5 Mg Oxycodone Withdrawal Almost Gone?


Day 2 (36 hours) into withdrawal. I dont feel to bad at all. A little tired, sweat at night bit slept well. Am I out of the woods yet? Yesterday evening was terrible, my body felt like I had to move my arms and legs. But I slept through the night. Getting ready to get ip now and prepare for my day

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That is a very low dose, so your withdrawal effects are likely to be mild, unless you've been taking it a lot of it each day, or been on it for a very long period of time.

The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic that carries the risk of being habit forming and its withdrawal effects may include nausea, dizziness, fever, chills, diarrhea and rebound pain.

How are you feeling, now? Any change?

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Yes I have been taking almost 100 mg of oxycodone per day then about two weeks ago I started slowing it down I've had some pretty rough with drawl symptoms for the past week I've been on 10 mg three times a day or 5 mg three times a day getting ready to be gone with all medicine how long will the withdrawals last or how severe should they be

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Keep busy exercise and eat I know it sounds simple but it works wonders if you can manage it

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depending on how long you have done this amount. Or have you stopped and restarted in your past? that's what the opiate receptors don't like, they want it,if you don't feed them, then you pay 7-10 days the worst, then the brain game.to me was much worse..I CT methadone 20 mgs 21 days in the pits of hell. Also lived alone, being bipolar. Once again if the opiate receptors took a hold of the med then you will go threw some kind of WD,S. then you will notice your natural endorphins slowly come back. but you said you took this that. You really wont know until 72 hrs clear of nothing in your brain. then you wont feel good. You will be sick but you will be ok too...good luck

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I was on 10mg oxycodone every 4 hours.. Got pregnant so obv I am under supervision of my dr.. We are doing a taper... I did a big drop from 4-5 10mg pills per day, to 3 per day.. I did fine.. Now I'm down to 2 per day.. One in morning one before bed.. I started the one and one a week ago today.. What's my next step.. The dr told me do week tapers.. But didn't tell me how to not withdraw?! I don't want to get sick.. I don't have to stay off them or even get off them but I am choosing to do so for my baby! Please respond ASAP :)

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I broke my ankle 7 weeks ago and I'm on percocet 5-325 I was taking 1 ever 6 hrs I want off of them but still in pain I worried don't know what to do I don't want to be a addict need help

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Hey I'm in the same boat I was on 40 mg for the past five years I found out I was pregnant and my pain management gave me tampering down in a week I'm down to 2 5 mg today and tomorrow just one 5 mg then stop I started at 40 mg it was hard I'm just want to know after tomorrow how bad will my withdrawal be I been going threw them a week now

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As you know everyone differs but 40 mg.x 5 years is substantial that taper was to fast I understand special considerations had to be undertaken because of your condition but I fear your Withdrawl following your final dose will be problematic.please monitor your condition closely and seek medical intervention if the symptoms become too severe. Your blood pressure will rise precipitatedly cramping may be severe nausea vomiting chills body aches and severe anxiety should be expected.I wish you the very best God speed...

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