500mg Azitromicina

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3rd time in past 6 months having problems with sinus drainage and fever, shoulder mussle acks, this is the 4th day. No couching or weezing. The second episode developed into Bronkitus, doctor percribed Azitromicina. Should I take at this time, been gargling wtih Listorine. Took night Distran last two nights.

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gopi Says:

the medication prescribed by ur doctor is to prevent any complication which may occur due to unchecked infection.the definitive treatment for the same is to get a FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery) done.u should take drug for the present complaints.

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mexpoint Says:

I got Azitromicina 500mg Tablets for a Pneumonia. I'm supposed to take it 5 days but the description doesn't say how often a day?

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Jacob Thomas Says:

I am suffering from sinusitis .The doctor prescribed Droxyl clav 500 for ten days and then Azithromycin 500 for 5daysI I took the former but I fear to take the latter as I read the side effects in the net. Kindly give me advice

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Laxman Says:

Daily which time taking this one day one or two...I not askingfr doctor

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