Now they say ive been on oxycodones too long and put me on MORPHINE 15mg... I objected to the point of tears cause ive heard no good things about morphine. So. I was so scared of it i just kept it for a couple of weeks before i just had to take something. Btw. Im no dope head. But i fell off the back of my dads tractor and was dragged about 20 ft before he noticed. Anyway. So i took the morphine as prescribed. 3 x a day. But it dont nothing. NOTHING for me. In fact it put me in bed. All my muscles and joints ached and was more painful than my back and legs i did this for 3 weeks. Just absolutely unfunctionable as a housewife i was wracked with pain. No fever. No sweats. No headache. My muscles and bones were just. Zombie like i suppose. I thought maybe it was an adjustment to a new med. so. The next i took one my leftover oxycodones and i and hour later. I was out of bed catching up on housework... I dont get it. I was much better... Anything like this ever happen to anyone out there. And how do i tell my doc. MORPHINE dont work for me.. I dont see him believing me. Help. Please...

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Dayesee Says:
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No, but just in desperate need for a new
Pain management de in Dallas area as mine has booted a ton of patients and employees out of practice and good luck, no more help. If can help please put DR INFO I take 6 x day this pill and out refill11/5 TY!!!!! Cash Pay Self Pay Rarely Accepted/unemployed/SAD BUT TRUE and no ins and CHRONIC PAIN SAME DR 5plus yrs! Cheapest I found $400 first visit $175 per mo

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Dayeseel Says:
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I take the oxycodone 15 mg. and prescribed 6 x day... And NEED NEW PAIN MANAGEMENT DR ASAP!!!! CASH PAY AND SELF PAY RARELY TAKEN BY A LOT OF THESE DRS BUT SADLY AM UNEMPLOYED AND NO JOB WHILE WAITING ON JOB OR DISABILITY SO I'M NOT A DRUG SEEKING PERSON WHO IS TRYING TO Sell mine. I NEED THEM!!! Scam....won't take cash or Obama care! Really!!!! Why your DR. say you on too long? How long ? And....What is he/she concerned about? My dr lied in the records saying he explained long term effects to me many times and tried to offer me to get off! Makes me so mad finding those false notes and those lies and he one that converted me to them from norco 10/325. It did help me lose needed weight off but I am healthy with lost weight AND PAIN BETTER CONTROLLED AND NO EUPHORIC OR HIGHS AND LOWS, so is a better drug for me. My Body aches all over and crippling bad ! Many things ! Left arm, rt shoulder, left knee bilateral hips and arthritis in hands and swelling hands and neuropathy non diabetic hands and feet and Reynauds syndrome in hands -circulation cuts off and hands turn gray when touch cold or get stressed, neck muscle and cramps and high BP, and neck injury from fall and hands curled up and fingers locked each morning after sleep, and takes hours to relieve and unlock he clicking bones, and more!!! PLEASE send your dr's info if you think I can get an appt w/ your dr or one you know! Really tough out there and my dr sent me for a psych evaluation to keep me as an exception for CASH PAY but I passed and paid $400 then my dr sent me back to him w/ some bogus child abuse may be causing you mental pain bs and they can do both mental and psych pain management and another $121 and no body drugs and only psych drugs and now out of Rx as is now on 11/5 and no dr !!! PLEASE HELP EVERYONE! This is awful!!! He SHOULD be ashamed and FINED SW PAIN DR R for how he HAS done me!!!! Barely got them to call in A withdrawal Rx today as they told to stop helping and I am not a non compliant problem patient ! He In Trouble I think, and have been told by his staff he can't write all class of these drugs now due to problems..but he should be in more trouble since doing stuff like this to me and since sending me to wrong Drs and lying to me and dumping me ! Man, he was so caring too, now he hasn't even talked to me except to promise to work hard for me to work on the exception...and got this behavior from him! Fired my cousin, kept my mom so far. He has created some of this bad Rx problems see on news I am assuming, but shouldn't walk off Nd dump patients w out another dr or limiting dr records being sent out 2 drs, and wait time for them and get incomplete ones and he knows most require a referral and didn't give thAt to me, I have to call dr's get appt, wait, go, pay, no r. For your body, refill time. Too bad! Well, ok a withdrawal Rx AFTER I BEG AND CALL 10 times!!!! Wow! Please help or advise!

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Bob Says:
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You are dope sick.....the morphine is not as strong as you previous prescription. Welcome to opiate addiction ??

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Ambam Says:
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LATAHAF - I've had NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease) and recently been transplanted. You should be on a limited amount of Tylenol, much lower than anyone without liver disease. So any narco pills combined with Tylenol need to be monitored. Be honest 100% with your doctor, your life depends on it. Pain pills didn't help me. The liver is responsible much more than we understand. In my case, neuropathy and encephalopathy were bigger than the pain in my body. Please be careful with pain meds. I became so hooked that post transplant, I had no pain relief from a real 10 out of 10 pain. Perhaps a pain specialist combined with your GI and hopefully hepatolgist.

I'm going through my old stuff and 4 pills fell out of my teddy bear, found out from here what they are. I wasn't even prescribed morphine though, nor do I know how I got them. How do I dispose of them??
Thinking that I'm going to give them to my hepatolgist to be safely disposed of. Or ?

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Breckns Says:
Rite aid pharmacy has bags at the register ro safely dispose of old or unused pills if you're serious. Or just a flush down the toilet will do...

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Latahaf Says:
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Thanks. I would have liked a little warning from the doctor that that may happen.. But i only hurt in my muscles and joints at the time. I always thought dope sick meant vomiting, sweats, fever. I had none of that. I never abused my meds. Ever. Always had some left over. App the info tho. Thanks.

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jimbobninja Says:
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Hey, try this, anyone out there in this situation, sounds cray z I know, but it works even in low low end moderation:

Imodium AD, Antidiarrheal meds, aka has to be consistent with "imodium ad" chemicals and or active ingredients. And can be knock off brand as long as it complies. Surprisingly and shockingly cuts withdraws down and damn amazing.

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raptor 1000 Says:
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The cops will bust you if you don't have your pills in the proper bottle and have a script. Regardless if they do drugs or not.

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